Best Waterproof Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

The best waterproof cases for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, must protect your valuable phone from water to a reasonable depth, while allowing you to perform important functions when under water. The best waterproof cases should also be tough enough to protect the Galaxy S21 Ultra from shocks and scrapes. If you’ve got plans to head down to the Florida Keys on the weekend, we’ve got a list of cases that will assure you and reassure you your S21 Ultra Ultra is protected. The Device Store brings you a promised update below.

Many people like to film their adventures under water while snorkeling or even diving. Other activities where a waterproof camera case can be of great benefit is when boating, kayaking and fishing; where your phone could drop into the water or regularly become drenched. Do scratches on your phone annoy you? Water can make your Samsung phone slippery, so that extra layer of protection and a grippy surface, a good case can provide is important to protect the large 6.8 inch screen and prevent scratches from drops ruining our day.

Without further hesitation lets look at the benefits and negative points of ‘The best waterproof cases for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra‘ to help you choose the best option for your lifestyle or requirements.

1. Ghostek NAUTICAL Series Waterproof Phone CaseTrailblazer, Deep Cover

The stats speak for themselves for this trusted brand’s latest offering: 20 feet submergence for 1 hour is impressive to say the least. Further good news is you the clever design allows you to press and slide buttons on your touch screen to film underwater with sensitive precision.

As with better Ghostek cases the case is built to military drop standards. I dropped it from waist high and it landed with a gentle thud on concrete. You may even drop it as high as 12 feet according to Ghostek – rock solid protection for outdoor sports. 

Coming in a clear design or phantom black, I preferred the clear design which seems to be rare among waterproof cases and shows off the gleaming livery of the Samsung Galaxy S21. Made of rubber TPU the case feels extremely sturdy yet light enough not to be cumbersome in your pocket. Wireless charging is supported with the case on and with a perfect alignment of buttons and cutout spaces which you may expect from Ghostek, the case ticks all the boxes.

However, this case is more pricey than some on this list, which may put some people off. Please note the Ghostek  is only compatible with: 2021, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G (6.8 Inch).

Best Waterproof Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
Ghostek – Best Waterproof Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

2. Nineasy With Builtin Screen ProtectionTough Shockproof

Ten meters or thirty three feet of protection under water means this case will allow you to scuba or snorkel with your Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Although the advertised IP68 rating seems unimportant with those stats. A phone rated at IP68 is “dust resistant” and can be “immersed in 1.5 meters of freshwater for up to 30 minutes”.

Despite the case’s impressive underwater stats, it does not feel clunky and intrusive inside your pocket. In fact it’s as slimline as any other waterproof case we’ve ever tested. Another fantastic benefit with Nineasy is wireless charging is supported, so you know you’ve a case which is up to date with the latest fads.

Shock absorption comes in a trifecta of adaptions: raised lips to protect the camera lenses, raised edges to protect the screen when placing or dropping it and corner, air cushion technology. I dropped my newly cocooned S21 Ultra from waist height on to the sidewalk and it bounced like a soccer ball leaving the phone safe and sound. A further feature that should be mentioned are the ribbed sides which help prevent dropping the phone in the first place. The following products are available on Amazon & we may get a small commission

Best Waterproof Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
Best Waterproof Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra – Nineasy

3. SPIDERCASE Designed for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Built-in Screen Protector

The first benefit of this case is that you can use it in every day life without removing it after your dive session. Use it underwater to a depth of two meters/six feet six for up to an hour; it’s perfect for shallow diving and snorkeling. The built in screen protector feels responsive and allows you to take movies and shots with the impressive 8K camera. The good news is that as soon as you climb back onto your boat, dry off the built in screen and dry your hands, you can use it for every day functions such as swiping and fingering open image galleries.

The case is made of TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane – read more on Wikipedia) which is ideal for phone cases due to its strength, anti grease, anti fingerprints and abrasion qualities. Ridges on the sides of the case are deeper than a regular case, providing better grip while holding it in water.

The screen protector has a raised area protecting the camera’s important lenses, providing scratch proof resistance. The built in buttons work well on volume controls, allowing you to face time your friends from the water, even if you are bobbing up and down under the surface, which is sure to make them jealous if you are in warm climes.

Best Waterproof Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
Best Waterproof Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

The case works with an original Samsung type-c charger and unfortunately does not support wireless charging, so you should make sure you’re prepared before your trip and buy the right charger.

Military grade tested and verified, the SPIDERCASE will protect your Samsung galaxy S21 Ultra from hard drops of up to two meters/six feet six. For those of you who want to know more about the military standard, the Spidercase, is military standard, 810G-516 which is maintained by a tri-service partnership that includes the United States Air Force, Army, and Navy and is always evolving by agreement. This reinforces it’s position in, ‘Best Waterproof Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.’

The SPIDERCASE looks great, in black and despite its impressive waterproof and shock resistant qualities it’s not bulky and slips neatly in and out of pockets while not being so light and slippery your phone easily falls out. All said, the SPIDERCASE looks the part in black and delivers where you need it most, in protecting your phone from drops, scrapes and liquid to a decent depth.

Best Waterproof Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
Best Waterproof Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra- SPIDERCASE

3. JOTO Waterproof Pouch for Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus. With Lanyard

The unique and lightweight dry pouch is a safe option to protect your phone underwater down to a spectacular 100ft. Although the, pouch is not suitable for every day dry land use, it is worthy of a good choice for water sports. The flexible pouch features a see through window on both front and back surfaces, great for taking pictures, videos, and face calls (above water), seamlessly, while you are underwater swimming boating, snorkeling, or maybe scuba diving.

The touch panel may not be 100% responsive as the usual cases for the S21 Ultra, as it is thick and must keep water out, though it’s fine for pressing an on and off button and many basic functions such as on and off video captures. In short it’s a diving case. The lanyard is a great way to strap the case around your neck or forearm.

The pouch snaps easily into place and off again. Available in several color options this option is a bargain price for the protection it offers. Keeping out water, snow, dust, sand, and dirt, it’s an ideal case for an adventure or vacation. A great option in ‘Best Waterproof Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.’

Best Waterproof Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
Best Waterproof Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra – Joto Pouch

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