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A Note from Editor: Eddie Price

I remember the days when Atari game consoles ruled the roost and when a green screen was seen as ground breaking tech. I was bewitched when I was a kid by one of the first electric fun devices that I received as a Christmas present: Simon.

As the old Simon game bleeped and flashed, the player had to respond, matching a sequence;  a computer program dictated that sequence with lights and sounds. My kindling for devices had been lit and developed into a bonfire.

The Device Store
The Device Store – 1980 Simon Game

I remember the first home computer I was given: the Amstrad 128K. At the time it was seen as a cutting edge computer. I would study programming books for hours to try to make a simple program where a stick man would wave his arms.

Back then, home computers came with tape recorders. It would take 40 minutes or more for a simple game to load but the excitement would cut the air with a knife as the first beeps and graphics would appear with scrolling credits. The computer game craze had been born; sports games were particularly popular . I remember spending my pocket money on anything from soccer simulators to my favourite: Olympiad ’86.

Amstrad 128K
The Device Store.

Nowadays I can be found web designing, creating websites and writing about tech. In fact I have been creating websites since 1998, firstly, with Adobe Pagemill and then Dreamweaver – great tools, though my first coding came straight out of an html manual. I am also an author of a novel.

Enjoy the blog and take care!

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