11 Best Xbox One Controllers


The Xbox One’s gaming experience is usually a smooth experience that is enhanced by the controller and the console it comes with, that’s why we have devised: ’11 Best Xbox One Controllers’. For many, the official controller is usually used until new options are explored; it features stable wireless connectivity, a decent D-pad, and its popular asymmetrical analog sticks. However, the console’s great features have many reasons as to why gamers would want to buy a new Xbox One controller.

Maybe you are replacing a damaged controller or just looking to upgrade your controller to enhance your gaming experience. Regardless of the situation, getting a new controller is usually an inevitable part when one owns a gaming system.

If you purchased the Xbox One when launched, you will find the modern controllers have some minor improvements, such as Bluetooth connectivity. Factors such as size and shape matter when it comes to long-term comfort. Finding the right controller can help you get a suitable controller to suit the games you want to play. In the past few years, the market has become saturated with admirable Xbox One gamepads, which might make it hard to determine which one is best to purchase.

A good and customizable controller is one that enables you to enjoy your game time. So, to assist you to find the best controller, we are going to look at the 11 best Xbox One controllers available for you to add to your collection.

1. Elite Series 2 Controller – Black

When it comes to comfort, the Elite Series 2 controller is customized to fit the players’ needs. It looks similar to the original Elite, which was introduced into the market back in 2015. However, it comes with new and unique features. Some of its unique features include modular thumbsticks, hair-trigger locks, and D-pads. The Elite controller has features that come together to make it one of the best controllers out there.

Compared to the other type of controllers out there, it comes at a much higher price but is worth it. The controller also offers over thirty new ways to play, for example, shorter hair trigger locks, more extended gameplay with up to 40 hours of rechargeable battery, adjustable tensions of all six thumbsticks, and much more. Apart from being compatible with the Xbox one, the controller can also be used with Windows 10 devices. Bluetooth is also an added feature that makes the controller relatively easy to use and effective.

11 Best Xbox One Controllers
Elite Series 2 Controller | 11 Best Xbox One Controllers

2. Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller + Wireless Adapter for Windows 10

For most gamers, the Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller is the first option due to its affordability, massive range of styles and finishes. With this controller, you will experience a modernized and comfortable design that features sculpted surfaces to enhance your gameplay. As you play, you will be able to stay on target due to its hybrid D-pad and textured grips on the triggers and back case. The controller also features a share button, which simplifies how you capture and share content.

The design of this Xbox One controller is one of the best when it comes to the top 11 best Xbox one controllers. The controller also works perfectly with Windows PC (both wired and Bluetooth). It comes with an Xbox wireless adapter, which allows players to connect up to 8 Xbox Wireless Controllers while playing wirelessly on Windows 10 PC. This controller is an all standard console which is quite affordable. Also worth mentioning, it comes with an excellent system’s utility functions, such as plugging in a wide range of headphones.

11 Best Xbox One Controllers
11 Best Xbox One Controllers

3. SCUF Prestige Wireless Custom Performance Controller

SCUF is well known for its exquisite and most comfortable controllers in the market. This is the best option if you are looking for an alternative or a new Xbox wireless controller. The SCUF Prestige wireless controller offers some of the best features when it comes to gameplay. The console is quite similar to the standard Xbox One controller since it has the same basic shape and configuration, including an identical D-pad. However, it has crucial features unlike the standard Xbox One controller, such as the internal Lithium-Ion battery back, allowing one to recharge it through Micro USB.

When it comes to customization, the SCUF prestige features different options in its triggers, which can be useful if you are a competitive shooter. Gamers can easily change the controller’s look in a few seconds since it has removable magnetic faceplates and interchangeable thumbsticks. The customization features that come with the SCUF Prestige Wireless Controller prioritize plater comfort, allowing you to enjoy game play, fully.

11 Best Xbox One Controllers
11 Best Xbox One Controllers

4. Xbox One Wireless Controller for Microsoft Xbox One – Custom Soft

Over the past years, the Xbox One Wireless Controller has had numerous improvements, with the latest being one of the best yet. This gamepad comes with unique features and offers the player a much more premium feel without spending much more. This controller is a revision of the console initially used with the Xbox One and has undergone various upgrades. Once in your hands, it will feel quite familiar (though softer), however there a few minor changes. The gamepad comes with improved tactile textures and refined geometry and comes with a new share button.

