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The iPhone 12 Mini is a ground breaking phone from Apple, featuring bundles of cutting edge technology. For instance, the device utilizes 5G technology, giving leading internet speeds for downloading huge files or streaming top-quality HDR movies. You’ll want to protect your iPhone 12 Mini, from liquid, scratches and falls, that’s why we have compiled our 15 best iPhone 12 Mini cases.

If you are an iPhone user who sometimes plays sports, lives an active outdoors life or are prone to dropping or scraping your stuff (we all do sometimes), you might want something that offers extra protection. Perhaps a case with a lanyard to help carry your iPhone 12 mini? You may lead a water sport, lifestyle, where waterproof technology would be great so you can film under water or at least not have to worry about submerging your iPhone.

Notwithstanding the above requirements, there, are two great features top manufacturers add to their cases. Firstly, the important function of using the iPhone 12 Mini seamlessly without taking off the case, and secondly: to look good while protecting your phone.

This list includes a variety of best cases for the iPhone 12 Mini so without further procrastination, lets find the case that fits your requirements and ensures the absolute protection of your valuable iPhone.

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1. Adidas iPhone 12 Mini Case – Sporty Classic

Not only does this case come from the sports brand we all love and trust, it looks the bomb too. Plus it’s crammed with likable special features. Coming in some downright cool colors, from blurred reds to cool grays this phone case wins the prize for best looking case on the market in my book. Not only that, it can walk the walk with TPU bumpers that will protect against any reasonable fall.

Adias iPhone 12 Mini Case
Adidas iPhone 12 Mini Case

The anti-slip grip allows for an easy grip when you’re standing and it doubles as a stand so you can watch movies on a table for convenience.

Check prices at the Adidas store (we may gain a small commission for any purchase). Get 35% Off adidas Sitewide here when you Shop the End of Season Sale Today!

2. Catalyst Waterproof Case – Top of The Waterproof Cases

The first winning feature is the Catalyst is it’s waterproof up to 33 Feet, meaning scuba divers could even use this gem. A good quality lanyard comes with it so you can wrap it round your wrist for added grip on your phone as you dive, snorkel or fish or other watery pursuits. A built in screen protector means you whole phone is cacoonned in this case.

Best Underwater Case for iPhone 12 Mini
Best Underwater Case for iPhone 12 Mini – Catalyst

If you go in the water don’t forget to close the plastic tab that appears on the top lip. The frosted backing adds to your grip which is useful whether you’re on a bike or swimming in the ocean. I would prefer if this case had more color options than just black. However, that may not be an issue to you when considering all the benefits of the multi functional Catalyst.

Extra benefits are: it can be washed with soap and water and is shockproof from heights of 6 feet 6. I tested this on concrete from a 5 feet drop and the phone bounced gently and remained intact without issues.

Best Waterproof case For iphone 12 Mini
Best Waterproof case For iphone 12 Mini

Check out  prices on Amazon

3. Vapesoon Waterproof iPhone 12 Mini Case.  Built-in Screen Protector, Rugged Clear Shockproof – Black (14 best iPhone 12 Mini cases)

Designed to keep your iPhone 12 Mini protected, ports and controls completely fit within the cool black design. Shock absorbing, high grade TPU and PC materials means the phone will be drop proof from 6.6 feet/ 1.5 meters. Plus, for water sports lovers, the Vapespoon has you covered; IP68 Certified Waterproof tested, the Mini in a Vapespoon case can be submerged to 6.6’/1.5 m for 20 minutes.

Since the case is also sand and dust proof, one can enjoy the beauty of beaches or dusty environments without worrying about any damage to their iPhone 12 Mini. The case is designed to make wireless or traditional charging easy where you don’t have to remove the case with either. All said, if you want high drop proof protection and also to use your phone on the beach, this model is a great all rounder.

14 Best iPhone 12 Mini Cases
Vapesoon Waterproof iPhone 12 Mini Case

4. Raptic Shield, iPhone 12 Mini 5G Case. Military Grade Drop Tested, Anodized Aluminum, TPU, and Polycarbonate Protective Case – 14 Best iPhone 12 Mini Cases

The numerous benefits of this iPhone Mini are many; that’s why it’s our top candidate for a top 3 listing in the 14 best iPhone 12 Mini cases. Unlike other cases it has built in protection against germs that simply doesn’t wear off – called anti microbial protection. Then there’s the military grade metal which is certified to exceed military grade drop standards protecting your phone in falls from 10 feet/3 meters.

14 Best iPhone 12 Mini Cases
14 Best iPhone 12 Mini Cases

Although it doesn’t come with screen protectors the raised lip and interior air pockets protect the screen in serious drop situations. Another neat feature which makes this case a great buy, is the integrated front facing audio channel that amplifies sound, redirecting audio to the front of your phone for better surround sound. All said this is a premium case for premium usability. You don’t have to take the cover off either when wireless charging.

