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15 Best PopSockets of Year 2020

A smartphone is easy and this statement is more relevant for clumsy people like me who keeps dropping their phone. A phone grip also known as a PopSocket has saved my phone’s life multiple times as it prevents the risk of accidental drops and makes it easier to carry your phone around. So, this time I thought to present the best PopSockets of the year 2020 that will help you save your phone from dropping time and again.

Well to some people they are utterly useless while others vouch for them as they have prolonged the life of their phones which otherwise would have been a piece of garbage by now.

There are hundreds of options out there when it comes to find out the best PopSockets but it’s a daunting task to decide which one is worth your money. To figure this out we have spent hours in research and managed to pick 15 best PopSockets of year 2020.

The list of these best PopSockets of year 2020 includes a variety of options which are backed by positive review from users across the globe.

So without any further ado check out the given below list to buy yourself the best PopSockets of year 2020 for your phone to keep it safe and take fun selfies without the fear of dropping your phone.

The Best PopSockets of Year 2020

1. PopGrip Swappable Best PopSocket 2020

PopGrip swappable PopSockets offer a firm grip over the phone to help you take better snaps, text, and watch videos hands-free.

The basic black design looks elegant and sophisticated, which is perfect for office goers; however, the interchangeable design makes it easy to change the designs considering different occasions and moods. Sticks best on plastic and otter cases and can be removed to access wireless charging feature. It’s very lightweight and doesn’t add any additional weight to the phone. It doesn’t work with silicone or highly textured phone cases. This is one of the best PopSockets of the year 2020 and that is why we have included it in the list.

best popsockets 2020

2. PopGrip Diamond-cut Best PopSocket for Phone

Next on the list of best PopSockets of year 2020 is once again from PopGrip. The interchangeable PopSockets are fun and let you explore endless colors and designs according to various occasions and moods.

It offers a firm grip for hands-free media access, can be turned into a convenient stand for binge-watching Netflix and other streaming services. Gel-based adhesive sticks well on hard cases and can be repositioned time and time again; you can also remove it while accessing wireless charging. Diamond cut designs look stylish; besides, it is available in varied color options to match or contrast with your phone case.

best popsockets 2020

3. PopSocket cum Removable Pop Wallet

A PopSocket that is also compatible with the wireless charging is like a dream come true. This is the reason we’ve included this one in our list of best PopSockets of year 2020.

The multipurpose PopSocket that is also a wallet can accommodate upto 2-3 debit or credit cards while the integrated pop grip offers secure handle over the phone to watch videos and text from a single-handedly. Besides, you can easily mount to it to your car dashboard and push the top left corner and slide right for wireless charging. Interegrangable top to swap multiple designs whenever you feel like, eliminating the need to buy multiple PopSocket for different occasions. It is widely available in multiple color options for a minimal cost of $24.99.

best popsockets 2020

4. Pressed Flower Larkspur Best PopSocket of Year 2020

Progrip features a real flower in each of its PopSockets, so the design may vary from one in the picture. These beautiful PopSockets are compatible with PopWallet, Otte Pop cases, PopPower Home Wireless Charger, and PopMounts making them one of the best on our list of best PopSockets of year 2020.

You can change the top as per your licking without requiring to buy a new PopSocket that will help you save a few bucks. These can be paired with any hard base case, or you can stick them to the base of your phone; however, they are not compatible with iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max without a suitable case.

best popsockets 2020

5. Ricky and Morty Collapsible Grip & Stand for Phones and Tablets

PopSocket is known for designing funky PopGrips and no funk can be complete without Rick and Morty the masters of mischief and multiverse.

This Rick and Morty themed PopSocket is personally my favorite on the list of best PopSockets of year 2020. This best PopSocket is equipped with an advanced reusable adhesive that’s is washable and repositionable and sticks to lot devices regardless of size. Besides, it includes and additional adhesive disc to pair it with the glass back phones and cases. Widely available in a broad range of styles and materials.

best popsockets 2020

6. PopSockets Expanding Stand and Grip with Swappable Top 

The best thing about these PopSockets is that their top can be swapped for as many times as you want. You can also use them as a phone stand to watch the videos to keep your hands free. You can easily reposition it according to your preference; besides, it is compatible with wireless charging.

The marbled design looks beautiful in hands while you are holding the phone and this is the reason we have included it in our list of best PopSockets of year 2020.

best popsockets 2020

7. Paper Flower Top Design PopSocket for Phone

Blooming paper flower imprinted on the PopSocket looks very cute in hands. The adhesive on the back is repositionable and adheres to most devices and housings.

