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18 Best Chromebook Accessories You Can Buy

A Chromebook has the potential to be a yielding machine. But to maintain its richness, you will be requiring several best Chromebook accessories and not just your laptop by your side. Through the use of these best accessories for Chromebook, you can easily optimize your experience and reap the maximum benefit out of your laptop.

There are numerous best Chromebook accessories available, but all might not be meeting your requirements and all might not be compatible with your device. We have handpicked the top-rated best Chromebook accessories to accommodate with your laptop.

This article will give you a clear idea about 20 top Chromebook accessories, its features, and its uses along with the link you can use to purchase it. 

Without any further ado, let’s help you choose the best Chromebook accessories to get the best of your device.

The Best Chromebook Accessories

1. Mosiso Best Laptop Sleeve for Chromebook

There are plenty of laptop sleeves for Chromebook, but this product can be the best fit for your 11.6 to 12.3 inches Chromebook model R11/HP. The product is water rebarbative that comes with a Neoprene case and another mini case. The product is available in multiple colors ranging from wine-red to apricot to navy lime. 

The product is slender and featherweight, it will not aggregate your Chromebook upward. You can easily drive the product into your baggage or backpack. The top-loading zip that comes with the product makes it easy for you to access the Chromebook as and when required. 

The color of the big laptop sleeves and the mini case is beautifully coordinated with each other, adding a feather to your style. With this product you don’t have to carry the burden of a huge laptop bag, instead, this laptop sleeves for Chromebook will give you a chance to carry your laptop everywhere you go, without compromising your style. That is why, we’ll be keeping this one in our list of best Chromebook accessories. 

best chromebook accessories

2. Samsung Evo Select – Best Chromebook Accessory

The more feasible is your Chromebook, the lesser storage space you will get with it. The Micro SDXC Evo Select memory card is available with a complete size adapter. The product is available with memory ranging from 32GB to 512 GB and the most recommended storage space would be 128 GB. This is one of the best accessories for Chromebook that you should purchase if your laptop doesn’t have too much space. 

It is the best for shooting 4K UHD video clips. An excellent product for high-resolution images, games, tabs, laptops, action cameras, and Smartphones. The product is featherlight and its endurance is rough. It has a high level of accuracy and is built to manage shocks, water damage, temperature damage, and many more. The Micro SDXC has a warranty of 10 years but extended to some products only. 

Why go for an expensive Chromebook, when you can add the Micro SDXC Evo Select memory card to it and suffice your storage need with a little additional cost. This surely adds an extra feature to your laptop and that is why we have listed this one in our list of best Chromebook accessories. 

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best chromebook accessories

3. AUKEY Link PD Pro USB-C Hub

Worried that your Chromebook doesn’t have sufficient ports to serve your needs, then this product is ideal for you and that is why listed in our list of best Chromebook accessories. Especially recommended for Pixel book Go, it lacks a pivot! The AUKEY LINK product has 8 ports, inclusive of the Ethernet, HDMI, and three USB- A ports. Also, find a 100 W compatible PD charging system with this product. 

So, if your Chromebook functions great but doesn’t have suitable ports, changing the device is not the only solution you have, but you can purchase the Aukey Link PD Pro USB-C hub and get access to the ports that your Chromebook lacks. Spending a little extra on this hub is a better option than purchasing a whole new Chromebook which can be a more expensive option. Now, you will understand, why this list of best Chromebook accessories is so handy for you guys. It surely gonna save some of your hard-earned bucks. 

best chromebook accessories

4. MOUSE- Logitech MC Anywhere 2S

Though the Touchpad that comes with the Chromebook is enough to get the job done for you but if you still looking for something more convenient. We have another entry in our list of best Chromebook accessories and that is a Logitech MX Anywhere mouse it is featherweight and compact. The product adds another cutting-edge feature to your desk. 

The Logitech MX Anywhere 2S consists of 4000 accurate DPI sensor. The product is available with a unified battery that will work for 70 days without fail. The product is compatible with both Bluetooth and USB recipients. Also, it can link to multiple platforms and operating systems at one go. Chrome OS lacks complete features, requiring you to download professional software but overall, there are multiple features that the users can enjoy while working with their computers without needing to download anything specific. Definitely one of the best accessories for Chromebook, if you are looking for a perfect mouse and having problems with touchpad. 

best chromebook accessories

5. Monitor: Asus ZenScreen Go

Looking for portability? Check out Asus ZenScreen Go, which can be an excellent accessory for your Chromebook. Its 15.6-inch display monitor makes it an ideal product to be used both at the convenience of your home as well as to carry from one place to another. 

