Best Screen Protectors for 14 inch Laptops


One of the most delicate parts of a laptop is the screen so you need to take extra care of it. There are many accessories to buy when you buy a laptop. A screen protector should be high up on your list simply to add another layer of protection. Best screen protectors for 14 inch laptops will prolong lifespan and give you peace of mind.

Screen  protectors will protect the laptop display from scratches, smudges, and keyboard markings. This review will look in depth at nuances available for different requirements. Matte screen protectors aim to reduce appearance of fingerprints and smudges and are easy to wipe off with a cloth. Another benefit of matte screen protectors is they reduce reflection and glare from artificial lighting and daylight conditions.

Some screen protectors will reduce blue light which experts claim interfere with our sleep cycles. Although the differences are slight, glossy screen protectors largely allow for more vivid colors and contrasts. Lets get into which screen protectors reflect greatly on their claims of protection and which protectors simply gloss over poor performance – if any.

1. FILMEXT 2 Pack 14 inch Chromebook Pavilion HP Laptop Screen Protector

When you are looking for a screen protector that can repel dust and water as they touch the screen, this one from FILMEXT is a great buy. It is ideal for students, short-sighted people, social media addicts, office workers, fashion lovers, online gamers, etc. The Screen Protector will block harmful blue light from reaching your eye’s retina – impressive.

How to Install The Screen Protector

Best Screen Protectors for 14 inch Laptops
Wipe Down The Screen First

After installing this screen protector, you can use your laptop even under strong sunlight minimizing your eye strain. Besides that, mounting the protector is very simple and features a bubble adsorption design where you can simply remove small air pockets leaving the surface clear.

Best screen protectors for 14 inch laptops
Best Screen Protectors for 14 inch Laptops

The FILMEXT protector does not leave any residue or marks on the screen when you take it off. It is made from high-quality PET materials that will guard your laptop against scratches that usually appear due to daily use.

Key Features

· Anti-blue light screen protector

· Reduce the glare & visual fatigue

· Comes with instructions guide for easy installation

· Anti-static and offers radiation protection

· It offers ultra-clear 95% transparency


· Slightly more expensive.

Best Screen Protectors for 14 inch Laptops
Best Screen Protectors for 14 inch Laptops – FILMEXT

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2. FORITO 2-Pack Anti-Glare 14 Inch Laptop Screen Protector

The FORITO Screen Protector is created to shield your laptop screen from scratches that usually arise due to wear and tear. It will fit 14 inches laptop with an aspect ratio of 16:9. Typically, this screen protector offers UV400 protection, anti-glare, blue light filter, anti-static, radiation protection while relieving the fatigue of eyes hence you will sleep better.

This screen protector usually works with all laptop brands including Samsung, Asus, Acer, Hp, Dell, and more. It will preserve the original brightness of the screen and will deliver Ultra clear 95% Transparency. Besides, it will block 100% of UV Light.

The anti-glare coating assists to remove high-intensity light reflection and will not cause any eye strain or headache. It is perfect for a short-sighted person, fashion lover, online gamer, social media addict, office worker, and school student.


· Block dangerous UV light

· Anti-static and anti-glare

· Ideal for the short-sighted person

· Has a screen aspect ratio of 16:9

· Allows you to get high definition quality viewing

· Relieve the eyes fatigue


· Touchscreen sensitivity is low

Best Screen Protectors for 14 inch Laptops
Best Screen Protectors for 14 inch Laptops

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3. LILIONGTH (2Pack) Anti-Glare 14 Inch Laptop Screen Protector

LILIONGTH has been a big name in Laptop Screen Protectors for a long time. This one, in particular, is ideal for a 14-inch laptop measuring 12.2 inches x 6.9 inches and has an aspect ratio of 16:9. This protector has a 99% High-definition screen coating that prevents oil and water from smudging. Typically, residual oil and water can be easily be wiped away with a cloth and the protector will offer  a natural and ideal viewing experience.

This Screen Protector features 8 layers of protective layers that not only block blue light but also increase anti-blue light, block anti-static radiation and effectively relieve eye fatigue. Installing this screen protector is very easy and will not leave air bubbles or spots inside.

Whether you are gamers, student, office worker or you are nearsighted person, this screen protector will work for you perfectly. This protector has a smooth surface and uniform thickness hence the picture will be showed vividly and incisively.