14 Best iPhone 12 Mini Cases
Raptic Shield, iPhone 12 Mini Case – Military Grade Drop Tested

5. Redpepper for iPhone 12 Mini Case, Shockproof Built-in Screen Protector, Clear Full Body Heavy Duty Protection – Black/Clear

While the clear case allows you an unspoiled view of your new iPhone 12 Mini, the rugged design also means your phone will be highly protected. With a drop height protection of 10 feet, its capabilities are impressive and reassuring. A sensitive built in screen protector ensures the screen is safe from unwanted scrapes and scratches.

A polycarbonate tough shell is also raised protecting camera lenses. All said, this is a great case for extreme protection while allowing you to perform the phone’s functions without removing the case – including wireless charging.

14 Best iPhone 12 Mini Cases
Redpepper for iPhone 12 Mini Case, Shockproof

6. ComoUSA Phone Case for iPhone 12 Mini 5G With Case Kickstand and Car Mount Holder – Red – 14 Best iPhone 12 Mini Cases | New Protection Options

This chosen model red, though it also comes in bright pink, dark blue and black among other eye catching shades. With military standard protection, you can rest assured your iPhone Mini is protected on the back, sides and screen from drops. This is in part helped the case is 2 mm higher than the camera and front screen and superb 15ft Anti-Fall protection.

The kickstand which can be rotated 360 degrees is a neat feature many phone cases don’t have. There is also a car magnet with this case though we ask you to drive responsibly if you use your iPhone Mini on your dashboard.

Also, ComoUSA is charging compatible without removing it, which is excellent. It’s also the CHEAPEST! Thus, considered as one of the best protective cases for the iPhone 12 Mini.

14 Best iPhone 12 Mini Cases
14 Best iPhone 12 Mini Cases


7. ESR Air Armor Compatible with iPhone 12 Mini Case (Shock-Absorbing) (Scratch-Resistant)

A few outstanding features makes this case a firm favorite among customers. The clear design allows you to still admire the iPhone 12 Mini’s lines, though this clear case is set apart from others by its outstanding extra protection. With Certified military protection, air filled bumpers make the corners shock proof.  Raised bezels further protect the screen and camera from drops. So it looks good and protects your phone from drops. Plus the back of the case is scratch resistant.

The above are top quality protection features and it looks great. The designers have also thrown in wireless charging capability that allows you to charge without stripping off the case. 15 ratings by all customers who’ve bought it this year give this handy and vital protector 5 stars. I’m not surprised!

14 Best iPhone 12 Mini Cases
ESR Air Armor Compatible with iPhone 12 Mini CaseESR Air Armor Case Compatible with iPhone 12 Mini


8. Temdan Designed iPhone 12 Mini Case 5.4″, Full Body with Built-in Screen Protector -14 Best iPhone 12 Mini Cases 

Shock-absorbent TPU bumpers and scratch-resistant polycarbonate materials and a super lightweight design provide excellent usability for this clear phone case. Firstly it’s guaranteed to keep your phone safe from scratches and bumps and secondly you’ll see all of your cool iPhone 12 Mini through the clear design.

An added bonus we like is the screen of the 5G iPhone is protected from scratches with a Built-in screen protector preventing scratches and cracks without compromising touch sensitivity.

It comes with with handy wet and dry wipes to prepare your phone for installation and snaps together with effortless ease. For the price this is a winner for all round usability and is cemented in our list of ’14 Best iPhone 12 Mini Cases’.

14 Best iPhone 12 Mini Cases
Temdan Designed iPhone 12 Mini Case 5.4

9. Watache iPhone 12 Mini Case, Clear Crystal Ultra Slim Soft TPU Electroplated Frame Case Cover with Built-in 360 Rotatable Ring Kickstand

With a gleaming crystal transparent look that does not fade the Watache offers great features for a low price. It should be said you have to take the case off for wireless charging but other features redeem it somewhat. A rotating kickstand will allow you watch your movies from anywhere, on your desk.

The slim and lightweight feel will be appreciated by most users while protection is good as it’s made of high quality silicone, providing shock absorbing capability with anti-scratches. TPU materials offer an all round protection. You can add a screen protector with out problem.

A handy magnetic car dashboard mount will allow you to use your iPhone 12’s GPS capabilities while you drive and all for a super, low price (please drive with care); a worthy choice on our list of 14 Best iPhone 12 Mini Cases.

14 Best iPhone 12 Mini Cases
Watache iPhone 12 Mini Case

10. Spigen Liquid Crystal Designed for iPhone 12 Mini Case (2020) – Crystal Clear

Slim, clear cases are great for allowing you to see your iPhone 12 Mini’s lines and handsome curves. Easy to slip on and off its ease of use wins brownie points. With only a 0.0 thickness it’s easy to forget the Spigen Clear is even there. Extra good news comes in the form of wireless charging; the Spigen allows you to charge without removing it from your device. Use all of the iPhone 12 Mini’s features seamlessly with this useful case.

