Best Phone Cases For Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Best phone cases for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, should protect your phone from the rigors of outdoor activities like cycling or tough workplace environments. There are a galaxy of reasons why the Z3 is better than the Z 2. Samsung say it’s 80% stronger and new Z3 and it has a smoother working hinge and a faster refresh rate to impress gamers among others.

However like the Fold 2 there are no guarantees the device is dust or sand proof. We’ve tested cases that wont add too much bulk to your pocket and that reinforce Samsung’s famous axiom: ‘protect while look good doing it’.

A striking new feature of the Samsung galaxy Fold Z 3 is that now you can use its very own pen for sketching, signing docs and more. But there’s no phone magnet, to place the pen on. Please bring out a case with a pen holder soon. For this reason I’ve sought out a few cases which have (unintentional) room for an S pen.

Nuances are important for different lifestyles and tastes. Some people will demand a clear case so  the Z Fold 3 can be seen in all its glory. Other people will hone in on a super protected case which protects the hinge, screen and four corners for cycling, rock climbing, hunting, fishing and demanding lifestyles.

Pen in a time slot in your day to read ‘best cases for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Best phone cases for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

1. Spigen Slim Armor Pro – Hinge Protection

I breathed a sigh of relief Knowing the hinges of the Z Fold 3 are protected with the Spigen Armor  Slim Pro case. After all, the IPX8 rating of the Z Fold 3 protects the phone from liquid down to 1.5m for 30 minutes (nice) but does not guarantee to protect against sand or dust. The Z Fold 3 is secured perfectly in place by tape provided by the Slim Armor Pro.

Best Phone Cases For Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3
Best Phone Cases For Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Despite the case protecting all corners and sides it does not feel clunky or add obtrusive weight to the phone while in your pocket. The Slim armor pro also looks good when on with its seamless fit – in black (its the only color). Further good news is you can charge wirelessly without removing the case or power share or use a USB-C cable.

I dropped the encased phone from waist high on concrete and it bounced with a gentle thud – no damage done. On the downside this case does not offer a pen holder or any slot for the new pen. But not many do.

Best Phone Cases For Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3
Best Phone Cases For Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

I found this good price on Amazon (I may get a small commission for purchases)

2. Spigen Tough Armor Hinge Protection, All Round Protection

Hinge protection gets brownie points in my book. No one wants sand or dust infiltrating the hinge on the  Z Fold 3. More affordable than its slimmer cousin the Spigen Tough Armor does exactly that. Reconciling TPU and Polycarbonate like their case for the Z Fold 2 Spigen know their stuff.

TPU offers resistance to oil, abrasion and grease (read Wikipedia for a full description) while polycarbonate is tough; tough enough to make bullet proof glass.

Spigen Tough Armor - Hinge Protection
Spigen Tough Armor – Hinge Protection

Adhesive tape secures your phone neatly in place. I couldn’t test how long those will last for BTW. But they include several strips already attached inside the case and a set of extra additional adhesive strips in case you need them.

This case still seems lightweight and slim despite not being called ‘Slim’ like its more costly cousin. It offers a useful trifecta of charging options too: USB-C cable charging support, sharing or wireless charging. A downside for some is the Tough Armor does not offer a holder for the new pen that can be used with the Z Fold 3.

Unmatched protection this case has optimum protection: with a MIL-STD 810G-516.6 rating which means in order to receive certification, each case must be dropped onto concrete 26 times from a  height of 48 inches onto every corner and edge. On a downside, like most cases it doesn’t have a compartment for the new Z Fold 3 pen.

Best Phone Cases For Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3
Best Phone Cases For Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 – Spigen Tough Armor

3. Qoosan Zipper Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 – Room for Cash and Cards

This case offers nuances that the heavy weights of case manufacturing don’t: slots for cash and cards. Made from synthetic leather this case won’t offer the shock protection of those company’s either but it’s sure to offer protection from dust and scrapes.

Coming in black or burgundy the Qoosan looks glamorous on the Z Fold 3 and will double up as a handy purse/wallet at a price of two or three cappuccinos.

A bonus about th Qoosan is you don’t have to remove it for wireless charging. Magnet locking keeps your bits and pieces and phone snuggly in place. You can even fit your Z Fold pen in the pocket, though it should be mentioned it wasn’t designed for that useful function.

A great extra feature is the case can bend into a kickstand. Fold out the money/card flap and you have a sturdy stand that feels strong for watching movies. But please don’t put your cards on show while doing so.

Best Phone Cases For Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3
Best Phone Cases For Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

4. Ringke Slim Case for Galaxy Z Fold 3 – Clear Protection With Lanyard Hole

Ringke is a well established brand that’s name gives reassurance. But does the case match that reputation? Firstly I should point out the Ringke comes at a budget price.

Made of tough as heck material, polycarbonate, which is sure to protect from scratches and drops. Raised lips around the edges offer good protection too. But the hinge is not protected from dust.

As clear as glass, the likable Ringke shows off every gleaming side of your Z Fold 3. Plus a lanyard hole allows you to attach a handy neck strap (sold separately) or a wrist strap.

A noteworthy feature of the Ringke is it’s incredibly thin at only 1.5 mm on all sides so there is literally no bulk or weight added to the Z Fold 3.

While offering decent protection the case has some likable nuances to help with looks and usability all for the price of a few cappuccinos. It’s a good choice on ‘Best Phone Cases For Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3’.

Ringke Slim Case for Galaxy Z Fold 3
Ringke Slim Case for Galaxy Z Fold 3

5. SunStory Compatible with Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 – Budget Clear TPU Case

The SunStory impresses immediately with its shockproof corners. TPU materials ensure the case doesn’t yellow, is scratch proof and abrasion proof. What I like about this case is not only is it so affordable but crystal clear protection shows off the beauty of the Z Fold 3.

Precise cutouts for the phone’s controls ensure none of the phones buttons are hidden. Simplicity is key here and SunStory boast you can continue to use your Fold 3 with one hand which I can vouch for up to a point.

The anti bump corners have an anti slip feel to help prevent you dropping it in the first place. While the case is nicely fingerprint resistant due to its TPU materials.

It has to be said the hinge which has been redesigned but is not fallible, is not protected by the Sunstory completely like the Spigen models. A further small downside is there is no pen holder for the new Samsung Z Fold 3 pen.

Best Phone Cases For Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3
Best Phone Cases For Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

6. Spigen Air Skin Designed for Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G – Budget Spigen

Coming from the reputable brand Spigen, a seamless and ultra thin fit sums up the Spigen Air Skin case. Made with TPU the case is scratch proof and fingerprint resistant. Included tape strips securely fit your Fold 3 in place. Wireless charging, USB-C compatibility and power sharing are a good standard on the Spigen allowing versatile charging options.

I liked the phantom green color which looks cool while the oval cut out around the camera lenses adds to that style. It’s available in black too in typical Spigen style. Please note there is not added protection for the hinge as with the more expensive Spigen models so be careful if you take it to the beach.

Best Phone Cases For Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3
Best Phone Cases For Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Best phone cases for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3: In Conclusion

I will endeavor to update the list of ‘Best Phone Cases For Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3’ above with regular additions. As it stands my favorite case is the Spigen Tough Armor for its incredible strength, hinge protection and the ease with which your Z Fold 3 is secured inside.

I included a durable yet simple clear case in the list which will offer protection while following Samsung’s likable axiom: ‘protect while looking good doing it’.

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