The Nintendo Switch is the very first video game system that can act as a home console and a portable handheld gaming solution. While it’s really amazing to gear up for new adventures or even, race on the go or enjoy a movie at home on the big screen, the Switch being a product itself raises a few issues about storage and build quality. These issues are worth exploring to help you get yourself the best solution as well as a case for your Nintendo Switch matching your needs and that is why, we have included some of the best Nintendo Switch cases and covers.

For the record, a new Nintendo Switch costs around $300, so better to rely on a best Nintendo Switch case to help you store your console when it is not in use. 

Just go through this list of best Nintendo Switch Cases and covers to know the available options in the market and find the best one. All these best Nintendo Switch cases and covers that we have listed in this article are ranges from cheap to expensive option but one thing is sure that it will save your fancy device from any unwanted damagers. 

If you are looking to get extra from your Nintendo Switch while on the move, you can also check the best Nintendo Switch battery cases. 

The Best Nintendo Switch Cases

1. Fintie Premium PU Leather Best Nintendo Switch Protective Case

Creating a more comfortable gaming experience as well as protecting your Nintendo Switch at the same time is no more a dream!

Look at the Fintie Protective Case for once, this best Nintendo Switch case attaches to the console to protect the screen as well as the body, and also folds out to act as a device stand as and when needed.

This slim, PU leather case comes in a range of colours as well as designs, acting as a sleeve that always covers the sides and back of the Nintendo Switch. When the cover is not being used to protect the screen, the front flap can be folded and attached with the help of a magnet to the back or even folded to create a stand for all your needs.

All of the ports remain accessible while the case is attached, and you also get the option to detach the joy-cons from the sides as and when needed.

 Only one problem is that the user needs to remove the cover from the Nintendo Switch when it is time to dock it down but still it is one of the best Nintendo Switch cases and covers.

best nintendo switch cases covers

2. Mumba Best Case for Nintendo Switch, [Heavy Duty] Slim Rubberized [Snap on]

Since the Nintendo Switch is often used as an on the go handheld gaming device, there is always a risk of damaging the product from dropping or hitting it on something concrete and this is where, all the options of best Nintendo Switch cases and covers of this article come into place. 

To curb that, the brand Mumba has come up with a line of best Nintendo Switch cases. One of them is the Rubberised model, its rubbery polycarbonate shell takes the power of any impact. It also comes with a cut-out for attaching an optional strap for easier transportation.

As a bonus, The Mumba case also provides extra grip to you when you’re playing, further reducing the chance of dropping the Nintendo Switch. One issue I found is that the case wouldn’t help you in protecting the screen so, you’ll likely want to add a screen protector to protect your screen from bumps and scratches. You can check our article showcasing all the best Nintendo Switch screen protectors. 

All the ports on the Nintendo Switch remain accessible with this one, although this best Nintendo Switch case does cover parts of both the main unit as well as the joy-con controllers, so you will need to remove it if you want to detach the controllers.

best nintendo switch cases covers

3. Mumba Best Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch

If you want to protect your device while being on the move, you can check out this best Nintendo Switch carrying case from the above-mentioned brand, Mumba. The hard EVA shell on this one ensures the Switch won’t get “smashed†in your bag or be damaged if it gets dropped from a few feet.

It is waterproof as well, so liquid spills or even heavy rainstorms should not be a concern, it also comes with a wrist strap to help prevent drops in the first place.

You can get your Mumba in black, blue, and camouflage design, so the colour choices while being limited seem enough. It is large enough on the inside to fit the Switch, even with a case on it.

The best thing about this carrying case is that it comes with 20 slots for holding game cartridges, plus comes with plenty of room on the sides as well as has a zippered pouch for small things like joy-con controllers, charging cables, as well as other accessories.

best nintendo switch cases covers

4. Stand Charging Case Bag Compatible with Nintendo Switch

If you are on a long journey, or just even want to game through your Nintendo Switch away from the aura of a power socket, you will find out that Nintendo Switch isn’t that big on battery life.

That’s where the FYoung Switch Stand Charging Case enters the scene, it combines a carrying case as well as a charging stand with a 10,000mAh battery to help you double up your gaming time. 

You can connect your Nintendo Switch via a small charging cable to the case which in addition to providing charge protects your device as well. The battery can also act as a power bank for your other devices if needed, which is a plus point if you ask me.

