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Apple AirPods were first introduced to the world on December 13, 2016, and they became a hit instantly. Henceforth Apple the premium AirPods Pro following the success of their predecessor. As durable as Airpods Pro, you still to invest in some of the best AirPods Pro cases to provide additional protection against unnecessary damage like scratches, dents, dust or scrapes.

Any best AirPod Pro case is a must-have if you want to want to keep the charging case of these earbuds looking brand new thoroughly. These best AirPods Pro cases and covers can improve the durability of the device and also adds some glamour.

We have compiled a list of 14 best cases for AirPods Pro cases for 2020 that will ensure the absolute protection of your AirPods.

The list features best AirPods Pro cases from various brands across the globe in various colors and styles to choose from, some of them include a lifetime warranty as well. Without any further ado let’s get started and buy yourself the best case for Airpods Pro case to safeguard your newly bought wireless earbuds.

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The Best AirPods Pro Cases

1. Spigen Rugged Armor Case for Apple AirPods Pro

Spigen never ceases to surprise us considering the innovative accessories they keep delivering for varied Apple products. The resilient shock absorption and carbon fiber design of the case ensures the absolute safety of your fragile AirPods Pro.

The much-appreciated feature is that you can charge your AirPods while the case is still on, the green LED light will illuminate automatically once you place the case on a charging pad. A dedicated carabiner hook makes it convenient to attach this best AirPods Pro case to your bag or secure firmly inside your backpack or luggage.

This is one of the best AirPods Pro cases which we have mentioned in the list of best AirPods Pro accessories a while ago. You can check this article to have a look at some of best AirPods Pro accessories in case if you are interested.

best airpods pro cases

2. Caseology Vault Case for Apple AirPods Pro

The textured case by Cosmology makes it one of the best Apple AirPods Pro cases for 2020. Vault is all about the bare necessities, resulting in a tough and grippy case, with a bumper to provide unparalleled drop protection.

An integrated carabiner and hook make it easy breezy to carry around your  AirPods Pro. Precise cutouts for seamless access to the sync button. Textured TPU material repels dust and lint and offers a firm grip over the case. Compatible with wireless charging and is available in four varied color options matte black, burgundy, navy blue and green.

best airpods pro cases

3. Catalyst Premium Best Waterproof Case for AirPods Pro

Though the AirPods Pro is IPX4-rated for water resistance however that might not be enough for those accustomed to the extreme lifestyle. If you are frequently outdoor and often find yourself stuck in rain and snow flurries then Catalyst IP67-rated premium waterproof case for AirPods Pro is what you might need.

This best AirPods Pro case extends MIL grade protection against drops and shocks. The premium quality durable material is wireless charging compatible and is equipped with a carabiner combined with a steel hook for added convenience. Besides, it is protected by a 12-months manufacturer warranty from Catalyst. All these features makes it one of the best AirPods Pro cases in this list.

best airpods pro cases

4. Incase Best AirPods Pro Case

The form-fitted metallic case by Caseology is exclusively designed for AirPods Pro to ensure 360-degree protection against impacts, bumps, and scratches while also offering seamless access to ports and buttons.

The lightweight AirPods case with a metallic PU material that adds an element of style to your AirPods while protecting the glossy charging Case from getting scuffed and scratched. Compatible with wireless charging and comes in three varied color options grey, black and rose gold. This is definitely one of the best AirPods cases that are available in the market as of now.

best airpods pro cases

5. i-Blason Cosmo Series Stylish Best Case for AirPods Pro

The classic i-Blason has been gracing generations of iPhone cases and other Apple accessories are now available for your AirPods Pro. Besides looking drop-dead gorgeous this best case for AirPods Pro offers military-grade drop test standards and even provides adhesive strips to prevent the common issue of the top piece slipping off your case.

The stylish case comes in three different marble-pattern designs and colors and all of them work efficiently with wireless charging. No way, we miss this product from our list of best AirPods cases. What do you say?

best airpods pro cases

6. KeyBudz Hybrid Shell Hardcase for AirPods Pro

Looking for a durable yet a minimal bulk protective case for AirPods Pro then KeyBudz hybrid is what might fulfil your criteria. The multilayered hard case comprises of silicone and polycarbonate protective materials to offer comprehensive protection to your AirPods Pro.

On the outside, it sports a nano-coating finish that prevents fingerprints and dust accumulation. A pre-applied RSA Adhesive inside lid is reusable, residue-free and renewable. What else you need from one of the best cases for AirPods Pro?

best airpods pro cases

7. Twelve South AirSnap Pro Best AirPods Pro Case

Twelve south may sound pricey but it is one of the best high-quality leather cases for AirPods Pro. This best AirPods Pro case features full-grain leather which is both supple and durable.

