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The spy pen, once only used in the field of spying on a spouse, has become an interesting gadget in the kit of travel vloggers, bloggers and diary film makers. The desire to record true events without the crowd playing up to a camera is starting to catch on like eye spy. That’s why I focussed on finding out the 10 best spy pens.

You may want to record every day life on a New York street, your favorite beach or capture the ambience of thriving market place for your vlog? The best video pens will  contain a minute camera of at least 1080 P quality (read my article on 1080p). You will want to consider battery life, memory capacity and not forgetting stealthiness of the video pen. You won’t want it flashing as you film which would rebuke the very point of the video pen.

Different (pen) strokes for different folks is a common saying and with that in mind the actual ink longevity and writing ability of the pen may be a nuance of important to some folks.

Here I end my preface and begin the chapter ’10 best spy pens’. Please read to the end to the end to see which is the magnum opus of video pens that I tested and if there are any blots on the landscape.

1. Fabquality Camera Pen All Round Good Quality & WiFi

This secret camera pen has 1080 HD recording and can be used for stealthy filming, from your blazer, shirt pocket or clipped to a folder. It has a wired and wireless connectivity option which adds to it’s appeal. A great addition is the free 32 BG memory card, as well as stability control. An all round top of it’s class, plus for writing stalwarts the ink flows smoothly and consistently.

Features of The Fabquality

This cool pen is discreet and portable. It doesn’t blink while recording when WIFI sharing which is a bonus. The Fabquality has a motion detector which helps the camera pen to start recording immediately; the stealthy device stops recording when it no longer detects motion. This secret video pen has an updated lithium polymer battery, which can record up to 150 minutes when optimally charged…not bad.

The video pen also supports up to 64GB memory cards. However, the Fabquality camera pen already comes with a complimentary 32GB memory card. The Fabquality camera pen package includes a spy pen camera, 32GB SD Card, TF USB Card Reader, and 5 Inks…impressive and a worthy mention on 10 best spy pens.

Pros in Short

  • The camera pen motion detector saves you plenty of storage spaces and has a decent battery time.
  • It is super easy to use. You can use it to store video and image with one button
  • The camera motion detector is effective


  • Er…um battery could last longer.
10 Best Spy Pens
10 Best Spy Pens

2. MBQ Camera HD Camera Pen | 10 Best Spy Pens

This  sleek looking pen comes with a microphone and the full HD 1080p video captures clear resolution. A 32G micro SD Card thrown in, will give you ample recording time to start out. It can be effectively used for writing, snapping, and recording high-quality video and clearly records sound up to cell phone style quality. A blue light flash signifies when recording starts.

Take essential notes at class or in a meeting, protect your belongings in your absence, or even record your pet when you’re not around. Ample spare ink cartridges will mean those who will use it in class can write and write and write. It also feels snug in the hand.

Features of MBQ

This spy camera records 1080p video. It has AVI video format and M-JPEG video coding. You can hook the camera pen on your folder or place it in a pen glass or your pocket.

It contains a 32 GB SD card and built-in 350 mAh high capacity lithium battery which in testing lasts 2 hrs if fully charged.

The diminutive device has a slider on top of the camera, making it difficult to notice and can be effectively used for audio recording. The slider covers the lens and records sound.


  • It has valuable features and serves many purposes. You might use the pen for investigation and evidence collection and recording of class lectures, conferences, business meetings, traveling, and many more useful daily tasks.
  • It is hidden and tiny; you can use it anywhere with less suspicion
  • Simple use: requires you to press the power button for two seconds to record and the device saves video automatically every five minutes. The blue light means on and when it flashes twice, it goes off.


  • The small downside of MBQ is the  price makes the spy camera more expensive than a similar camera pen.
10 Best Spy Pens
10 Best Spy Pens

3. Onzpuko Budget but High Quality

For a snip in the camera world, this camera pen with 1080p can be used to capture video for over 2 hours. This micro camera comes with a 32 GB SD card which automatically saves your recordings when the device is full…useful when transferring data to your PC.

 The Sleek ballpoint pen works well creating a firm blue line; the hidden camera can be used to capture high-quality pictures and videos that really are high quality for personal use or uploading to Youtube.

10 Best Spy Pens
10 Best Spy Pens – Onzpuko


This pen camera has 1080 Video Capture Resolution, and it can be connected to a computer, transferring information through USB or wireless. It has a protective lens cap to slide up and down, but it is advisable to close it for stealth.

Onzpuko has a night color feature that makes it possible for it to be used at night or in areas with low light for recording.

Its battery lasts for over 150 minutes, and you can use, ‘record,’ while charging. It also has a loop recording function that allows you not to miss latest action.


  • It requires no special expertise. To turn on long-press the top button and press the top button just once to recover a video, press the top button twice to snap a photo.
  • It is small and easy to use for documenting crucial events without notice. You can clip it into your notebook or shirt pocket.
  • It captures amazing high-quality pictures and videos. Also, it produces clear audio when well placed near the target.