The cover comes with enough space to hold up to 8 game cartridges in dedicated slots. There is also some space for two joy-cons, and a mesh pocket for other small accessories. What else you need from one of the best Nintendo Switch cases and covers? If you looking for such more options, you can have a look at some of the best Nintendo Switch battery cases. 

best nintendo switch cases covers

4. ButterFox Best Nintendo Switch Carry Case

A lot of best Nintendo Switch cases come with space for carrying additional game cartridges, but I can guarantee you have not seen anything like this before. The ButterFox Nintendo Switch carry case, comes with an impressive 19 card slots in it while still staying relatively thin. Not only does it come with space for a large games’ library, but this is not much expensive, well-designed case and also fit a couple of SD cards as well.

There’s also a zippered pouch in it for other accessories like charging cables, battery packs, as well as joy-cons. It comes with a velcro strip that secures one of the internal flaps on the top of the console screen, keeping it secure as well as protected in transit.

best nintendo switch cases covers

5. Hermitshell Hard EVA Carry-All Nintendo Switch Travel Case

Shaped like a small suitcase, the hard outer material on the Hermitshell Hard EVA can protect your Nintendo Switch from all kind of falls. A zipper covers the full length of the cover for ease of access, and it also comes with an included shoulder strap making it easier to carry. 

On the inside of this best Nintendo Switch case, there is space at the near bottom for everything ranging from the docking cradle and the charging adapter to even a Pro controller and more. Each of it has got its own section of cut-out foam to keep it more secure and prevent jostling in transport.

This is one of the best Nintendo Switch cases that comes with slots for 18 game cartridges, plus a few mesh pockets to drop in things like earbuds, and other small accessories.

best nintendo switch cases covers

6. Nintendo Switch Carrying Case – Protective Deluxe Travel Case

The Game Traveller Deluxe from RD Industries comes with everything one could possibly desire in a case. This is one of the best Nintendo Switch cases that comes with two transparent containers that can hold four games each as well as two SD card holders.

Only thing I didn’t like about this one was it’s little all-purpose storage pouch, which is a bit too small. You can obviously fit a pair of earbuds or even joy-con wrist straps in there, but not much else to be precise. Aside from this minor shortcoming, this case really comes with a lot to offer. The outside material of this case is made of hard rubber which is very durable.

best nintendo switch cases covers

7. EMiO Carry Case for Nintendo Switch Console

If you’re really a perfectionist who wants everything with him perfectly fit then, this is the best Nintendo Switch case for you. The EMiO was designed to carry an entire console set-up in it, controllers, chargers, accessories, dock and much more. 

There are even vents on all the sides of the case, so you don’t heart your device while playing with the case on. Smart move! This one is notyas durable as other ones but, if you want the most spacious case you can find out there, then this one is a great option in our list of best Nintendo Switch cases.

best nintendo switch cases covers

8. Hestia Goods Switch Best Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch

The outer hard shell on the Hestia is there to protect your Nintendo Switch from pertaining any kind of damage while carrying it with you, while the inner layer of the case is lined with soft fabric material to help prevent any kind of scratches or scuffs. 

This best Nintendo Switch case also boasts a large zippered mesh pocket which is there to store extra Joy-Cons and the Switch’s power adapter. The zipper heads are not made of metal but nylon to protect your Switch from scratching itself. 

It also comes with space for up to 20 game cartridges but sadly no dock is available for storing SD Cards.

best nintendo switch cases covers

9. Findway Case Compatible with Nintendo Switch Cover Case

Clear case fans, this one is for you and surely deserves a place in our list of best Nintendo Switch cases! This case is made of transparent TPU material and is very smooth and soft to touch. 

While this might look aesthetically pleasing and good to touch, one thing to keep in mind is that this case will only be able to protect your Nintendo switch from minor drops and scratches. Although it’s a flexible TPU case, it comes with strengthened corners on it to enhance the protection, but again, it’s not much.

best nintendo switch cases covers

10. AmazonBasics Travel and Storage Case for Nintendo Switch

Last but not the least, a worthy contender from Amazon Basics. I personally love Amazon Basics products as not only they are made of high quality material but also because they are priced quite cheap when compared to the rest of the competition. The Amazon Basics Vault Case for Nintendo Switch is no exception to this.

This is a heavy-duty hard shell Nintendo Switch case made to protect your console even when you travel. Despite being a pretty compact case, the vault case comes offering quite a good amount of storage space in it. This best Nintendo Switch case can easily store one device along with joy-cons and around eight game cartridges. The case looks stealthy in black colour and comes with dual layer protection to help you with minor bumps. All these features makes it one of the best Nintendo Switch cases. 

best nintendo switch cases covers

I hope the following list of best Nintendo Switch cases will help you in choosing the best option to keep your Nintendo safe. We might have missed to include few worthy names, feel free to mention those in the comment section below and we will include in this list of best Nintendo Switch cases. Also, let us know which one of the following best cases for Nintendo Switch you finally decided to buy.

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