Best Samsung S20 LED Cases


The Samsung S20 is attracting many plaudits since its launch, which is not surprising considering special features the Samsung tech team have come up with. Technical advances allow your case to look good and even display your phone’s information on your case with LED lights. ‘The Best Samsung S20 LED Cases’ tries to uncover the case that fits your requirements.

‘Protect your phone but look good doing it’ is Samsung’s tag line when describing their new range of LED protective cases so good looks are important but what else? You may want a case that allows you to perform extensive tasks without removing it such as playing music with a swipe or making calls.

You may want a case that simply tells you your battery level and time in LED lights where the emphasis is more on protection. That is why we have tested some of the best Samsung cases for those who want to protect their large investment and utilize LED technology.

If you have already bought the Galaxy S20 now is the time to rwead ‘Best Samsung S20 LED Cases’. All of the following cases are available worldwide and fit the S20’s large 6.2″, HDR10+ certified, AMOLED 2X display. We have also included a few cases for the S20 Ultra to help your protect your flagship phone with exciting new designs.

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So, without further ado let us help you buy the best Samsung Galaxy S20 LED cases to help you protect your phone and look sharp doing exactly that.

1. Samsung Galaxy S20 Case, Official S-View Flip Cover (Black) – Best Samsung S20 LED Cases

Designed to protect your phone as a priority, this case shields your phone on all sides. The front flap protects your screen from scratches while its in your pocket or bag while the back securely protects the back of the phone. The black case does not interfere with the slender and cool look, keeping your phone looking slender and modern.

This case is not just about protection, sync it with your phone to add a userbility extension to your great S20. Amazingly, you can answer calls with a swipe. You’ll be alerted to an incoming call or message by a fancy LED icon. This is the reason we have chose this case as the number one in the list of Best Samsung S20 LED Cases.

The great fiunctionality does not stop there: select your music by touching and swiping, without opening the case. Read information by LED lights such as the time and date on the neat, vertical interface. The case will soon be easy to get used to will become a  modern sync feature you won’t want to do without, probably after only a week of use.

Black, gray and bright blue, all look great on the S20. The subtle Patterned front screen prevents diffused reflection for a superior view experience.

For the enhancements the case offers to your S20 phone, this official case is well worth buying.

Best Samsung S20 LED Cases
Best Samsung S20 LED Cases – Flip

2. Samsung Original Galaxy S20+ 5G LED View Cover/Mobile Phone Case – Black – Best Samsung S20 LED Cases

This original S20 phone case offers secure front, side and back protection and snaps on to you phone easily. It  doubles up nicely as a card wallet. Simply open and slide in a bank or travel card into the inner pocket for useful storage.

The LED lights appear on the front in easy to see letters and numbers keeping you on the pulse of important information such as the time and battery level. A fancy feature of this must of a case is the sync with the phone which allows you do simple tasks without opening the case. Swipe and touch for your song mix plays and answer incoming calls; all features which will make your friends envious – until they get one too.

A subtle pattern helps your phone look good while your phone is protected.  Coming in light blue, white gray and black and pink there’s a shade for everyone. Light blue was a great choice while black looks stylish.

The good news is you can rely on the durability of this tough and clever case. And with a one-year warrantee, you can rest assured this LED case won’t be a poor investment.

Samsung Original Galaxy S20+ 5G LED View Cover/Mobile Phone Case - Black
Samsung Original Galaxy S20+ 5G LED View Cover/Mobile Phone Case – Black

3. Samsung Original Galaxy S20+ 5G LED Cover/Mobile Phone Case in Black

The changing lights on the back of this case twinkle like a galaxy of relaxing stars giving a unique appearance. Handy moving LED lights also appear as icons when you have notifications such as a message or a call. Being software driven updates can change the performance over time which is an eye popping feature if you are used to a simple plastic snap on. A worthy choice in our list of Best Samsung S20 LED Cases/

The photo count down, appearing as LED on the back of the case is a useful and special feature, which will excite selfie fans.now you’ll know when to get your pose just right. This is a genuine Samsung original smartphone cover so that says reliability and good protection. It offers good protection to the sides, edges and back. Not only that, this ingenious case comes with a reassuring one-year warranty.

Best Samsung S20 LED Cases
Best Samsung S20 LED Cases


4. Samsung Galaxy S20 Case, Protective Smart LED Back Cover (Gray) – Best Samsung S20 LED Cases

The one-piece snap on protective hard shell provides long lasting protection, with a one-year warrantee which is a reassuring bonus when you buy. Compatible with wireless charging, the case is clearly focused on utilizing the latest tech special features, while sticking to a main job, namely protection.