A strong snap closure keeps your AirPods secure when on the go. Perfectly aligned cut-out for hassle-free charging without removing from the case. AirSnap also supports wireless charging and is available in varied color options. An integrated clip and hand strap for assured protection against the risk of displacing the product. We loved the design and thought that this one definitely needs a place in our list of best Apple AirPods Pro cases.

best airpods pro cases

8. SUPCASE Beetle Series Fully Rugged Case for Airpods Pro

For clumsy people like me, only a robust and durable protective case for AirPods Pro can defend them against the potential damage. The dual-layered TPU case with a bumper frame shields the AirPods against drops and shocks. Precise Cutouts provide access for your USB cable and the front LED is visible while charging.

The heavy-duty case doesn’t affect AirPods Pro’s ability to be wirelessly charged. With an integrated hook you can strap the case to your belt or backpack while you are on the go. Available in four vibrant color options and definitely one of the best cases for AirPods Pro.

best airpods pro cases

9. V-Moro Protective Cover for AirPods Pro

The super-stylish protective case for AirPods Pro features a tough PC interior and a smooth leather exterior. This best AirPods Pro case helps protect your AirPods from bumps and drops without adding any additional bulk.

The fully covered design ensures 360-degree protection of the Airpods. An integrated carabiner with a hook for easy handling makes it one of the best AirPods Pro cases. Compatible with wireless charging and doesn’t require to remove the case when connecting the charging cable. Exclusively designed to safeguard your AirPods Pro against scratches, shocks and daily damages. The product comes with a  lifetime warranty for extra peace of mind.

best airpods pro cases


ESR Translucent Best AirPods Pro Case

The translucent cover is precisely engineered to fit AirPods and definitely needed to be in the list of best AirPods Pro cases. The premium quality polycarbonate material makes compact, lightweight and protects the AirPods against scratches, bumps, and drops, the TPU bumper frame disperses the impacts. Matte finish enhances the grip and prevents fingerprints and oil residue from piling on the case.

Two-part design combined with precise cutouts doesn’t  hinder allow for a seamless access to the AirPods and its functionalities. Compatible with wireless charging and is available in varied translucent color combination.

best airpods pro cases

11. Ciel by Cyrill AirPods Pro Protective Case

A duo-toned look with a semi-transparent matte finish and contrasting bumper frame the Protective case by Ciel for AirPods Pro is one of the best on the list.

This is one of the best which is shock-absorbent and resistant to scratches, unwanted bumps and drops. Perfectly snugs around the charging case and is encored with precise cutouts for seamless control. With four different color combinations available, you can choose the one that suits you the best.

best airpods pro cases

12. ESR Slim Silicone Best AirPods Case

ESR has always been forerunner when it comes to manufacturing premium quality accessories for Apple products. This time they are here with ultra-thin silicone case that snugs like a second skin and lends a non-slippery, pocket-friendly finish for your AirPods Pro. The two part design let you fully open the case whenever required.

The premium silicone and shock-absorbent corners protect your best AirPods Pro cases from everyday wear-and-tear without adding any extra bulk. The products claims 100% satisfaction guarantee, and in case of any inconvenience promises a full refund or replacement. Moreover you can always choose your favorite color among the varied shades available.

best airpods pro cases

13. Joyleop 3D Super Cute Case for AirPods Pro

The super cute protective case for AirPods pro often misleads people into believing that its just an ordinary box, which might also protect it from getting stolen. It also makes for a great keyring and would be a lovely gift.

This is one of the best AirPords cases which is crafted from high quality silicone and feels very soft and comfortable in hands. Precise openings for seamless access to functionalities besides the case offers overall protection to your AirPods. Anti -fingerprint and can be washed if it gets dirty after prolonged use.

best airpods pro cases

14. ICARER Shockproof Genuine Leather Cover for AirPods Pro

Fan of antique and classic then a genuine leather case for your AirPods pro is something that might appeal to you the most. The top grade leather case for AirPods Pro is designed to protect the device against bumping and dropping.

This best case for AirPods Pro doesn’t require to remove it while opting for wireless charging. A dedicated metal hook to attach the case to your luggage or belt while you are out running, hiking and travelling. Available in black and tanned brown finish.

best airpods pro cases

15. JuQBanke Best Case for AirPods Pro

This one is exclusively designed for our lovely ladies and that makes it one of the best AirPods Pro cases. The fringed leather case for AirPods given an impression of a mini purse. The designer case features precise cutouts and a high- quality metal clasp to keep your AirPods Pro secure inside the mini bag. Makes a perfect gift for your lady friends.

The integrated metal cook can easily attach the protective case to other bags while you are out. The cute little case are available in varied shades to compliment your personal sense of style.

best airpods pro cases

I hope the following post will assist you in buying the best AirPods Pro cases for yourself. Also, let us know which on you liked the most and if you have further suggestions that you would like to see on our list of best AirPods Pro cases , do mention us. We would definitely try to include those in our article comprising all the best AirPods Pro cases.

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