The bumpers and triggers in this new design have been reduced in size, making the gamepad feel less bulky. A notable change in the gamepad is the hybrid D-pad. The Xbox One Wireless controller works on a wide range of devices, has lower latency, and comes with a rechargeable battery pack (which needs to be bought separately). Overall, the controller brings many improvements when it comes to functionality and comfort. For those who want a controller to use with a range of devices, the Xbox One Wireless Controller is an n ideal option.

11 Best Xbox One Controllers
Xbox One Wireless Controller for Microsoft Xbox One – Custom Soft Touch Feel

5. Xbox One S Wireless Controller for Microsoft Xbox One

The Xbox One S wireless controller is another vital mention of the 11 best Xbox One controllers. The design is quite sleek and slightly improved from its original controller; however, the S controller comes with a few design changes. The console offers a smooth, comfortable grip slowing one to enjoy their gameplay when it comes to comfort. One can customize the gamepad and get custom finishes for additional comfort.

The Xbox One S console’s performance is perfect and allows one to play flawlessly, whether on the Xbox One, One X, or One S. The pad also works well with Windows 10 devices its new Bluetooth capabilities. For Xbox One and PC owners, the Xbox One S controller is an optimal choice for an upgrade. Compared to other options in the market, this newer Xbox S console is relatively affordable; however, there are different versions to choose from, which may differ in prices.

11 Best Xbox One Controllers
11 Best Xbox One Controllers

6. Microsoft Xbox One S Wireless Bluetooth Controller Xbox One Custom Soft Touch Red

The Xbox One S is a controller that has offered a significant step in introducing a better and enhanced controller. The 2015 version was a great introduction to the market; however, the S controller provides better features for some of its features. The controller also comes with the better build quality.

One of the best improvements with the S controller is the stronger radio signal, which increases the range of the connection between the Xbox One, PC, or any other device and the gamepad. The Bluetooth feature is an added function that allows the gamepad to be easily connected to a PC or any other machine that has Bluetooth compatibility.

There are several suitable controllers out there, such as the Xbox One Elite controller. However, if one cannot afford such gamepads, one can settle for the Xbox One S controller. It comes with a customized soft-touch red. Yet, it is still opened up for customization. For a customized console, one will have to spend more, but it is worth it.

11 Best Xbox One Controllers
11 Best Xbox One Controllers

7. Xbox Wireless Controller – Sport Blue Special Edition

The Xbox One controller is one that is quite comfortable and durable. There are several options that one can choose from when looking to replace their Xbox wireless console. The Sport Blue Special Edition is one to try out. Its vibrant blue design makes it perfect for those who want to try out a new Xbox one controller.

This is a professional grade controller that essentially maintains the Xbox One controller’s great design but has a few improvements to enhance one’s gameplay. The Xbox Wireless Controller- Sport Blue Special Edition is one that players will fall in love with.

The console comes with a unique design combined with metallic accents and a rubberized diamond grip to ensure comfort during use. Other features included with this console include custom button mapping and plug in a headset with the 3.5mm stereo headset jack. The controller is compatible with numerous devices, including Xbox One X, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Windows 10 devices, Android, and iOS. It utilizes Bluetooth technology to provide a flawless connection between the gamepad and the device. When it comes to the price tag, the Xbox Wireless Controller Sport Blue special edition might be high, but it is worth it.

11 Best Xbox One Controllers
11 Best Xbox One Controllers

8. Enhanced Wired Controller for X

When it comes to controllers, especially high-end controllers, the cost can be relatively high. However, when it comes to the Enhanced Wired controller, one will be surprised at how affordable it is. It is a simple but well-designed console that can cater to most player needs during gameplay. It is a wired console and does not come with many features and customizable option as other consoles. The Enhanced Wired Controller may not offer high-end features but provides a very solid gaming experience for both Xbox One and Windows players. It is very easy to use and quite responsive.

