12 Useful Features of Google Pixel Phones

Google phones have come a long way since their smart phone introduction to the market with the Nexus series back in 2010, both in Apps and technological advances. The benefits of Google Pixel phones are increasing. When designing the newer line of Google Pixel phones, Google got smarter with their smart phones, or did they? Read 12 Benefits of Google Pixel phones to the end to see if the so called ‘benefits’ left us with googly eyes or wincing.

The new Pixel series, of a cleaner and streamlined Android experience, and according to CNet magazine has the best camera for money bolted to any smartphone,; raising the bar for economical smart phones, the Pixel is,  on the face of it is a gem we’ve been waiting for. However, its not until we explore the usability that we can check the barometer of ‘benefits’. The Android operating system is a so called unique experience on a Pixel phone, they say. Here is look at 12  benefits of Google Pixel phones.

1. Astrophotography Mode with Night Sight

Since being introduced along with the camera app on Google Pixel 3, Astrophotography Mode with Night Sight has been a favorite of the masses. If you are a moon lover or night owl like I am, I’m sure you already know that what you see with your eyes when you look up and what you are able to capture with your phone are worlds apart.

While you may be dazzled by the most clear, still, star filled sky of your life thus far, what you capture on your camera is nothing but a dark, blurry, grainy mockery of what you actually witnessed. Well, Google said no more of this travesty and came up with a solution. They took their already impressive 12.2 MP, dual pixel camera and included Astrophotography mode with Night Sight feature.

Night Sight basically optimizes the capture process, reducing blur and leaving you with a crystal clear photo in any light. These features allow you to take crisp and clear pictures of the stars and moon, or anything else you may want to snap a picture of in a dark environment, for the first time in the history of cell phones.

Useful Features of Google Pixel Phones
Useful Features of Google Pixel Phones

But wait, there’s more. The latest software update brought with it a brand new feature for Night Sight and Astrophotography. Now, if you hold still for a few more seconds while taking your picture of the night sky, you can capture a short video showing the movement of the heavens and emphasizing the timeless beauty of a clear starry filled night. The benefit is that this is done during the same exposure. You don’t have to worry about opening the camera, taking a picture, then opening to video; both will save right to your camera roll from the same action.

2. Motion Sense Benefit

This feature is a pretty nifty one. Motion sense allows you to control your phone without having to even touch it. By holding your hand over your phone, like magic you can skip songs, silence an unwanted phone call, or hit the snooze on your alarm in the morning. All this is possible due to motion sensing technology, normally used to detect airplanes or other large objects, this radar has been optimized and miniaturized by the Google think tank and has now evolved to be able to recognize gestures and detect when you’re nearby. Motion Sense can even connect and control over 30 apps by your gesture.

Soli is what the radar is called now and the Google Pixel 4 is the first device to have it and so the Pixel 5 and 6 will follow suite. Google didn’t stop there though; the last software update had something in store for Motion Sense as well. The latest feature added is the ability to play/pause songs with a swipe of the hand, as well as change songs. Nothing huge, but a nice feature for when someone starts talking to you while your jamming with your earbuds in. Smooth, sleek, simple, motion sense is your magic wand. Okay.

But that is by far not the only use of this motion sensing technology. It is also the driving force that make Pixels personal safety app a possibility. The personal safety app uses motion sense and audio to determine if you have been in a car accident and will automatically call 911 with your location to get you some help on the way weather you are conscious or not. They will also go ahead and call any emergency contacts you have saved.

On a side note, this motion sensing technology, along with some ambient audio, also makes the personal safety app on Pixel phones possible. This technology can detect a car accident and automatically call 911 with your location to get you some help on the way, whether you are conscious or not. It will also go ahead and notify any emergency contacts you have saved.

