Samsung recently unveiled one of its costliest phones for $2000, featuring an innovative and futuristic design. A phone with a tablet-sized screen has grabbed many eyeballs and took many by surprise. Putting aside some minor issues so far, Galaxy Fold has been a success. Great responsibility comes with such expensive phones and you should invest in some of the best Samsung Galaxy Fold cases and covers. Though, there are not many because of its foldable design but some third party manufactures came with best cases for Samsung Galaxy Fold.

So, let’s not waste any time further, find out some of the best Samsung Galaxy Fold cases to keep your expensive foldable phone safe.

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The Best Samsung Galaxy Fold Cases and Covers

1. Spigen Best Samsung Galaxy Fold Case

Spigen is a famous brand known for designing premium quality accessories for the latest gadgets. They were the first ones to come up with an innovative protective case for the latest unique Samsung Galaxy Fold. Spigen thin fit case features a durable polycarbonate body that easily clips on to your phone and prevents scratches. Precise cutouts offer absolute coverage while maintaining a slim profile.

A built-in non-slip pad on the surface provides a firm grip while ensuring that your phone won’t slide off from your hands. Cut open buttons to provide easy access to functionalities. With a  0.10 mm thickness, this best Samsung Galaxy Fold case does not require to be removed when accessing wireless charging. Besides, the thin and lightweight case is available in varied colors, including blue, green, satin silver, and matte black. All these features makes it surely a deserving candidate in our list of best Samsung Galaxy Fold cases and covers.

best samsung galaxy fold cases

2. UAG Monarch Rugged Best Case for Samsung Galaxy Fold 

If you are looking for a phone case that will offer uncompromised safety to your Samsung Galaxy Fold, then UAG monarch is what you might need. This one is surely the toughest and the best Samsung Galaxy Fold cases available right now in the market.

The MIL tested case is designed to ensuring that the most precious and vulnerable area is safe, and while open, the spine becomes a hand-hold, which makes using the unfolded phone a lot easier. The honeycomb pattern is waterproof and prompts a secure grip preventing the risk of accidental sliding of the phone from hands.

The design of this best case for Samsung Galaxy Fold features a soft felt-lined interior with hinge protection to ensure the overall security of your expensive phone. Easy access to buttons and ports followed by the convenience of wireless charging without requiring to remove the case. On the downside, the inbuilt spine protection makes it impossible to lay the phone flat on the surface.

best samsung galaxy fold cases

3. Official Samsung Galaxy Fold Case

There’s no one better than Samsung itself when it comes to designing the best Galaxy Fold cases and covers. However, their range is not huge, but it does include this gorgeous leather case and definitely deserves a mention in our list of best Samsung Galaxy Fold cases. The stylish looking elegant case is handcrafted from genuine Italian calf leather giving it a soft touch. A soft microfiber lining on the inside keeps your phone protected against bumps, drops, and scratches.

The elegant and stylish Samsung Galaxy Fold cover offers easy access to your phone screen, letting you use your Galaxy Fold’s key features and camera. Its sleek design provides a firm and comfortable grip. On the downside, it is a little expensive and does not cover the spine leaving that vulnerable unprotected. But if you don’t mind the hefty price tag, Samsung’s cover offers excellent protection and style.

best samsung galaxy fold cases

4. Newyork Cellphone Best Leather Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy Fold

The wallet cum phone case by Reiko is exclusively designed for Galaxy Fold, making it on the best Samsung Galaxy Fold cases and covers. Integrated pockets on the inside let you keep a couple of credit cards and some cash while the protective case safeguards your phone against scratches and scrapes.

This best Samsung Galaxy Fold leather wallet case is crafted from pure leather material that feels smooth in hands, and the authenticity of the product provides an exquisite feel like no other case available. Besides, this is one of the best Samsung Galaxy Fold cases that can be strapped onto your belt using the belt clip. The phone remains intact inside the cover with a magnetic top closure.

best samsung galaxy fold cases

5. Spigen Tough Armor Best Samsung Galaxy Fold Case

If you are among the users who don’t leave any chance to luck when it comes to the safety of their phone, then Spigen tough armor case is what you might need. This best Samsung Galaxy Fold case features both TPU and polycarbonate materials to offer you the best of both worlds.

The hybrid case is designed to withstand drops, shock, and scratches. Built-in spine protection ensures that extra security required for your Galaxy fold. Raised lips for additional protection of the camera and display followed by precise cutouts for seamless access to button and charging port. Slim and lightweight design for comfortable handling works perfectly with wireless charging. Available in 4 vibrant color options matte black, silver, green and blue, respectively. There are lots of color options also available in this best Samsung Galaxy Fold cases.

best samsung galaxy fold cases

6. Spigen Ultra Hybrid Samsung Galaxy Fold Transparent Case

Last but not least, on the list of best Samsung Galaxy Fold cases and covers is once again a transparent case by Spigen. The protective case does not require you to compromise with the style while ensuring the safety of your phone. Spigen transparent case is exclusively designed for the users who love to showcase the original design of their phone.

This best Samsung Galaxy Fold case is a viable option to safeguard your phone against accidental drops, shocks, and scratches. Raised bezels to protects the camera lens and display from surface contact. Perfectly aligned cutouts provide seamless access to buttons and other essential functionalities. Foldable design for maximum convenience.


The best Samsung Galaxy Fold cases and covers are limited in numbers pertaining to the unique design of the phone. We have only included the case that is foldable and let you get the best of your latest gizmo.

If you have any more recommendations feel free to mention those, also let us know which of the following best Samsung Galaxy Fold cases and covers you liked from the given list in the comment section below.

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