The Best DSLR Camera Straps of Year 2019

If you are a professional photographer and by any chance, a traveling enthusiastic who loves traveling to various countries and clicking pictures than the best DSLR camera strap is what might always come in handy. A camera strap is much required while you are shooting on the streets trying to capture candid shots. I have faced many setbacks myself while trying to shoot in the crowded area, and that’s when I understood the importance of investing in a good quality camera strap. This article is focused on all the best DSLR camera straps of year 2019 which you might want to buy. 

However, most of the camera’s come equipped with straps, but they are not so comfortable for most of the users. Gladly we have third party best DSLR camera straps available in the market that are some of the most comfortable, stylish and durable. There are a variety of options, to begin with from best leather camera straps, camera wrist straps, and camera harnesses to a lot more to choose from.

Before deciding to buy one of the best DSLR camera straps, you have to acknowledge your goal behind buying a camera strap, according to that you can choose the most convenient option for yourself. We have covered a wide range of options in this list of best camera straps of year 2019 considering the priorities of photographers.

There is one camera strap for each one of you on this list, and we have shortlisted these products after analyzing hundreds of options online. Here is the list of 12 best DSLR camera straps for you that are recommended by us to tackle your dar to day issues.

The Best Camera Straps 2019

1. Tarion Shoulder and Neck Camera Strap

With various manufacturers trying to win the race, luckily only a few gets a stance to make it to the top. Same is the story of best cameras strap manufacturers as they are trying everything to stay in the game. Tarion, a small scale manufacturer, known for designing quality camera strap at an affordable price has managed to come under the limelight for its quality. There are hundred’s of positive reviews and a 4.5 ★ rating on the for the mentioned product. The cheap strap features durable cotton combined with PU leather which gives it a vintage look. On the side, the strap has a non-slip surface to prevent the accidental slipping away of your camera. The inbuilt metals loops help you fasten the camera to the straps, and the straps can be adjusted to the length of your comfort. It is compatible with most brands of DSLR camera. Overall it is an impressive product for such little camera straps 2019

2. Inspire In Time Genuine Leather Camera Strap

Fan of classic then this leather neck camera strap is what might interest you. The durable strap is very sleek, stylish and is perfect for both the genders. It is crafted from 100% genuine leather and can withhold the weight of heavy cameras as well.

The vintage looking padded neck strap features ergonomic design so you can comfortably carry it around during long shooting hours without stressing your neck and shoulders.  It won’t break, unlike other cheap quality straps. Can be used by both professional and amateur photographers. Available in black and brown color option. It is one of the best leather DSLR camera straps on the market presently as mentioned by several users.

best camera straps 2019

3. OP/TECH SLR Wrist Camera Strap

While talking about the best DSLR camera straps how can I possibly miss to mention the wrist strap, that gives you much more versatility while capturing the pictures. The wrist strap is an innovative idea; with it, the camera is secure and always within your reach instantly.  While you are carrying a neck strap, it can get quite hectic at times, but that is never the case with wrist a wrist strap.

The neoprene straps comfortably snug around the wrist; you can also adjust them and carry around a camera weighing up to 10 lbs. If you don’t want to consider it as a priority, you can keep it as a backup option as it can come handy during prolonged shooting hours.

best camera straps 2019

4. Holdfast Two Camera Harness Leather Strap

Holdfast is a backpack styled high-grade leather camera strap designed to accommodate two cameras at a time. It has gained popularity among wedding photographers and it sure does gets a lot of attention. These best DSLR camera straps consist of many features of a dual sling camera strap such as tripod socket connectors, sliders, and safety catches. On top of that, it has an additional attachment that allows you to carry a third camera.

The built-in metal D-rings allow you to attach optional camera straps and accessories whenever needed. The Holdfast harness is worn across the back and forms an X shape that also looks like a gun holster, it feels comfortable and suspends the burden of two cameras from your shoulders.

best camera straps 2019

5. Waka Camera Neck Strap

Wake neck camera strap features soft padded neoprene that feels comfortable and releases the pressure from your neck and shoulder to prevent fatigue. Anti-slip padding keeps the camera in place so that it won’t swing while you are moving. It is equipped with durable stainless steel locker and the quick metal plate that help you to attach the camera to the strap securely.

You can also adjust the length of the strap according to your convenience, and it works with all the camera models making it one of the best DSLR camera strap in the budget. A small zipper pocket allows you to carry accessories like extra batteries, SD cards, lens ideal for outdoor photography. The strong safety tether is given for extra security against thieves.

best camera straps 2019

6. Art Tribute Embroided Elegant Camera Strap

If you are artistic and love the color and beauty then will definitely love the creative camera straps by Art Tribute. These best DSLR camera straps are crafted from a premium grade pure cotton combined with soft fiber cloth to provide you utmost comfort while shooting.