  • The image gets grainer in a shallow light area, especially when the camera is moved around too fast.
  • Check out prices on Amazon (We may get a small commission if you purchase).
  • 10 Best Spy Pens
    10 Best Spy Pens

4. Ehomful Body CameraLanyard Included

This wearable mini spy 1080P pen camera is a solid choice though a little thicker than other camera pens in the list of 10 Best Camera Pens. This camera wins points for it’s versatility and its sturdy design. Being able to switch between video and audio recording is a bonus. It records in both 720p and 1080p resolutions flawlessly. However, my question mark is it’s stealthiness over others. Saying that it has some impressive features such as night vision and it’s long battery life.


It comes with a Full HD Lens with 1080P resolution, 140° Wide-angle, and Loop Recording. The loop recording allows the newest file to overwrite prior files when a memory card is full.

The Ehomful has an amazing built-in lithium battery, 240mAh, lasting about 3hrs when the hidden camera is fully charged. The cute camera pen doesn’t require a charging cable; it comes with a USB port that plugs into the computer for charging.


  • It is easy to use; you don’t need much revision to set up and operate the black device. It has only one button to record and pause.
  • It has a long recording duration; its rechargeable lithium battery can last over 180 minutes.
  • Ehomful body records HD video in day and also in low-light conditions. Its video format is 1920X1080P, while its photo mode is 960P (1280×960).


  • The audio recording could have a better range.


10 Best Spy Pens

5. Swaart Camera Pen Impressive Quality, but no SD Card

Swaart Mini Camera Pen is a very easy to use affordable camera pen. The device on the budget side packs a lot of bangs for bucks; the spy pen, camera is equipped with 1080P HD video recording and high-resolution picture quality. It’s quite an impressive, secret, camera for its impressive price. However, There is a small fragile feeling switch to select between two modes: Photo-Memo “1” and Video “2”.


The Swaart mini pen camera has a USB port that directly allows you to connect to a computer to share data and charge, a feature crucial for the best usage. This compact device has an SD card slot but doesn’t come with an SD card. It conveniently has 3.7mm camera lens with 90° wide-angle and 5 megapixels camera.


  • Its built-in USB connector makes it easy to charge and export files. It requires no cable
  • It charges quick but last over an hour of video recording
  • The 1080P allows you to capture high-definition video. It can also be used to take high-resolution photos


  • The secret camera pen doesn’t come with an SD card. For you to use the camera effectively, you need to buy the SD card formatted in FAT/exFAT
  • The manual instructions are not well detailed and not easily understandable to users as others on the list.
10 Best Spy Pens
10 Best Spy Pens – Swaart


6. SIKVIO Ball Pen or Fountain Pen Style – 10 Best Spy Pens

This budget, spy pen comes with ballpoint pen and fountain nib, with lots of ink. It is hardly recognizable as a camera pen. It helps you captures essential moments in your work, study, and life. Easy to install, the SD card (not included), fits perfectly – just untwist the middle and insert. This device is simple to use and works well as a camera and a pen.


The SIKIVIO has six layers of FHD lens that ensures 1080P HD video recording and high-resolution photo capturing. It has a picture resolution of 12 million pixels (4032*3024). A nice touch: it comes with 5 ballpoint pen refills and 4 inks that allow you to use the pen for a longer period.

The Sikvio hidden camera pen set also contains 5 reset pins, a card reader, a USB cable for charging, and a fantastic Spy Gear for Business and Conference. It’s also equipped with a built-in 170 mAh battery which can sustain recording for 75mins when following charged.


  • It is very easy to use and set up. It works just like a pen. It has no complicated setting; you can turn it off with a simple press with your thumb.
  • It’s tough to notice while recording. You can clip it to your notebook, folder, and shirt pocket.
  • You can use the card reader to quickly it to the computer to view video files and pictures.
  • Consider the perks that come with it; it’s pretty cost-effective


  • Sikvio battery 170mAh polymer lithium battery lasts 75 minutes so some similar spy pen may last longer
  • It lacks a motion detector function and TF card. This would have made it an outstanding choice.
10 Best Spy Pens
10 Best Spy Pens – Fountain Pen or Ball Point

7. Wise Up Camera Pen– Loop Recording, 16 GB Built In

Wise up Camera pens, sell for more than half the budget options on this list, but are still less than about 15 bistro cappuccinos. The 1080P HD Spy Pen Camera, Mini Video Recorder with a 16GB Built-in Memory Card which is pretty useful if you want one less thing to think about. The quality is first rate for a camera pen and with a few clicks the video sets off in its clandestine way. However 32 GB would be better than 16 GB for storage.


The Wise UP has 1280×720 or 1920×1080 HD video resolution and supports 30FPS real-time video recording and handily supports time stamp setup and loop video recording.

The cool looking black, spy pen, comes with a complimentary 16 GB memory card which could save 110 minutes of video footage. It allows the use of 64GB Micro SD Card in Max and allows formatting of the memory card by the camera. Its battery life is decent and can last 75 minutes, and it supports recording while charging. It also allows loop recording.


