12 Best Budget Mics for Podcasting Under $100

It doesn’t matter if you are an amateur or a veteran podcaster, the importance of sound quality and investing in a good podcast microphone might not be unknown to you. The market is flowing with numerous best budget mics for podcasting, but choosing the right one and investing in that is what matters. It is important to be well informed about the podcast mics, features, pros/cons, USB microphone or can work with an XML mic, and eventually how much you are wiling to invest. There are expensive as well as best budget mics for podcasting which you will find in this article.

If you or a tight budget and hunting for the best mics for podcasting then we have got you covered. After spending hours on research and analyzing various reviews we have compiled a list of 12 best budget Mics for podcasting.

Once you have picked the right mic it will do all the magic combined with your skills. So without any further ado dive right in and pick up what pleases you the most from the given below list of best budget mics for the podcasting under $100.

The Best Budget Mics for Podcasting

1. Blue Yeti Best USB Mic for Podcasting

With 4 voice pickup patterns, cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional & stereo to record for various purposes Blue Yeti makes it to the number 1 on the list of best budget mics for podcasting. For instance, this mic remains one of the top-selling on Amazon considering it’s impressing specifications, one of which is a tri-capsule array 3 condenser capsules to record in almost any environment.

Besides it allow you to plugin your headphone, as it has an audio output feature.The design gives classic retro vibe followed by multiple color options to choose from. The product proves to be useful for vocals, musical instruments, podcasting, voiceovers and interviews etc.


2. Samson Meteor Mic for Podcasting

Samson struck the perfect chords when it comes to the best budget mics for podcasting. It is designed equipped with a Cardioid pickup pattern that captures the Audio in front of the microphone while also preventing the background voices from getting recorded. With a flat frequency response of 20hz–20khz Samson precisely captures the detail of your voice or instrument. It also features a 1/8″ headphone output with 0 latency which monitors the sound captured by the microphone as well as the audio from your system.

A volume knobs give you full control over the mic followed by a mute button to give you privacy during conferences and recording sessions. For such a budget Samson delivers studio quality auido to your projects. Furthermore, it is compabitble with both Windows and Mac devices via a Host OTG cable besides it also offers plug and play operation.


3. TONOR Q9 Best Budget Microphone for Podcasting

Tonor is a fair but unpopular name when it comes to audio hardware. It is equipped with a 16 mm large-diaphragm with a  wide frequency response(20Hz to 20KHz) combined with the professional sound chipset, to deliver a perfect combination of clarity, warmth, extended dynamic range and high SPL capability.

The mic does not require you to buy additional gears or accessories as the kit includes all the essentials. You can directly connect the microphone with both Mac and Windows computer with a USB cable. Regardless of the purpose, you need it for, Tonor is certainly one of the most best budget mics for podcasting under $100.


4. Fifine Best Plug and Play Mic for Podcasting

The Fifine is a cost effective condenser microphone for podcasting. For such a minimal price it offers great audio quality and other required features and that is why it is considered as the best budget mic for podcasting. The Cardioid polar pattern steers up the crystal clear audio while canceling the background noises.

It connects to computers via a permanently attached USB cable, for simplified connectivity. Volume control button on the mic allows for on-the-fly volume changes. The sturdy metallic build with an adjustable tripod desk stand makes it portable and convenient to use. Works with both Mac and windows for added versatility.


5. Blue Snowball Ice Best Budget Mic for Podcasting

Blue is a popular and trusted name especially when it comes to best budget USB microphones for podcasting. It has been given 4.5 stars and splendid reviews on amazon considering its superb audio quality for such a minimal price. The versatile microphone is equipped with the cardioid pickup pattern to deliver a crisp and clean sound which is perfect for podcasting.

It comes with a flexible tripod table stand, USB cable and simple to use plug and play option. With a frequency response of 40 –18 kHz it is ideal to record audios for youtube and podcasts. The classic retro design will look great with your desktop on the table. Besides, it is compatible with Windows and mac os which also makes it one of the best mics for podcasts.


6. CAD Audio Condenser Mic for Podcasting

CAD is one more cost-effective trusted option for recording podcasts, which can be used with all set of computers via a USB cable. It’s technicalities considering the low price are impressive and ideal for some vocal recording. With a frequency of 20Hz to 20,000 Hz combined with condenser capsules that enable a cardioid pick-up pattern that minimizes the noise from the background to help you achieve studio-quality audio.