You can pair it with the device of your choice and enjoy handsfree texting, video watching, and take snaps single-handedly. When you’re done, it collapses flat and lets you carry the phone easily inside your pocket without any obstruction. The product includes a special adhesive disc for attaching your grip directly to a glass-backed phone.

best popsockets 2020

8. Galaxy-themed Best PopSocket 2020

This beautiful PopSockets makes it easy to text using a single hand, take better photos besides, it also prevents accidental dropping off the phone.

This phone accessory makes holding your phone easy just expand to solve the purpose and lay it flat when done. Turn it into a stand to binge-watch Netflix in the comfort of your bed. Choose any design of your choice that represents your personality to make a statement among your friends. The design makes it one of the best PopSockets of year 2020.

best popsockets 2020

9. Star Wars themed Baby Yoda PopSocket

If you are a Star Wars fan like me this one is a must-have for you after all who doesn’t love cute Yoda. The innovative gel adhesive even works on glass-backed phones for added convenience.

You can swap the top whenever you feel like considering your different moods. Expand the PopGrip whenever you want to take pictures or watch videos and collapse it when you are done. The manufacturer offers 3 years warranty on each product to its users. This is definitely one of the top contender in our list of best PopSockets of year 2020.

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best popsockets 2020

10. Interchagebale and Repositionale PopSocket for Phone

PopSockets cum wallets are a safe way to carry your phone and cards around wherever you go. Push the upper left corner and slide it to the right to remove it for accessing the wireless charging feature.

The integrated wallet can contain up to 3 credit cards or 6 business cards, depending upon the thickness of the card. Besides, the PopSockets make it easy to click cool selfies and watch videos wherever you want. If you get bored and feel like changing the design, you won’t have to buy a new one; just change the top of this existing PopSocket, and you are good to go.

best popsockets 2020

11. Luna Interchagebale Best PopSocket of Year 2020

The best PopSocket for your phone in 2020 works as a handy stand, so you can watch videos while on the go or traveling in a metro.

The tiny moon looks pretty in hands and prevents the accidental drop of the phone from your hands. Repositionable gel adheres to the most surfaces and can be removed when trying to acess while charging feature of your phone. All this for a minimal price of $9.99 and that is why you are seeing this one in our list of best PopSockets of year 2020.

best popsockets 2020

12. Lemon Drop Cute Best PopSocket

This funky looking color pop PopSocket is eye candy for people fascinated by bright colors. However, you can swap the top with something more sophisticated when going for conferences and business meetings to make a statement.

PopSocket is such a useful accessory to make your life ten times easier. Just Expand the PopSocket whenever you want to watch videos while sitting in a park and use it as a stand while watching a recipe video in the kitchen so that you can continue cooking. It also includes a limited warranty for some extra peace of mind and all the reasons makes it one of the best PopSockets of year 2020.

best popsockets 2020

13. Colorpop Best PopSocket 2020

The multicolored printed graphic with a glossy finish is a funky PopSocket for millennials. It looks stylish in hands and prevents the risk of hone falling off from your hands. It is compatible with PopWallet, Otter, and Pop cases, and PopPower homes wireless charger. It sticks well to hard surfaces however silicone and glass cases are to be avoided. It is also secured with a limited lifetime warranty to enhance user trust. What else you need from one of the best PopSockets of year 2020.

best popsockets 2020

14. PopSockets Pro Grips with Lip Balm

Cutesy PopSocket is filled with a natural lip balm making this one ladies favourite. The strawberry lip balm, made with vitamin E and beeswax PopSocket is a treat for someone looking for more than just a PopSocket. This best PopSocket is very comfortable and fulfils various roles to make your lives a little better.

The best thing is that you can always swap the top whenever you feel the for need something fun or classy without requiring to buy a brand new PopSocket thus, saving a few bucks. There are variants available such as watermelon, vanilla, and raspberry for these PopSockets you can choose the one according to your liking.

best popsockets 2020

15. Gold Prana Zen Family PopSocket

The aesthetic design of this PopSocket brings peace to your mind the moment you look at it. I like it the most and has gifted this to many of my friends and family members and gladly all of them liked it.

It is also available in white color but I personally like the black one better. It offers a firm grip over the phone to keeps it safe. Besides, it makes watching videos and texting easy without requiring both hands, so you can continue doing other activities. This is definitely one of the best PopSockets of year 2020.

best popsockets 2020

I hope this post will assist you in choosing the best PopSockets of year 2020. If you have more suggestions feel free to share those names in the comment section below we ill include them on our list of best PopSockets of year 2020. Also, let us know which you liked the most from our list of best PopSockets of year 2020 for your phone.

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