10 Best Spy Pens
10 Best Spy Pens


  • It is easy to use. You don’t need to be camera savvy to use it. You can turn the camera on and off by pressing and holding the on/off button for 2 secs.
  • It comes with enough storage space and even supports 64GB micro SD card.


  • The wise-up camera pen doesn’t have a night vision function.
  • There is a need for an improvement on the motion detector.


8. Leeboom Spy Pen

This Hidden Spy Camera Pen with HD 1080P can be considered a high end budget , pen camera . This secret camera pen has a built-in battery that can last 150 Minutes of recording and comes with a complimentary 32GB SD Card which is a nice touch. The picture quality is first rate for a pen camera, with more depth and less blurring of cheaper spy pens.


Leeboom Mini Camera Package includes The hidden camera pen, one card reader; five ink fills, one eject pin, and one USB cable. It has a portable design and comes with a slider-covered lens that can be clipped on your notebook or shirt pocket. The diminuative device has a built-in 350 mAh battery that can record for 2 hours 30 minutes when fully charged.

Leeboom pen camera has HD 1080P video resolution, and it supports both recordings while charging and loop recording function.


  • Leeboom camera pen is super easy to use. Both video recording and pictures can be taken with one button. It also comes with an instructional video that simplifies the setup and uses the process.
  • It is very durable compared to some other spy camera pens. It can work for 150 minutes when fully charged. And also can be used while being arrested.
  • It is truly hidden. It is hard to notice when recording because the indicator light is off during the recording, and the slide cover is designed to block the camera from eyes.
  • Leeboom camera pen pictures and videos are extremely clear are high quality. The camera files can be accessed on both the Windows system and Mac systems.


  • The only drawback of this mini hidden camera is that low-light captured videos or images may appear slightly darker.
10 Best Spy Pens
10 Best Spy Pens

9. Inspiratek Camera Pen – Good Quality Ball Point Pen

Inspiratek, which is a budget option, is a portable camera pen with Mini Spy Camera, 1080P HD recording and a 32 GB Memory Card thrown in. The picture seemed great with slow moving shots and fast shots but there is no audio which is a deal breaker for me.


Inspiratek Camera Pen has both 1080P HD video recording and Ultra-High resolution photo-taking capabilities. This enables the camera to take top-quality pictures and videos. It’s equipped with Lithium-ion batteries required that can work for 75 minutes if well charged – decent.

Inspiratek camera pen comes with a 32 GB Memory Card and 5 Ink Refills. These ensure that your inspiratek camera pen lasts longer.


  • Inspiratek is one of the easiest camera pens to set up. It takes less than 2 minutes to set up, and it’s super easy to use because it has a simple one-button design.
  • It can be used to record high definition video and take pictures with high resolution
  • It can be used to monitor your kids or your pets while you are away.


  • A major downside of this video pen is that it lacks audio.


10 Best Spy Pens
10 Best Spy Pens

10. Amyway Camera Pen – Date & Time Stamps Function

The Amway HD camera pen comes with an ultra-small pinhole camera for HD video and a motion detector which is very neat.

An instruction manual and video that further explains the setup and uses of the camera is well written and clear to read. My favorite feature is the date and time stamps that help organization.

Simply click down to start and stop recording. Plus this spy pen comes with a good audible feature so sounds are recorded.


Amyway camera video resolution is 1920 * 1080P, while its image resolution is 2560 * 1440. Its video format is AVI. It doesn’t come with an SD card, but it is compatible with a 4GB~32GB micro SD card

Amyway camera pen package includes one hidden camera, one USB cable, one card reader, 5 refills, and one instruction manual. The spy pen also comes with Lithium Polymer batteries required that you can charge for an hour and last 70 minutes when fully charged.

Amyway is compatible with operating systems like WinXP, Win2000, Windows Vista, and Win7 so its a universal, handy device.


  • You can add date and time stamps to recordings or images for reference purposes.
  • It is very easy to use; one button is all you need to perform different actions on a pen
  • It allows you to switch between recording video, recording audio, and photo mode.
  • Amyway hidden camera records video only when detecting movement if you turn on the motion detection function.


  • It doesn’t come with a micro SD card, so you need to purchase a 4GB – 32GB SD card to use the camera option.
  • Its motion detector is not the best
  • The camera picture quality is not as crisp as others on this list. You might want to look somewhere else for a camera pen with high-definition video.
10 Best Video Pens
10 Best Spy Pens

In Conclusion

Here my list of 10 best spy pens comes under the lens and I will provide a brief snap shot of my choice of the number one. If you would like a WiFi camera pen with good quality writing capabilities as well, a generous free 32 GB memory card look no further than the number one choice: Fabquality Camera Pen


Born in London, Eddie is a tech blogger and passionate writer. He enjoys creative and factual writing about tech. Digging out interesting facts to convey to the reader is something he takes pride in. He loves to try new devices and gadgets that entertain or improve lives.