3. Heads up Feature – A Benefit for the Clumsy?

That brings me to my third useful and unique feature of Google Pixel phones, which is the heads up feature. Have you ever been so immersed in something on your phone that you didn’t remember to pay attention to where you were walking? I have. Turns out you and I are not alone here, so Google came up with the heads up feature for Pixels. This feature is able to detect when you are walking and using your phone, and it will periodically remind you to look up and hopefully avoid a mishap ending in extreme embarrassment, at the least.

12 Useful Features of Google Pixel Phones
12 Useful Features of Google Pixel Phones. ‘Heads Up’.

I appreciate Google taking the time to develop a feature that may possibly be able to stop me from looking like a fool in public and nursing a bump on my head or worse. That is more than I can say for some of my friends, who would definitely see that I was about to make myself look crazy and laugh hysterically after they let it go on. Google pixel phone has seriously got your back.

4. Google Lens on Demand

Google lens is another fully integrated feature, available directly in the camera app on Pixel phones. Google lens can be downloaded and used as a standalone app on any android phone, but once again, Google pixel phones makes the usability of this convenient feature completely painless for the user. Simply get your quarry in sight of the camera and then press and hold somewhere on the picture of the object showing in the viewfinder.

After just a moment, a colorful circle will pop up and Google lens magic has been fully activated. It can be used like a scanner to copy text from a tangible, real life source and convert it into text for you to either keep or share. It is an easy peasey way to save something to your journals or notes, as well as to send information to a colleague or friend.

Lens has traditionally identified and given on the spot information on products, animals, and plants. Almost anything you can point your camera at. And it’s not like taking a picture or saving a screenshot to your gallery to go back and deal with later, Google Lens will analyze the information it sees and give suggested actions relevant for saving or sending the information it picks up.

Picking out the contact info off a business card or piece of paper and getting it saved into your contacts are great examples. It can also scan QR codes and if it detects and address on whatever you show it, it can begin navigation to an address straight away.

Encouraging everyone to get back out since the pandemic, Google Lens has a new feature for identifying noteworthy buildings and landmarks called Places. Places create an in depth, real time, AR experience after being pointed at a noteworthy building or landmark. The experience is similar to the live view experience on Google Maps.

5. Google Launcher with Google Pay

Another benefit to the level of usability and integration that Google pixel phones have with android operating systems is Google Pay is available immediately, no opening and closing apps. Google Pay is integrated right into the launcher, so you can bring up and scroll through your on file debit cards, your event tickets, even your boarding passes by just pressing and holding the power button. No more fumbling in line looking through your phone opening and closing apps. This option makes it so easy to keep transactions digital and contactless without being any inconvenience to you, the payer.

6. Brag Worthy Cameras

The cameras available on Google pixel phones have been of superb quality since the beginning, making them a favorite amid the mid price range of smartphones. Google has earned a reputation for being a leader in this category. The rear camera is dual pixel and unheard of 12.2 MP. The Lens has adapted with each model though, going from regular lens on Pixel 3 to a telephoto lens on pixel 4, and now has an Ultra wide lens on Pixel 5.

Front camera has stayed pretty consistent as far as stats, but has been improved on with some features. The ability to create images with depth is a big one. You are able to use this to create 3d images on Facebook, and it can also improve portrait blur and/or color pop.

Pixel 5 has stepped up its camera game considerably, into almost uncharted territory, with the recently announced deep integration with an underwater ready photography case from Kraken. Using the new dive case connector app, you can easily take underwater pictures with your Pixel camera underwater using the controls on the outside of the case.

On a quick side note, Pixel phones are also the first devices to support the virtual reality app Daydream. So if you have a virtual reality headset that is an awesome first that only Pixel supports for the moment.

7. Smart Storage Benefits

This is another nod to how beautifully the Pixel phones and android make Google services integrated and readily accessible for the user. Smart storage works directly with Google photos to make sure your local phone storage doesn’t get too full and start to affect overall phone performance. Smart Storage will delete the local copies of photos and videos, but only after they have been synced and saved, safe and sound, into your Google photos.