· Has 8 layers of protective film design

· Block 99% of Uv light

· Very easy to install and easy to remove

· Picture can be showed vividly and incisively

· Suitable for office workers and gamers

· Offers excellent character recognition


· er…um

Best Screen Protectors for 14 inch Laptops
Best Screen Protectors for 14 inch Laptops


4. ANTOGOO 2 Pack Blue Light Blocking 14 Inch Laptop Screen Protector

If you want extra protection for the display, you should get this Laptop Screen Protector by ANTOGOO. It is made from high-quality materials for hardness and it can easily handle minor impacts and abrasions. Ideally, this protector has 7-layer layered design and includes PET, tempered glass, release film, and silicone resin. It is crystal clear and it will protect the display original visibility.

This screen protector will fit laptops with14 inch diagonal and has an Aspect Ratio of 16:9. There will be no amount of unnecessary dust, blemishes, or scratches that can invade the laptop screen when it is covered with this protector.

It is very easy to apply and remove and it will leave no residue when it is removed. The protector is ideal for social media addicts, office worker, school students, short-sighted person and more. A cleaning cloth is included to clean the surface of the screen protector.


· Easy to apply and remove

· Bubble free and anti-glare

· It has a 7-layer layered design

· Offers radiation protection and uv400 protection

· Relieve the fatigue of eyes

· Included with a gift cleaning cloth


· A bit expensive

Best Screen Protectors for 14 inch Laptops
Best Screen Protectors for 14 inch Laptops

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5. FORITO 2 PCS 14 inches Laptop Anti-Blue Screen Protector

FORITO laptop screen protector is yet another great screen shield that will ultimately block harmful blue light. It features a 99% crystal clear high definition screen coating that will enable you to use the laptop without affecting its brightness. The protector measures 310mm x 174mm and it is going to fit 14″ laptops with an aspect ratio of 16:9.

Other advantages of having this protector include Radiation Protection, UV400 protection, Anti-static, Anti-Glare, and will relieve the fatigue of the eyes. Its newest bubble adsorption design helps to remove all the small bubbles by just pressing with the scraping card.

This screen protector will make it resistant to smudges, scratches, and fingerprints, therefore, keeping your expensive device from normal signs of wear and daily scratches.


· Radiation Protection Screen protector

· Anti-static Screen protector

· Relieve the eyes fatigue

· Anti-scratch Screen protector

· Perfect for a short-sighted person

· Screen Aspect Ratio: 16:9


Er … um…

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6. CaseBuy HP 14 inch Anti Blue Laptop Screen Protector (2PCS Pack)

With the CaseBuy Laptop Screen Protector, you will minimize screen glare to protect your eyesight. This protector is engineered to be compatible with all 14-inch Laptops with 12 3/16 inches width by 6 7/8 inches height. This Screen Protector features a 7-layer layered design and it will offer Radiation Protection, UV400 protection, relieve glare and it is anti-static.

The protector has an ultra-thin thickness of 0.15mm and will effectively protect your eyes from blue light, UV, and harmful glare. It is an ideal solution for students, commuters, mobile workers, healthcare providers, and business travelers.

Installing this screen protector is very simple and it will ensure bubble-free application. Whenever the bubbles are produced, you just need to lift the filter and then re-apply it. Finally, with this Blackout Anti-Glare screen protector, you will be able to relieve the fatigue of your eyes while assisting you to sleep better.

Key Features

· Ultra-thin and anti-glare

· Very easy to install

· It has a 7-layer layered design

· Anti-static and offer radiation protection

· Relieve fatigue of eyes

· Ideal solution for mobile workers and students


· Colors aren’t entirely accurate in bright for artwork

Best Screen Protectors for 14 inch LaptopsBest Screen Protectors for 14 inch Laptops
Best Screen Protectors for 14 inch LaptopsBest Screen Protectors for 14 inch Laptops


7. EZ-Pro 3 Pack Screen Anti Blue Light 14 Inches Screen Protector

For customers that align protection with something thick and sturdy, the EZ-Pro Screen Protector would be an obvious choice. It will protect your screen against scratches. In addition to that, it will block 380nm-490nm blue light and will relieve your eye strain to assist you to sleep well. The protector will also guard against oil residue and sweat from fingerprints.