When it comes to its design, it is similar to the Xbox One gamepad, but has some minor differences. The gamepad comes in ten different colors and patterns. The main differences between the Enhanced Wired Controller and the Xbox one gamepad is the two Advanced Gaming Buttons. The buttons are located halfway down the grips on the rear side of the console. When it comes to the 11 best Xbox controllers, the Enhanced Wired Controller, it is a great option for one who does not want to spend much. It is affordable and quite functional. During gameplay it feels quite comfortable which makes it quite ideal for anyone who is looking for a reliable console. If looking for a wired gamepad, this is the best option for you.

11 Best Xbox One Controllers
11 Best Xbox One Controllers

9. Microsoft Wireless Controller – (Bulk Packaging) Night Ops Camo Special Edition

Finding a unique and reliable Xbox controller is very important, and that is what you get with the Microsoft Wireless Controller Night Ops Camo Special Edition. This is perfect for players who are seeking the ultimate comfort and customization. When compared to other Xbox controllers, this special edition console offers so much more and comes in a rugged black, grey and metallic gold camo pattern. Other features include an etched trigger grip to give you that extra and comfortable grip when playing your favorite games.

The console is compatible with stereo headphone jack (3.5 millimeters). Gaming on the Xbox one will be perfectly served with the Microsoft Wireless Controller Night Ops Special Edition. If you are a big fan of warfare or shooting games, this will be the right console for you, to give you that extra feel as you play your games.

11 Best Xbox One Controllers
11 Best Xbox One Controllers

10. Razer Wolverine Ultimate Officially Licensed Xbox One Controller

When it comes to 11 best Xbox one controllers, the Razer Wolverine is one of the best designed controllers in the market. It has a similar design and feel as the Xbox elite Wireless controller, however, it comes with extra features that makes it superb. The console comes with removable analog sticks and direction pad, together with alternate pads and caps. When it comes to connectivity and customization, the Wolverine Ultimate console can be connected to one’s PC or Xbox One.

Utilize the 10 feet fabric cable (USB to Micro USB) to connect the console to your device. The big disadvantage with Wolverine Ultimate is that it only supports a wired connection. The advantage of this, a wired connection provides lowest input latency. When buying the Wolverine Ultimate, one can customize it using the Xbox app or Windows 10.

The performance of the Razer Wolverine Ultimate is perfect and it also provide a comfortable grip as one plays. It performs well when playing various types of games. The direction pad responds well. The pricing might be too pricy for a wired controller but its performance is worth it. If you are looking for a wired pad, this would be a great option if ready to spend extra cash. The pad also comes with six programmable buttons, giving extra customization to the player.

Razer Wolverine V2 Wired Gaming Controller for Xbox Series
Razer Wolverine V2 Wired Gaming Controller for Xbox Series

11. PowerA Spectra Enhanced Illuminated Wired Controller

It’s been over ten years since the Xbox One was launched together with its affordable controllers (60usd). Since then, Microsoft has made several tweaks here and there, to provide a newer and affordable console. The PowerA Spectra Enhanced is just that, – an affordable, sleek and wired Xbox One controller.

When it comes to the design and shape, the Spectra console slightly differs from the traditional Xbox One controller. The Spectra has smoother curves and comes with a flat front edge. It also comes with a USB port in the front, because this is a wired-only controller. This comes with both pros and cons. However, the wired connection to the device will mean that it will be a latency free connection. Also, you will not worry about price of battery since there is not need to keep it charged. This is a pro for PC users too.

The PowerA pad comes with custom lighting and remappable buttons, which does not require any software to be configured. It comes with a program button, allowing one to quickly customize and switch the controls of the rear buttons. When it comes to gameplay, it works flawlessly, ensuring that you enjoy your play time.

11 Best Xbox One Controllers
11 Best Xbox One Controllers

Final Verdict

The above top 11 best Xbox Controller offer (we hope you agree) with an ideal list to get the best controller, to take your game play to the max. When it comes to buying Xbox One controllers, it is important to take your time and find the necessary one for your needs.

There are many to choose from  whether you like a cable or prefer the modern battery, cable free versions, nowadays,  it is great to be able find something more unique looking. Please let me know your favorite in the comments below.

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