With every new launch by Apple, third party manufacturers bestow the market with numerous, innovative accessories. The Best AirPods Pro Accessories has been written to explore the benefits of these devices. This time AirPods Pro created a buzz around the world and grabbed headlines with new third party AirPods Pro accessories.

This list features some of the best AirPods Pro accessories from various brands currently circulating around the market.  Considering the fact that AirPods Pods are fragile and require some extra protection, we have listed some protective cases, neck straps and ear hooks to keep them safe. All these best accessories for AirPods Pro are different from each other and you definitely may find the one best Apple AirPods Pro accessory to buy with ‘The Best AirPods Pro Accessories.’

Without any further a do, lets check out the below list of Best AirPods Pro accessories to buy in the year 2020.

The Best AirPods Pro Accessories

1. Spigen Rugged Armor Case for AirPods Pro

The foremost to be on the list of best AirPods Pro accessories is a tough protective Armor case by Spigen, which is a renown brand for designing exclusive accessories for Apple products. The carabiner case is exclusively designed to safeguard your precious and fragile AirPods from getting displaced or damaged.

Rugged design on the outer surface is to prevent scratches and keep the case looking new and intact thoroughly, while on the inside innovative shock absorption TPU disperses the shocks. Precise and neat design for senseless access, besides it compatible with wireless charging for additional user convenience.

This has been featured in our recent article showcasing the best AirPods Pro cases. If you looking for a best AirPods Pro case, you should definitely check the article. 

best airpods accessories

2. Ahastyle Anti-slip Silicone Airbuds

This anti-slip silicone airbuds by Ahastyle are exclusively designed for Airpods Pro making it one of the best AirPods Accessories in the list. These buds reduce the passive noise and also  improves the bass when paired with AirPods besides, they also feel comfortable and are very easy to install and remove.

The only downside to this is that these best AirPods Pro airbuds are not compatible with wireless charging hence you will have to remove those and store in an integrated case to prevent them getting misplaced. They are available in varied colors and sizes.

best airpods accessories

3. Aresh Wireless Charging Stand for Apple AirPods Pro

Aresh multipurpose charging stand is designed for all your Apple products making it best on the list of best AirPods Pro accessories. The charging stand is designed to recharge two Apple devices simultaneously. The fast charging stand is equipped with automatic safety features to tackle overcharging and overheating.

It helps you keep your desk organized and doesn’t require you to connect cables separately for each device, excluding the Apple watch. Besides, it is compatible with most of the protective cases for added convenience. The product is backed by one year of warranty and this is the reason we have included best Apple wireless charging stand in our list.

best airpods accessories

4. Twelve South Bluetooth Transmitter for AirPods Pro

If you are aware AirPods Pro are designed to be compatible only with the devices that emit Bluetooth frequency, which can be troublesome when you are trying to connect those AirPods Pro to the flight entertainment system or your Nintendo switch. Well for this Twelve South has exclusively designed AirFly classic wireless transmitter that helps you connect your AirPods Pro to headphone jacks at gyms, airplane entertainment systems, and with your Nintendo Switch in no time.

It can last up to 8 hours in a single charge, and can also be used while on charging. A dedicated on/off switch for battery conservation. Wow that surely needs to be in the list of best AirPods Pro accessories.

best airpods accessories

5. GOGOSODU AirPods Pro Straps

Tired of your AirPods Pro falling of frequently while you are jogging or gymming, then these best AirPods straps are just for you. Just wear the straps around your neck to keep your AirPods Pro safe and secure. The soft silicone material used to craft these straps does not feel harsh on skin and besides they are effortless to install and remove. Attractive and practical design for a sporty look. Available in three varied color option to choose from. Besides the straps are adjustable to be fitted according to your convenience and that is why you are seeing this in our list of best AirPods Pro accessories.

best airpods accessories

6. AHASTYLE Ear Hooks for AirPods Pro

The exclusive ear hooks for AirPods Pro with an earbud reduces the passive noise and enhances the bass, besides the  C-shaped ear interface patent, make sure your AirPods or EarPods stay tight in your ears. The premium silicone material does not irritate the skin and ensures prolonged comfort for your ears.