The durability of this Screen Protector is robust and will withstand all kinds of damage from both sharp and blunt objects. Also, it will assist reduce mirror-like and glare reflections which makes the screen easy to use even in high-glare situations.

The dimension of this screen protector is 12.2 inches x 6.9 inches and will fit 14 inches laptops. Its dry application is easy to install and remove. After applying this screen protector, you will no longer worry about any mess or grooves.


· Protects screen against scratches

· Easy to apply and remove

· Blocks 380nm-490nm blue light

· relieve computer eye strain

· Protects against oil residue and sweat


· It feels more flimsy


8. FORITO 14 inches Anti-Glare Screen Protector [2 Pack]

This Screen Protector by FORITO will shield your laptop just like how soldier protects their country. It is coated with oleophobic and hydrophobic layers that will protect against oil residue and sweat from fingerprints. Moreover, it uses all of its features and it will keep your laptop screen safe from any kind of harm.

The protector is made with Anti-glare matte technology that will effectively minimize visual fatigue and glare. What’s more, it will block 100% UV400 hence your eyes will be safe all the time. Its quality construction makes it easy to install and remove.

It is highly resistant to dust, fingerprints, and scratches. Besides that, it is ultra-thin and clear enabling you to view high-definition video and images while blocking dangerous light to minimize eye fatigue.


· Anti-scratch screen protector

· Anti-glare screen protector

· Very easy to install

· Relieve the fatigue of eyes

· 100% compatible with a touch screen

· 100% uv400 blocking protector


· The protector absorbs dust from the air

9. MUBUY-GOL 14 inches Lenovo/Acer/ HP Anti-Glare Screen Protector

If you are searching for an anti-glare screen protector for your 14 inches laptop, this is a product to purchase. It features a genius 8-layer design and it will block 100% of Hazardous UV light and other electronic hazards. In addition to that, this screen protector will protect your eyes from blue light.

Unlike other film or glass covers, this Screen Protector will minimize the visual interference that is caused by strong light if you are working with your laptop in high light conditions. Another thing, it will relieve computer eye strain to assist you to sleep well.

This screen protector is perfect for individuals who need more blue light filters including the elderly, pregnant women, fashion beauty, game lovers, office staff, and students.


· It has a genius 8-layer design

· Relieve the fatigue of eyes

· UV400 protection screen protector

· Anti-static screen protector

· Help you block electronic hazards

· Easy to apply and remove


· Not exactly a fit for some 14 inches laptop

MUBUY-GOL 14 inches
MUBUY-GOL 14 inchesMUBUY-GOL 14 inches



10. FORITO14 inches 16:9 Aspect Ratio Glass Screen Protector

The FORITO glass screen protector will provide anti-glare and blue-light filter properties. It has a multi-layer design to efficiently alleviate damage, scratches, or harm your laptop. This protector fits a 14-inch laptop with a 16:9 Aspect Ratio. Moreover, it features 2.5D Round edge technology with an edge that makes it look thinner and beautiful.

This screen protector is very easy to use and will deliver 99.9% original screen brightness. Another thing, you can safely remove smudges, fingerprints, saliva, and sweat from the screen with the included gift: a large cleaning cloth.

It is a 9H scratch-resistant and durable oleophobic coating that will minimize screen smudges. Moreover, the back coating will effortlessly attach to the screen and there will be no screen bubbles will appear.


· High definition HD visuals

· Very easy to install

· Ultra-slim screen filter

· Convenient to apply and remove

· Preserves the original screen brightness


· Some customers claim to have issues with air bubbles.

Best Screen Protectors for 14 inch Laptops
Best Screen Protectors for 14 inch Laptops


Although the Screen Protectors mentioned above mainly have the same purpose to protect your laptop screen from scratches, you also need to consider other features which including matte material for fingerprint smudge resistance and touch-screen friendliness. Moreover, you can also choose a screen Protector with a transparent gloss protector to allow seamless image quality without compromising protection.

Other additional benefits that you can get from Screen Protectors include protecting your eyes against strain and enhanced privacy. Before purchasing any screen protector, it is important to measure your laptop size and select the protector that is compatible. In this article, we have only focused on best screen protectors for 14 inches laptops. We hope that this article has helped you to make a wise choice!

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