While feeling strong and durable to touch, Samsung owners will be glad to read this case is also lightweight. As far as ‘protecting your phone while looking good’ this S20 phone case does exactly that. Mood Lighting offers a relaxing feel when you turn your GS20 over on its front and is a cool feature you will end up gazing at in admiration.

The LED Back Cover lights fade in and out as twinkling stars. Photo lovers can opt for the photo countdown which is a great feature. This lovely option, offering imperative protection allows many functions to be utilized without opening the case. It is soon set to be a an accessory which will be as common and as widely used as earplugs, in my opinion.

Best Samsung S20 Phone LED Cases
Samsung Galaxy S20 Case, Protective Smart LED Back Cover (Gray)

5. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Case, Protective Smart LED – Black – Best Samsung S20 LED Cases

The S20 Ultra has a giant 6.9 inches screen and you’ll need top quality protection to keep your larger than usual investment safe from scratches and unwanted marks.

The good news, is this offers great protection and more super features, the world of LED cases brings nowadays. A primary feature that makes this case a great buy is it syncs your phone’s notifications with your new case so you’ll get some great functions without opening your case.

Photo lovers will be highly impressed with the countdown feature, where your case will display neat LED light, numbers that countdown from three while you get your pose ready for your latest shot. That’s one of many smaart features this case can deliver. Answer calls, select your favorite music and more with this LED marvel.

The LED ‘mood’ lighting is a lovely touch. The back of your phone comes alive with tiny LED lights, like a galaxy of stars which are pleasant to watch for several seconds as phone is placed screen downward, with the back of the case upward. The affect becomes quite hypnotic and is certainly a conversation starter. A great option to buy in our list ofBest Samsung S20 LED Cases.

Samsung Galaxy S20Ultra (S20 Ultra) Case, Protective Smart LED Back Cover -Black
Samsung Galaxy S20Ultra (S20 Ultra) Case, Protective Smart LED Back Cover -Black

6. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Case, LED Wallet Cover – Black (US Version)

With your hard-earned money spent on the flagship of the Samsung S20 range protection is a must. The good news is nowadays you can opt to sync your phone with this official phone cover providing you with eye opening features from the world of LED.

The super technology of lighting has arrived in full force with this case. Your friends are sure to look over your shoulder with jealousy as your custom LED icons flash when you receive a notification. Control music by swiping a finger over the LED’s to further stoke their envy.

We managed to fit three plastic  credit and travel cards into the inner wallet pocket which adds to the usefulness of this case. A new fabric style coating is nice to the touch and allows for better grip so you are less likely to drop your phone on the concrete path as you’re walking.

The protective case protects the sides, back and front of the phone with affective ease. The camera lense is neatly leveled to case, which ergonomically and protection wise makes sense; it prevents the phone being scratched or marked when you slide or slip the case on to a surface by accident.

Also, if you like wireless charging this case allows for that without having to take it off. All said, this case adds another dimension to your phone usability and upkeep. It could well be a vital accessory for flagship Samsung S20 phones in the coming years. Check out prices on Amazon here.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Case, LED Wallet Cover - Black (US Version)
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Case, LED Wallet Cover – Black (US Version)

7. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G Officially Licensed NFL LED 2017/18 Atlanta Falcons Hard Back Case

For sport lovers this spots case will not only keep your Samsung S20 Ultra protected, you will look good doing it. Whichever of the thirty-two teams of the NHL you support there’s a case for you. That’s not all, you can opt for Premier league football case and other sports teams, too, so impress your friends with your chosen coat of arms on the case.

Hard-Shell Polycarbonate Material protects your Samsung S20 Ultra from scratches, unwanted liquid drops and dust. The design is far from bulky, offering a lightweight and slimline design that slips in and out of pockets with ease.

There is easy access to all of your ports and controls. For more sports teams check out their extensive Amazon store, where you can even get your bespoke design created just for you or opt for a Harry Potter design or whatever takes your fancy. Please note that the design is officially LED style, though this is not an LED light functioning phone – it’s simply a design name but they were so cool we thought they deserved a mention.

Best Samsung S20 LED Cases
Best Samsung S20 Cases



I hope this list of best Samsung S20 phone cases will assist you in choosing the most useful and user friendly phone case available on the market this year. We will continue to update this list as more innovative products become available and I am sure they will, be popular among Samsung phone owners who want to protect, yet utilize the best functions of their phones a nd technology available.

We may have missed few LED cases so feel free to mention those models in the comments section below and we will definitely amend our list of best Samsung S20 LED phone cases.

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