They can be adjusted minimum up to 33” and  maximum up to Size: 61. It gives you an option to connect the camera with the built-in quick-release loops, or you can simply attach the straps directly to the camera. Work with all the models equivalently providing the same kind of safety and comfort. They look exquisite, stylish and are designed in various design and color combinations. Besides all of them are backed by a lifetime warranty.

best camera straps 2019

7. Peak Design SL-BK-3 Best Camera  Strap

Peak designs stand on number one position in the list of best DSLR camera straps of year 2019. Not only its looks stylish and elegant beside it is very durable and comfortable. The 3 in one padded strap can be worn comfortably as a sling, neck, or shoulder strap. The dual lock quick adjusters on each side allow you to expand or reduce the straps according to your preferences.

The unique anchor link system is quick to connect and keep your camera more stable in comparison with traditional straps. The strap work conveniently with third-party products like tripod plate and L-brackets. It is reported to be one of the most comfortable and best DSLR camera straps by various photographers.

best camera straps 2019

8. ONA The Presidio Best Leather Camera Strap

If you are a fan of classics, then this leather camera strap by ONA might be the one for you. It is handcrafted from premium Italian-tanned leather and can support camera kits weighing up to 6 pounds. ONA is padded with soft neoprene to disperse the heavy weight of the camera while carrying around.

It is equipped with two sets of chrome buckles for an easy adjustment of the length while you are aiming for a particular shooting angle. Comes in two shades of brown Antique Cognac and Dark Truffle Brown, it is one of the best DSLR camera straps out there presently.

best camera straps 2019

9. Think Tank V2.0 Camera Strap

Think Tank is widely known for designing a wide range of camera carrying accessories for photographers and also manufactures best DSLR camera strap. The V2.0 Camera design features a simple design and is crafted from a durable material to support even pro DSLR bodies with pro lenses attached. The non-slip silicone on both the sides saves you the trouble of checking which side to choose while you sling the strap around your neck. Having both sides constructed from a Non-slippery material is an overlooked feature.

Two metal rings are provided that are acknowledged as a point to attach the camera strap. Think Tank is extremely lightweight and is available in two colors, blue and grey respectively.

best camera straps 2019

10. Black Rapid Breathe Curve Best Camera Strap 

Black Rapid is an infamous brand on the list of best camera strap manufacturers. Besides looking great, they are very efficient. It features a robust design capable of supporting cameras with a heavy load.  It can be worn across the neck and shoulders. The padded design makes it convenient to carry around for prolonged hours.

The mesh material keeps it breathable which is essential during the hot climate. Strong locking Carabiner to ensure the safety of your camera. Besides, it includes a stabilizing strap, that secures the strap under the user’s shoulder and prevents the camera from twisting in the opposite direction while the user moves.  It is undoubtfuly one of the best DSLR camera strap available on the market presently.

best camera straps 2019

11. Custom SLR Quick Release Camera strap

If you are fed up of the camera thumping on your chest while you are walking this C Loop gliding camera strap is highly recommended for you. With its comfortable sling strap, the camera hangs by your side and glides up the strap when you lift the camera fo clicking a picture. Split strap technology disperses the camera weight to reduce fatigue during the long shoots.

The ergonomic designs and features like swiveling quick-release buckles for maximum flexibility make it one of the best DSLR camera straps. The cushy neoprene padded straps make it extremely durable and comfortable to carry around.

best camera straps 2019

12. True Shot Neoprene Pattern comfortable Camera Strap

Looking for a cost-effective best camera strap then the True Shot is what you need. It has managed to grab a spot on this list due to its immense popularity among amateur as well as professional photographers. The neoprene padding distributes the weight evenly across your shoulders to prevent the fatigue. The adjustable reinforced loop straps allow for quick photography. Little pockets on the side allow you to carry accessories like memory, cards, extra batteries and lens caps, etc.

The quick release clips make it easy to remove and attach the camera within seconds. The non-slippery surface keeps the camera from sliding away, so you are always good to go. It offers great value for money and is available in 17 different color and design options. Besides, it is backed by 3 years of manufacturer warranty.

best camera straps 2019

I hope your search for the best DSLR camera strap ends here. We have written this article of best DSLR camera straps of year 2019 in your best interest with an intention to help you find the most convenient option for yourself. 

I will update the list whenever I will come across other great products in the category. Meanwhile, feel free to share which product you liked the best and why, for further suggestions and feedback comment below. If you think I might have missed few names that are worth to be included on the list of best DSLR camera straps do let us know in the comment section.

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