CAD has a dedicated switch to filter out the deep bass sound for achieving rich audios as an end result. A classic mic like design with an integrated tripod stand followed by a Ten-foot USB cable makes it portable and easily accessible. All these makes it one of the best budget mics for podcasting under $100.


7. Samson Go Portable Mic for Podcasting

The versatile and budget friendly condenser mic by Samson won the race to stay on the list of best budget mics for podcasting under $100. With two recording patterns, the mic allows you to switch between omnidirectional (20Hz – 20kHZ) or cardioid pattern (80Hz – 18kHZ), which enables you to adjust the recordings to a concrete type of recording and to isolate background noise.  Go Mic is equipped with plug and play operation, which makes it compatible with both Mac and Windows, no drivers required a simple A to B USB cable helps you to get the job done.

The unique foldable and travel friendly design makes it ideal for frequent travelers. An integrated clip design allows you to mount the microphone directly onto your laptop or it can be used as a desk stand. For such an affordable price Samson offers extensive quality audio and is suitable for various purposes.


8. Audio Technica AT2020 Best Budget Mic for Podcasting

Audio Technica is a well regarded Japanese high-quality audio equipment manufacturer. They have given us the AT2020 one of the best budget-friendly microphones for podcasts. With it’s high High SPL handling and wide dynamic range AT provides unmatched versatility when it comes to the audio quality.

This best budget mic for podcasting is equipped with a low-mass diaphragm to provide extended frequency response and superior transient response. Colardid attern isolates the disturbing background noises thus, offering crisp and warm audios as an end result. The sturdy built is easy to handle and is perfectly suitable for a single user for podcasting.


9. Behringer C-1U Best Budget Mic for Podcasters

The professional C-1U, large-diaphragm condenser microphone with built-in USB interface musicians is exclusively designed for podcasters and musicians. Good at picking low latency and delivers decent low noise audio results. Flat frequency response and ultra-high sound resolution perfect for voice, simply Plugin the USB-mic straight into your computer and turn your PC or Mac computer into a recording system without requiring any other hardware or tools.

Cardioid pickup pattern for outstanding sound source separation and background noise rejection. This is one of the best budget mic for podcasting which is available on Amazon and an ideal choice for podcasters looking for an efficient mic on a tight budget.


10. MXL 770 Best Budget Mic for Podcasting

MXL is a straightforward studio standard multi-purpose yet affordable condenser microphone for podcasts. It offers a balanced bass response for any purpose with high-end clarity and Low frequency roll-off to reduce unwanted rumble. The MXL 770 even uses a high-quality FET preamp with balanced output for a wide dynamic range. It offers value for money and won’t require you to break the bank if you are on a tight budget. Do consider if you looking for one of the best budget mics for podcasting purposed under $100. 


11. MXL 990 Budget Friendly Podcast Mic

The next on the line of best budget mics for podcasting is MXL once again. The MXL 990 features a 3/4″ gold-sputtered diaphragm designed to retain high and low frequencies that keeps the overall sound well balanced and transparent throughout the session.

The vintage-inspired metal exterior combined with a sturdy built for durability. Overall MXL justifies the price considering its quality, productivity and adaptability as asserted by the number of positive reviews.


12. Marantz Studio-grade Best Budget Mic for Podcasting

Last but not least , Martinez a cost-effective  studio-grade recording device offers superior audio performance for crystal clear audio capture. The mic capsule with  directional cardioid keeps your recording on point by eliminating background noises. With a wide frequency ranging (20 to 20,000 hz) capture the full audible spectrum. Considering the price to quality ratio Marantz justifies the price. It is impressively reliable and one of the best budget mic for podcasting. The kit includes all the essentials to begin your podcast journey.


The number of people podcasting is expanding day by day thus the market is competitive and brands are trying to offer the best possible product for the budget-friendly segment. I hope the following list will assist you in choosing the best budget mic for the podcasting.

We covered the products as thoroughly as possible, however, we might have missed to include the few names on the list of feel free to mention those in the comment section below we will try and include them on the list of best budget mics for podcasting under $100. Also, let us one which one you chose for recording your podcast or choose the one from this list of best budget mics for podcasting.

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