14 Best iPhone 12 Mini Cases
Spigen Liquid Crystal Designed for iPhone 12 Mini Case

11. Torras Shockproof Case Designed for iPhone 12 Mini [Military Grade Drop Tested] Translucent Matte Finish – 14 Best iPhone 12 Mini Cases

The guys at Torras have produced a tick boxer again with their latest offering for the iPhone 12 Mini. New protection options include a smudge and scratch proof slim fitting case. The difference from the flotsam is the matte finish which helps you not to drop the phone in the first place.

TORRAS iPhone 12 Mini Shockproof Case
Torras iPhone 12 Mini Case

If you do drop your Mini – we all do sometimes, Torras has your back; silicon bumpers and a military grade drop certificate means you should get away with dropping it from up to six feet with out cracking your cameras of any part of your investment. A further plus is the oleophobic coating which won’t let fingerprints stick. It’s not waterproof but that may not be for your way of life.

14 Best iPhone 12 Mini Cases
Torras Shockproof Case Designed for iPhone 12 Mini

12. VATI iPhone 12 Mini 5G Case Cover, Clear PC Back with TPU Edge Rugged Armor Designed – 14 Best iPhone 12 Mini Cases

Protective Design In a world where eco-friendly products are in demand, the VATI does not disappoint. High quality special eco-friendly material applied with durable soft TPU covers offer non-slip protection while being soft and flexible. The clear design will still allow you to admire the beautiful design of your iPhone 12 Mini.

Wireless charging is a breeze with this case as you don’t have to take it off while you charge. An almost invisible backing provides a scratch resistant layer between your iPhone and rough surfaces. The case protects and looks good while doing so. A sure buy!

14 Best iPhone 12 Mini Cases
VATI iPhone 12 Mini 5G Case Cover,

13. Yayoii Compatible with iPhone 12 Mini Case, 4 Corners Shockproof Clear Case, Anti-Yellowing

Clear cases are always one step ahead of the competition for showing off your iPhone 12 Mini. This case will go the distance without yellowing and looking stale. According to Yayoii, its ten times more anti yellow than ordinary cases with 2.8 times the clarity. They put this down to an, ‘Adopted aliphatic polycarbonate clear back and diamond antioxidant layer’. They haven’t forgotten the protection side with shock proof corners in a TPU frame. Charge without taking off the case. This is a good budget case packed with benefits.

14 Best iPhone 12 Mini Cases
14 Best iPhone 12 Mini Cases

14. Smartish iPhone 12 Mini Slim Case – Kung Fu Grip [Lightweight + Protective] Thin Cover (Silk) – Black Tie Affair – 14 Best iPhone 12 Mini Cases

Coming in a range of muted colors, the first thing that is striking is the minimalist design of the Kung Fu Grip case. It looks like it’s made for a dinner party. There’s more to it than its looks.

Keeping your iPhone 12 mini secure and safe is a priority with this case and it relies on air pockets in it’s framework to shield your phone from bumps. A pleasant to touch ‘grippy’ texture will lessen the chance of you dropping it too. The material is also durable and if you need to charge – don’t worry, the case doesn’t need to be removed for wireless charging.

For the low price its a slim, durable and handy head honcho, worthy of a place in our list of, ‘Best iPhone 12 Mini Cases’.

14 Best iPhone 12 Mini Cases
Smartish iPhone 12 Mini Slim Case – Kung Fu Grip

15. Miracase Glass+ Case for iPhone 12 Mini 5G, 2020 Full-Body Clear Bumper Case with Built-in 9H Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 12 Mini

With such a sleek look it’s hard to believe this phone gives military grade protection. But it does! Dual layer (Glass/PC) provides 360 degree full body tough protection while the bumper corners provide top protection from bumps and falls.

A PET rough front layer, Miracase Warrior 2020 9H Glass protector ably protects your Mini from scratches and cracks. It slips in like a glove and you’ll be pleased to know it can be fitted without tools. 1.5 meter drop anti shock protection offers peace of mind when the unwelcome event takes place.

If that’s not enough there is a massive 360 day warranty. All said, your phone will be well protected and will look good doing it, as the clear back will allow you to see the beauty of your iPhone 12 Mini. A definite good buy on our list of ’14 Best iPhone 12 Mini Cases’.

14 Best iPhone 12 Mini Cases
10 Best iPhone 12 Mini Cases


The first two cases, Nineasy and Vapesoon achieve top two positions in our list of ’14 Best iPhone12 Mini Cases’ for their all round protection and waterproof qualities, making them outstanding buys for your iPhone 12 Mini. The number 3 case, Raptic Shield deserves a mention and would be a great buy for it’s superb looks and anti microbial protection.

Leading manufacturers state that the qualities of anti microbial protection kills bacteria which in turn maintain a screen’s  “damage resistance, optical clarity and touch sensitivity”. Useful and a good benefit for a case in our list of 14 Best iPhone 12 Mini Cases.

I hope this list will help you in choosing the best waterproof cases for iPhone 12 Mini. If you have further recommendations feel free to tell us in the comments section below and we will be sure to include those names on the list in the future.


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