The product comes with a 7800mAh battery that has a backup of about four hours. Easily connect it with your Chromebook through USB Type C or Micro HDMI. The picture quality is not excellent, however, 1890X1080 is not a bad choice for a display of that size. What do you think? Is it a good addition to the list of best Chromebook accessories. We think it is. 

best chromebook accessories

6. Jelly Comb 2.4G Slim Wireless Mouse

Want to enhance your experience with the Chromebook? Then Jelly Comb 2.4 G Slim wireless mouse is one of the best Chromebook accessories in our list. It will give you the chance to navigate smoothly and work without any disturbance in a quiet environment.

The product comes with a mini wireless receiver, which is very simple to accommodate in the USB port of your computer, occupying minimum space. The battery is not included with the product, however, 1 AA battery can be used with this model. The Jelly Comb 2.4 G model comes in different colours, it is easy to travel with and it is a long-lasting product. The model offers a robust and consistent connection that can work efficiently within a range of 15 m. All these features makes it one of the best accessories of Chromebook and thus listed here. 

best chromebook accessories

7. Speaker : JBL Charge 4

Chromebook is not the best product when it comes to its audio system. A high-quality speaker is what you can get to make your Chromebook perfect and, in this area, JBL Charge 4 is a highly recommended product and that is why you seeing it in our list of best Chromebook accessories. 

JBL Charge 4 is excellent when it comes to accommodating your needs of a high-quality speaker, however, you will find it difficult to carry with you on the beach. The product is enclosed in an IPX 7 water-resistant material that safeguards the product from getting damaged due to the accumulation of water on it. Bacteria life is around 14 hours, but you can also drain it off to other appliances through its USB port situated behind. Are you a bass lover? The JBL Charge 4 speaker can be an ideal choice for you.  

best chromebook accessories

8. Sandisk Ultra 200 GB Fast Memory Card

When it comes to sufficient internal storage, Chromebook is far behind unlike customary Windows or Mac laptops. But microSD card can be the perfect accessory to meet your storage needs that exists with every Chromebook across the world.

The product is affordable, available in different sizes with the maximum being 512 GB. Expand your Chromebook as per your requirements with a trustworthy UHS-1 card if the above one looks costly to you. 

best chromebook accessories

9. Juanwe Metal Key 32 Flash Drive 5 Pack

The Juanwe metal key 32 flash drive is a perfect choice for the students for sharing their assignments with their teachers and friends. It is one of the best Chromebook accessories when you have to surrender your Chromebook to your institute at the end of the academic year.

This is where you can back up your data. Also, the students often tend to misplace flash drives in their busy schedules, so this is a pack of five attractive and purposeful to suffice your needs. We loved the design and usability of the product and that is why decided to keep it in our list of best accessories for Chromebook. 

best chromebook accessories

10. Aukey 5-in-1 USB-C Hub

Normally, the students access Chromebook working with a single port. But if your Chromebook doesn’t support the same or you prefer to create office-type settings at the convenience of your home, setting a wired mouse and keyboard, go ahead and buy the AUKEY 5-in-1 product USB-C hub. The product is feasible and will accommodate 3 USB ports on your Chromebook. Isn’t it great? 

This one is definitely one of the top contender in our list of best Chromebook accessories.

best chromebook accessories

11. Aukey 60W GAN POWER Delivery Charger

The AUKEY 60W charger is the best fit to be used in a static environment like in an office or your home. But it can be your best friend while you are in a move due to its portable nature.

You can use both long as well as short cables on this product, all depending upon your needs. So, now you can end all your worries of draining your Chromebook battery when you have Aukey 60W product handy with you. One of the cheap still best Chromebook accessories to enhance your laptop features, right?

best chromebook accessories


12. ANKER Powerline USB-C to USB-C Cable

Carry the cable on your backpack, wherever you are on move with your Chromebook. Reap the benefit of charging your Chromebook at a great speed. 

The product is enclosed in a magnetic and velcro case, it is adaptable, and once you plug-in the cable securely, it will not get displaced with a minor touch. The Anker Powerline cable is available in two traditional shades. Another great addition in the our list of best accessories for Chromebook. 

best chromebook accessories

13. Lapgear My Desk Lap Desk

Working on your Chromebook for long hours, check out one of the best Chromebook accessories that you should invest it? It must be immensely tiring, don’t worry the Lapgear product can work as your support system. Purchase the lap desk and work comfortably at the convenience of your bed or even on your sofa. Heighten your Chromebook and eliminate the need to look down on it in an uncomfortable position. 

Keep it unmoving on your laps and avoid any scope of dropping it down. This lap desk model consists of a holder for your mobile and a compart to keep your snacks. This product has the scope of providing you with the best possible convenience and luxury while working. What else you need from one of the best accessories for Chromebook. 

best chromebook accessories

14. Satechi Type-C 75 W Travel Charger

The bad news here is that all the Chromebook don’t have a universal charger. So, the Chromebook car charger model you choose will depend on the Chromebook model you have. Few models make use of an outdated, circular, and precise charger, making it an issue to charge it on your car or even in purchasing an additional charger if the current one stops working. 