On the downside, you won’t be able to charge your AirPods Pro while these hooks will be on. In case you ever change your mind and feel like removing the hooks, just store them in an integrated silicone pouch to prevent them from getting lost. They are available in varied colors and size options and one of the best accessories for AirPods Pro.

best airpods accessories

7. Yootech Wireless Charging Pad for AirPods Pro

You can precisely place your AirPods Pro for charging on the charging surface of Yootech, the rubber base prevents accidental sliding. It is equipped with an ASB material that is fire resistant to prevent any accidents. The intelligent charging technology over charging and short circuiting thus keeping your AirPods Pro safe from any accidental threat.

The LED indicator flashes when a device is connected and automatically turns off once the device start charging. It is compatible with most protective cases and surely deserves a place in our list of best AirPods Pro accessories.

best airpods accessories

8. ZTOTOP Anti-shock Protective Case for AirPods Pro

The shock absorbent and scratch resistant protective silicone cases are exclusively designed and making them one of the best AirPods Pro accessories. Precise cutouts to promote wireless charging without requiring to remove the case. Perfectly aligned craftsmanship to perfectly fit your AirPods.

The silicone case safeguards your headphones from drops, dust, fingerprint & water droplets. Besides it is equipped with a sturdy metal carabiner clip to attach the case to your handbag or backpack while you are on the go.

best airpods accessories

9. Finenic AirPods Pro Holder

Fienic came up with an innovative AirPods holder so that you may never misplace your precious headphones. The anti-lost silicone holder is compatible with Apple watch, just pass the watch strap through the holder and keep both the AirPods Pro safe and organized when not in use. It does not add any bulk to the watch and feels comfortable. These AirPod Pro holders are available in varied color options to match your watch straps color.

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10. Toluohu Protective Kit for AirPods Pro

The 8 in 1 kit by Toluohu is equipped with all the necessary accessories required to keep your AirPods Pro safe and intact. Shock-resistant silicone case safeguards your AirPods against dust, dirt, and shocks. The kit includes AirPods holder, straps, earbuds, keychain, and a hardshell outer protective case. All the accessories ensure 360 protection of the AirPods Pro besides they are available in multiple color options. For added peace of mind the products are covered by 12 months of warranty and claim 100% satisfaction. What all you need from one of the best AirPods Pro accessories.

best airpods accessories

11.  AirPods Pro Wireless Charging Compatible Case 

This precise fit case is one of the best Apple AirPods Pro accessories for the little dudes. KMMIN protective case shield your fragile AirPods against dust, scratches, shocks and drops. The package includes AirPods Grips, Carabiner, Lanyard, and a Small Brush which can clean the dirt on the AirPods. Each Apple AirPods Pro case is equipped with a metal carabiner that secures the AirPods Pro pouch to a handbag or backpack.

The additional portable box to store the AirPods case to keep them looking new for longer. These non-toxic silicone case are available in varied colour option to choose from and definitely deserves a mention in our list of best Apple AirPods accessories.

best airpods pro accessories

12. CobCobb Magnetic Anti-lost Straps for Apple AirPods Pro

The newly designed strong magnetic straps are perfect for the users who use the Airpods while going for a run, walk, dancing and other sorts of vigorous sports, workouts and exercises. These straps are crafted from premium silica for a soft touch and maximum flexibility.

The integrated strong magnets for anti-lost capability. Besides the product offers 15-Days money back followed by a 6-month warranty and are available in multiple color options and definitely one of the best AirPods Pro accessories available in the market.

best airpods pro accessories

I hope the following article on best AirPod Pro accessories will help you in choosing in the right product for yourself. I might have missed to include few names in this list, feel free to suggest in the comment section below. Also let us know which of the following best AirPods accessories you liked and finally decided to buy.

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