Best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Cases

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip represents a new era for foldable smartphones, offering a device of convenient size which offers its users all the nostalgia of old clamshell flip-phones, though with latest technology. But as you flip open and satisfyingly close your brand-new technological marvel, you might want to take care of your desirable Z Flip with an extra layer of protection.

The best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip cases will firstly be great at protecting your phone and be well built. After that several different nuances may sway your choice depending on what’s important for you. Are looks important to you? Perhaps you prefer a clear case? A lanyard or clip case may prevent you dropping the phone in the first place. Do you like space for cards and perhaps some cash? Looks, functionality, value for money are a few of the nuances, considered, when compiling the updated, ‘Best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Cases,’ so don’t flip the page until the end.

1. Ringke Slim Clear PC Protective Cover with Non-Slip Pads

Ringke is a company that is gaining a reputation for great cases and I’ve tested them before and enjoyed their usability and overall toughness. Usually at the top of the tech ladder, the Slim Clear case for the Z Flip is no different. Micro-dot matrix technology adds an, ‘anti grip’ surface to the case. This prevents unwanted dust and grime from staining your case. The option to attach a lanyard is a nice touch and looks the part – no frayed edges here. There’s a well built feel which shows the company’s attention to detail.

If you like clear cases the Ringke for you. The case also comes in black which looks stylish. However, avoid the purple which looks garish. With a width of inly 1.2 mm this case feels as if it’s hardly there.

Best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Cases
Best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Cases

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2. Spigen Tough Armor Designed for Galaxy Z Flip – Charge With the Case On

First on the list, is a thicker case that feels sturdy in your hand from one of the best case designers for phones: Spigen. A combination of TPU and polycarbonate, the case offers dual-protection from sudden drops or scratches. It’s tough, and beyond the shock-proof exterior it shields the screen with raised lips to protect the glass and camera from any inopportune scratches.

Best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Cases
Best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Cases

Additionally, the case offers button cut-outs that are precise making the buttons easy to press. Perfect for any outdoor hiking getaway as the air-cushion technology gives anti-shock protection from bumps or drops. It also maintains the charging feature offered with the phone that allows you to charge without taking the case off which I liked.

With all the durability, the Spigen Tough Armor still comes in a compact and convenient design, offering all the strength of a thick case with a pocket-friendly size. The gun metal color is pretty cool too.

Spigen Tough Armor Designed for Galaxy Z Flip Case
Spigen Tough Armor Designed for Galaxy Z Flip Case

3. Spigen Thin Fit Designed for Galaxy Z Flip Case 

Another sturdy design by Spigen, this case offers a polycarbonate material to make it scratch-resistant and pocket-friendly. With precise cut-outs for buttons this case is optimized for quick accessibility in line with the manufacturer’s original intent. In addition, the slim design of the case overall makes the application and removal of it nearly effortless and especially quick.

Adamant to ensure all features and easy access for the phone, this case keeps everything protected and keeps all features like clear speakers and wireless charging. It’s a little less tough than it’s big bro, the Spigen Tough Amor. However, the Thin Fit is slimmer and less impinging on pocket space. A cool customer.

Best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Cases
Spigen Thin Fit Designed for Galaxy Z Flip Case

Made from TPU and Polycarbonate ensuring protection from scratches, the Spigen Thin Fit comes in bronze or black colors which are a bit limited in choice, though a sure fit for the Galaxy Flip.

Spigen Thin Fit Case For Galaaxy Z Flip
Spigen Thin Fit Case For Galaaxy Z Flip

4. VVUPIC Rugged Shockproof Clear Case For Z Flip -  Budget, Clear, Rugged

A crystal clear and versatile design, this case by VVUPIC offers a solid polycarbonate exterior with a rugged shook-proof cover, I’m loving this case. Protective against scratches, drops or bumps, while also being lightweight, this tactile case gives great visibility of your Flip phone in all it’s glory. I dropped this case and phone from waist height and it simply landed on concrete with a gentle thud.

Included with double-side lanyard holes this case could practically make your phone a key-chain or, just hang from your bag, belt loop, or around your wrist for added grip.

With edge-coated technology this fully-protected and fully visible case is a great way to display your new phone while keeping your investment safe.

Best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Cases
Best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Cases – Clear Case

5. Nakedcellphone, Black, Vegan Leather Vertical Pouch – Belt Case

Returning to the original flip-phone era, this belt-loop/metal clip case allows for all the peace of mind in knowing where you phone is at all times—on your belt (unless you took it out and left it in a drawer); plus if you like keeping your Galaxy Z Flip concealed, though easily at hand, a belt case is a good idea.

Crafted with vegan leather and a rugged nylon trim this case keeps the phone protected and your pockets free of the weight of a phone which some people prefer.

A fixed metal clip clings the case to your belt or waistband and offers low profile security. In addition, a rear sleeve/loop can be used to thread through the belt for additional stability when unclasping and re-clasping your case. A motion made easy and accessible through a magnetic seal that keeps the case closed and secure. An interesting, alternative, budget option.

Best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Cases
Best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Cases – Pouch Style

6. Miimall Compatible with Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Case -  Thin Slim Clear Hard PC Scratch Resistant Bumper Cover Case

A thin, clear case of intelligent design, the Miimall offers ease of access and additional protection while also showing off the Z Flip’s lines and hues. Made of a durable hard PC material—the case is sturdy, scratch resistant, shock absorbent and, most importantly, crystal-clear. Additionally, the raised edges of the case protect the screen and camera against any scratches that might occur when the phone is placed facedown, dropped or dragged. Simple, effective and budget wise.