Nevertheless, if you have a Chromebook supporting USB-C, you are fortunate enough to have multiple options to charge your laptop by applying multiple devices, car chargers, battery sets, and much more. Satechi car charger is one of the best Chromebook accessories that can charge your Chromebook having USB-C, which is a double port 72W charging adapter for your car. You can make use of the normal USB adapter or USB-C to charge up your Smartphone, tab, and of course your Chromebook. 

best chromebook accessories

15. Ludos Clamor Wired Earbuds

Looking for something stylish and trendy? Try out the Ludos Clamor Wired Ear Buds, colorful and attractive. This product has an advanced speaker for efficient listening and thus we have listed it in our list of best Chromebook accessories. Buy the product and enjoy a special as well as engrossing experience with music-making it your priority. The product will provide you with the maximum level of easiness with its cutting-memory foam. 

Worried about the Bass? The product puts the letter “B” of the Bass in the capital, due to the high-tech speaker it offers with it. An excellent choice to balance high-pitched and mids, paving way for a deep and engrossing musical experience at an accurate price. 

Want to be stylish? The Ludos Wired Ear Buds will give you the best experience when it comes to appearing fashionable and trendy at all occasions. Carry it with you, while in office, party, home, or while travelling, it will not compromise your style. 

The fabric chosen for the product is the best as the quality is never comprised of this product. A highly defiant cable gives a soothing tactile experience. 

Check out the various color combinations available be it and choose the one that best suits your personality. Passionate about music and a fashion freak, then you are recommended to try out this product. I am sure you are not going to regret it. We guess, there are enough reasons for this product to be in the list of best accessories for Chromebook. Right?

best chromebook accessories

16. Sense Age 3 Reusable Microfibre Cleaning Cloth

The accumulation of clouds of dust, oils, and patches on the screen of your Chromebook or even on the keyboard can be a big mood spoiler, isn’t it? But you don’t have to worry when you have Sense-Age 3 cleaning cloth at your fingertips. Try out the micro-fibre cleaning cloth that can be placed between the screen and keyboard of your Chromebook and protect your device from dust and oil accumulation. This is a must have investment if you are looking for best Chromebook accessories to keep your device clean without any scratches. 

The reusable microfibre cleaning cloth has a sleek design and it is easy to carry while on the move. Its smooth fabric will allow the uninterrupted movement of the mouse while you are working or even while playing a game. Don’t worry, it will never spoil your game, instead, it will provide you with a soothing experience. 

Handwashing is suitable for this product. The use of detergents is strictly forbidden to eliminate any scope of the damage. Do not dry it in your washing machines, it will adversely damage your product. Want to know more, check its thickness, and preview the product for an exceptional experience. 

best chromebook accessories

17. Chromebook Case, HESTECH 11.6-12.3 inch Laptop Sleeve

Add style to your life by purchasing HESTECH Chromebook case and ease your life. The best feature of this product is its complementary compartment to accommodate gadgets. Basically, this product comes with two mini compartments, wherein products like pens, USB, charger, power bank or even mobile gadgets can be kept.

The carry handle that comes with the product is comfortable to use and it is also very much long-lasting. The material used in the product is soft and long-lasting with a 12 Ann with a cotton tarpaulin. It works well with Acer Chromebook C720/ C20P and Samsung Chromebook 3 among many others.

The most convenient part is that the handle is located on the outer side of the zipper, making it easy for individuals to use it for travelling carrying their Chromebook in a closed case. The model prevents the accumulation of dust on your Chromebook, keeping it safe and secured. All these reasons makes it one of the best Chromebook accessories we have in this list. 

best chromebook accessories

18. Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Chromebook 11.6 Inches

Spigen tempered glass screen protector is specifically meant for the Acer Chromebook Spin 311 Convertible, Spin 11 Convertible. The product comes with the highest-quality protective glass for your Chromebook, making it more durable with 9H level of hardness.

This high-quality tempered glass screen protector is touch-sensitive and will offer you with a trouble-free operation without any interruption in between.

The product is designed in a way such that it covers the complete screen of your Chromebook for total protection from any kind of marks or scrapes. Also, it has the capacity to safeguard your Chromebook from the accumulation of oil as well as finger marks, which in turn will help you in maintaining the appearance of your Chromebook. Any product that can save the previous screen of your device should be included in the list of best Chromebook accessories and that is why you seeing it here.

best chromebook accessories

By checking out the list of the best Chromebook accessories of year 2020, you now know that just having a Chromebook is not enough, but you are required to have suitable accessories adding feathers to it. Also, just adding the accessories is not the deal, but you need to know the requirements of your devices and what best Chromebook accessories will be suitable for it and this article is all about it.

Read and choose the most compatible and best accessories for Chromebook. Don’t just go for enhancing the appearance of your Chromebook, but look for the ones that will enhance its efficiency as well. And if you have suggestions, do let us know and we will add it in our list of best Chromebook accessories. 

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