11 Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Cases

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 was recently unveiled to the world and ever since it has gathered lots of positive feedback. If you have bought a Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, you will be probably be looking for protection so your investment will last. In this article, you will find a list of ’11 Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Cases (Updated)’ for your personal requirements and that are efficient at the number one goal: to protect your device against all kinds of scratches and breakage.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 will need a case as unique as the product to keep it safe. Your personal preference may be for a case that will stand up to the rigors of outdoor activities such as hiking. It may be a case that has pockets for important cards or it could be case simply with a great look to lift your day. As promised The Device Store brings you an update including a wireless charging case with a flexible kickstand. I am still searching in vain for a waterproof case to review, though I’ll keep looking.

The market is flooded with multiple cases and covers claiming to be best, but choosing the best one among them can be a daunting task. Without further delay lets begin with our list of Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 cases for 2021.

1. Spigen Slim Armor Pro Case Designed for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

The Spigen Slim Armor Pro has been designed in partnership with Samsung which straight away gets my attention. Immediately you can tell it’s been well engineered; the look says I’m totally safe. Different layers of clever protective features underpin that claim. Extreme impact foam and air cushion tech in four corners protect from all kinds of impacts.

The matte finish prevents any, easy lack of grip and looks the part, helping the feel of the case to be neither too soft or hard. The case is easy to install in two parts, quickly clicking together, while a raised lip protects lenses and the screen if you lay it down flat. Below is the official photo. Head over to Amazon to see prices. They also have a handy video about installing your case.

Spigen Slim Armor Pro
Spigen Slim Armor Pro – 11 Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Cases

2. Spigen Thin Fit Designed for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Case – Tough Yet Not Cumbersome in Your Pocket

The Thin Fit, is a thin case that keeps your device lightweight and slim enough to fit in most pockets. Note that since it is a slimmer case, it doesn’t provide as much protection as some on this list. But it gets the job done for typical every day usage and helps your Z Fold 2 fit stay in one piece if it slips on to the sidewalk. I dropped it on solid concrete, making sure the case was secure and the phone landed with a gentle thud. No damage done.

It’s a worthy choice for its convenience, while being well built. A solid choice on our list of ’11 Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Cases’. However, this case does not support wireless charging while the phone is open which can be an issue for some.

It does support a magnetic car mount because it has a QNMP compatible slot. Additionally, Spigen recommends an OEM USB-C charging cable since larger, 3rd party chargers may not fit within the case.

12 Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Cases, 2021
11 Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Cases (Updated)

The case allows you to access all ports and buttons for quick accessibility. And it comes in either stunning bronze or black (in matching colors with your device). This case costs the price of a week’s cappuccinos so an all round no brainer for the budget conscious.

Below is the official photo though I suggest opting for matching colors of phone and case to avoid looking like the business man wearing white socks. A surrounding raised edge will allow you to place your phone down on a flat surface without getting scratches. Made from Polycarbonate, which is a strong, tough material, (read about PC here) the case is a simple yet highly functional case that supports wireless charging.

11 Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Cases, 2021
11 Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Cases (Updated)

3.Spigen Tough Armor Designed for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Case – The Tough Option

Looking for a drop-proof, tried and tested secure case for your Fold 2? The Spigen Armor Gear Galaxy Fold case has a high level of security for your phone. In fact, it’s drop tested to ensure safety and is made of TPU (TPU has a strong resistance to oil, grease and abrasion – read more )and Polycarbonate. This is a good, tough case in ’11 Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Cases’.

The case contains hinge protection as well, so whether your device is folded or left open, rest assured that it will be secure. Spigen Armor gear guarantees easy access to your touchscreen and ports.

However, this option is only available in black and it does cost more than cases higher up on our list of ’11 Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Cases (Updated)’. However, it works with seamless efficiency when folding over and over again, and is easy to clip on which is a bonus. As you can see the all round fit is a little chunkier than the Spigen Slim Fit, though it’s still good looking and functional and not too cumbersome.

Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Cases
11 Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Cases (Updated)

4. CCSamll Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Slim Armor Case  Kick-Stand, Wireless Charging

With a hard PC bumper and a raised edges above the phone lens, you can rest assured your investment will be safe from scratches and bumps, should that unlucky drop occur. Made from made of high quality PC + PU leather the case is not only tough yet light it looks pretty cool too. Coming in 6 colors the case company offers choices to brighten your day.

The responsive and tough feeling kickstand – I loved. It bends to the angle you need for watching movies in a cafe or on a table at home. Another impressive feature is its electroplating which protect buttons with aplomb. A back mirror is perfect for preparing your selfie. However, be warned when you close the case the magnet can be seen when the case lights up which I found a small annoyance and nothing more. The kickstand outweighs this issue for me.

Best Z Fold 2 Kickstand Case
Best Z Fold 2 Kickstand Case – 11 Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Cases (Updated)

5. Dome Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Z fold 2 – Full Tempered Glass Shield with Liquid Dispersion Tech

I digress here; when purchasing a protective case for your Galaxy Z Fold 2, you should also invest in a screen protector. This one is a full tempered glass shield and includes an easy to install kit. The kit includes an install frame and UV curing light. You will need to take your time and follow instructions to install it correctly.

The screen protector is dust-free, fingerprint-free, and when installed correctly, bubble free. It covers your entire screen and is ultra-clear high definition and transparency.

However, this only comes in a one pack and costs two weeks of cappuccinos at your local bistro. And it has mixed reviews, with an average of 3.6 stars. Some reviewers love the protection it provides, while others say the price tag is too much. Reviewers say it does take time and patience to install, and if you mess it up the protector may not be as effective. However, most say that putting in the initial time to install it correctly is worth it.

Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Cases
11 Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Cases (Updated)

6. Cavor Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Genuine Leather Case with Card Holder – Orange

I like the way the leather case fits securely in place, leaving the back of the back of the Galaxy Z Fold 2’s hinge with the Samsung name showing. The leather is real and looks stylish while protecting your Samsung Galaxy from bumps and scratches. There is something inherently stylish about this case that tells people you like the finer things in life.

The handy pocket on the front is an ideal shape for holding your train card or bus card: a nice gift for a loved one who has just taken hold of this coveted Fold 2. There are no customer reviews yet of this useful case. Feel free to leave a review below. The leather naturally has a lip that sits above lenses and the screen, protecting them when you lay it on flat surfaces.

Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Cases
11 Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Cases (Updated)

7. Case for Galaxy Z Fold 2, Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G Case – Luxury Shockproof Premium Genuine Leather Hard Case Cover

This stylish case covers both fashion and protection wants at a decent price. It’s shockproof, waterproof, and scratch-resistant, but also made of premium genuine leather – a gem. It has precise cutouts for all ports including your power button, microphone and camera.

The leather case is made of premium leather, so it’s durable and long lasting. It also will easily protect from scratches, chips and bumps which keeps your phone looking new for longer.

Choose this option if you’re looking for stylish option, that you won’t mind peeking out of your waist coat’s breast pocket. It offers eight different colored leather patterns including brown, grey, red, and striped. And one of the cheapest options on this list, the Aikukiki case only costs little in comparison to others. However, it’s a newer item and doesn’t have any reviews yet – I’m not sure if your younger brother or sister will desire this design – perhaps its for the older customer. Why not be the first to try it out and leave feedback?

11 Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Cases
Premium Genuine Leather, Hard Case Cover – 11 Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Cases (Updated)

8. UPANV Case Compatible for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G – 11 Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Cases

Choose this option for an adorable, yet protective Galaxy Z Fold 2 case. It comes in six colors and patterns with cute figurines like small bunnies, cats and llamas. However, the characters are overlaid on a transparent, clear background so you still see the color of your glimmering new phone through the case.

For protection, it offers a corner-protected, drop-proof design ideal for a youngster who is likely to drop it on a regular basis. It’s made of hard PC material to protect against falls and is splash proof, shockproof and dust proof. It can also be washed to keep the design bright and new.

Weighing only 30 grams, it’s incredibly lightweight yet still provides protection. The UPANV case is easy to install and will not damage the phone in installation. UPANV also offers customer service available at any time. This case has an average price of many cases in my updated  list of  best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 cases.

Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Cases
UPANV Case Compatible for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G

9. UPANV Phone Case for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G, Leather Case

UPANV also makes a simple case with seven solid leather color options including white, brown, black and green. The leather design is made of slim PU leather which is waterproof and anti-scratch, and the leather features a crocodile pattern.

Like many Galaxy Z Fold 2 cases, this one has precise cutouts for full access to your ports, camera and buttons. So, you won’t have to remove the case to charge your phone. It’s easy to install, fits snug, and won’t fall off easily. The corners have a raised edge for maximum drop protection.

This sleek leather Galaxy Z Fold 2 case costs a cup of coffee or two more than the average on this list and is currently in stock for global delivery.

11 Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Cases, 2021
UPANV Phone Case for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G -  Leather Case Cover

10. YSWY- 2020 New Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G Phone Case Scratch-Resistant Protective Case – 11 Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Cases (Updated)

This hard clear case fits like a glove around your Galaxy Z Fold 2. The clear design means you’ll still be able to look at every handsome curve and hue of your new Z Fold 2, lovingly. The back cameras are protected with a slight raised thickness of the case and the same goes for the screen. The matte feel of the case also means your new Samsung will be harder to drop.

The overall design will keep your Galaxy fold safe from knocks. Should you want a variation on the look you may plump for red, blue, black or gold.

11 Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Cases
11 Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Cases, 2021

11. lnziyea Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Case – Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Cases

The Inziyea case is scratch resistant and lightweight. It only weighs 1.44 ounces. It’s also pocket friendly for easily travel. However, unlike our last option, this case is designed to work with wireless charging and support third party charging cables – if that’s your bag.

The colors come in red or black, and the manufacturer uses traditional Chinese coloring processes to give you vibrant, authentic colors.

This case only has one Amazon rating, but according to that customer, it’s worth 5 stars. I can back that up. Prices for the Inziyea Galaxy Fold 2 case start at the equivalent coffee or two more than the number one choice.

11 Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Cases
lnziyea Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Case


There are several great options for protecting your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 if not ’11 Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Cases, ‘. You can find a case to meet your needs above and taste for any budget; the good news all of them are very affordable when you think of the risk of not protecting your Z Fold 2.

For the budget conscious, the cheapest option on our list is the Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G Case, Luxury Shockproof Premium, Genuine Leather Hard Case which ticks a wide range of boxes and could be your answer. On the other hand, if you’re very concerned about protecting your device, with ultimate shock proof technology, then you could plump for the cool, Polycarbonate Spigen armor case. Personally I like protection and a kickstand so check out number 4.

I hope you found our research enlightening on, ’11 Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Cases’. The modern marvel of a phone should be protected to save you regret after it’s fallen from your grasp and become damaged on the floor – heaven forbid; good luck in making your choice.

Which’s your favorite Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 case? Let us know in the comments below.

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