However, this case despite being great on paper failed my drop test. A crack appeared after a drop on concrete from waist high, though the phone remained intact which is the primary goal. That being said, it comes compatible with the wireless charging features while still offering a non-yellowing sealant. If yours cracks like mine Miimall offer a one year guarantee so you won’t be the loser.

If you love the aesthetic of your brand- new Galaxy Z Flip and don’t want that diminished by the look of an overbearing case, this might be the choice for you.

Galaxy Z Flip Case, Thin Slim Clear Hard PC Scratch Resistant Bumper Cover Case
Galaxy Z Flip Case, Thin Slim Clear Hard PC Scratch Resistant Bumper Cover Case

7. KEZiHOME Genuine Leather Samsung Z Flip Case, Minimalist Ultra-Thin, Durable Protective Phone Case

An intuitive design of genuine leather, this case offers the durability of larger cases and convenience of easy-to-hold grips while still slipping comfortably in and out of your pocket. With an excellent grip made of sleek textures, the case was also created with precise cut-outs—giving you seamless access to all charging ports, buttons and exterior features. The case look says sheer refinement. however I suggest staying away from the yellow design which looks way to 70’s.

Lightweight, while still maintaining protective features from scratches, bumps, or daily wear and tear. However, there are more protective cases on this list with leather not coming with anti drop TPU bumpers or the like.

KEZiHOME promises an unconditional refund or resend on the product with regards to any quality issues or defective feature. A good choice in my list of Best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Cases.

Genuine Leather Samsung Z Flip Case,
Best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Cases – Genuine Leather Samsung Z Flip Case,

8. BELTRON Case with Clip for Galaxy Z Flip, Z Flip 5G -  Rotating Belt Holster Combo and Built in Kickstand

An all-in-one case designed for the Galaxy Z Flip, the BELTRON offers a full-sheath snap-on protective case and belt-clip combination. Designed with a super-slim profile, rubberized grip finish and open cutouts for easy access to all the phone’s primary functions—this case really has it all in mind. Durable, while also lightweight, this case is ready for active environments and on-the-go for professionals nationwide.

Securely holster and un-holster your phone for convenient use, while also being able rotate the clip to accommodate both left and right-handed orientations. This case was designed with a flexible, yet resistant, polycarbonate to keep the phone safe while allowing for access to immediate features quickly. Not to mention the case comes with a built-in kickstand for the ultimate hands-free viewing solution.

Trusted by Police, Fire, and EMS agencies BELTRON offers a worry-free promise with its one-year satisfaction guarantee.

Best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Cases
Best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Cases

9. Kqimi Case for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip [Ultra-Thin] Premium Material Slim Full Protection Cover – Best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Cases

Comprised of a special skin-protection design and colored luxuriously, the Kqimi case offers protection and style. Created ultra-thin to maintain comfort and convenience, this case is also made of a high-quality PC material, that, while capable of enduring drops and excessive vibrations—it also includes good thermal conductivity, allowing the quick dispersal of heat often generated by the use of any phone.

Best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Cases
Best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Cases

While appearing beautiful in its sleek shading and coloration, this case also gives access to all ports, buttons and provides use for any primary features sought after in the Galaxy Z Flip. Not to mention, a great warranty to refund or resend the item should you not be satisfied with the results. Though, with its beautiful aesthetic and compact design, you probably will be.

Best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Cases
Best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Cases

10. Mickey Mouse Edition Genuine Leather Shell Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip – Best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Cases

Designed with a thick plastic shell and leather backing, this case offers a beautiful style and merry Disney aesthetic to the Galaxy Z Flip. Offered in multiple leather colors but designed with real leather, this case is durable yet surprisingly lightweight. Able to fit comfortable in your pocket with full access to buttons cameras and a raised lip to protect the screen, this case has everything you might need to keep your phone safe.

With a variety of color designs and themes, this is a fully efficient case with a friendly disposition allowing for safety and convenience. And, who wouldn’t love those famous mouse ears adorning the exterior?

Mickey Mouse Edition Genuine Leather Shell Protective Cover Case for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
Mickey Mouse Edition Genuine Leather Shell Protective Cover Case for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

11. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip/Z Flip 5G Case – Disney Colorful Mickey Mouse Ultra-Thin, Protective Polycarbonate Case

A fun design featuring everyone’s favorite mouse, this artfully crafted case is made of a high-quality polycarbonate material that protects it from damages often associated with drops, bumps, or shocks and still fits comfortably in your purse or pocket. A fun choice in my list of Best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Cases.

Lightweight, durable, with easy access to camera, speakers and extra ports this phone has everything you would need from a protective standpoint—and, also comes with personalized patterns to really make it your own. Adorned with a lovely, vibrant, and colorful Mickey Mouse/Disney logo, this case is fun, bright and a great gift for a teen or child.

Mickey Mouse Edition Genuine Leather Shell Protective Cover Case for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
Mickey Mouse Edition Genuine Leather Shell Protective Cover Case for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip


The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is a truly revolutionary phone and a great looking phone. As with all good investments, it’s better looked after when protected. In order to get the most longevity from your brilliant new device, any of these cases would make for a great add-on. Whether looking for aesthetic, durability or cost effectiveness—something is very often better than nothing. I do like the Spigen Thin fit for a mix of toughness and usability as it’s pocket friendly,

Which case for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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