8. Rules – 12 Useful Features of Google Pixel Phones 4, 5 & 6

This is a new feature, exclusive to Google Pixels version of android 11, and so far not available on other android phones. It lets you go in and set your sound preferences according to location or Wi-Fi network your phone is connected to.

If you have ever forgotten to silence your phone before a big meeting and you’re extremely embarrassing or inappropriate ringtone started showing everyone who you really are halfway through, I think you will greatly appreciate a feature such as Rules. Maybe the previous example has only happened to me, but your situation doesn’t have to be as extreme as public humiliation for you to appreciate what his feature can do for you.

You can set your phone to go on silent or vibrate when you connect to your home Wi-Fi in an attempt to be more present while you’re at home trying to concentrate on the things that are really important. Or you can use it like I do and have your phone automatically go to silent when you walk into work or when you connect to your work Wi-Fi. Then go back to sound when your out of range. Rules is another simple addition that can be majorly convenient in your everyday life.

9. Google Assistant

Google assistant on Pixel phones is a huge feature. A big upgrade from Google now voice assistant, Pixel’s version is much more contextually aware and is able to tap into third party apps to control their functions when asked to.

Always ready to help, you can your Google assistant to answer or reject phone calls, even screen them for you on a Google Pixel phone. Assistant can handle those annoying calls from telemarketers and scammers. When asked, Google Assistant can even provide a real time, word for word transcript of the interaction during the screening so you can decide if you want to answer or not.

Pixel phone owners are also able to train Assistant to recognize their voice. Becoming a “recognized voice” you can enable a hands free unlock command, making getting into your phone a breeze. She can be asked to help you find your phone, even when it’s on do not disturb or silent, and also open and close apps for you. Ask her to find you images or read that webpage to you out loud while you get ready. She can even be asked for advice or recommendations.

10. 24/7 365 Voice and Chat Support – 12 Useful Features of Google Pixel Phones

Google offers ample support to its users. If you have a question or a problem of any sort with your Google Pixel phone, you can access and launch a voice call or chat message to Google Support at any time of the day or night directly from the settings menu. This also includes a screen sharing option which will allow the Google employee that is helping you to control your device remotely and show you firsthand what steps to tae to solve your issue.

11. General Overall Inclusive Templates

After the emoji 12.1 update, Google Pixel phones have 169 new additions on top of what they already had. The new emoji’s come in all types of skin tones and variations of gender, as well as multiple new couple combinations, making the options insanely customizable. Aimed at being more inclusive, it would be pretty tough for someone to not be able to find an emoji they feel represents them.

Along with theme templates, you can actually make your own theme on Google Pixel, choosing every aspect by hand, from colors to fonts and all.

The last update also gave Pixel users new AR effects to make conversations on Duo more playful and fun, as well as more visually stimulating. It also brought users some unique wallpapers and tones in celebration of pride month.

12. Personal Safety APP

Pixel’s car crash detection is a proven APP which is coming to the aid of people experiencing the worst scenario. It should be noted that the service is reliant on reliable network settings, though if those are secured, the phone APP will check to see if you are responsive. If you’re not it will contact local emergency services, sharing your location and other personal details which is an incredible boon to Pixel owners.

12 Useful Features of Google Pixel Phones
12 Useful Features of Google Pixel Phones. Pixel Personal Safety APP

The service is available in the UK, US, Australia and other countries are promptly being added. If this is a service that is of interest find out about the fine details here at https://support.google.com/pixelphone/answer/7055029?hl=en#zippy=

So, as you can see, Google Pixel phones, 4, 5 & 6 are truly one of a kind and packed full of useful benefits aimed at streamlining processes for the user and ultimately, helping your lives when needed, saving you time, stress and money. These mid range priced smart phones really do make users feel like the cat that’s got the cream.

Born in London, Eddie is a tech blogger and passionate writer. He enjoys creative and factual writing about tech. Digging out interesting facts to convey to the reader is something he takes pride in. He loves to try new devices and gadgets that entertain or improve lives.