21st century has been the century of technological advancements, and 2020, in particular, has been flooded with crazy gadgets and techs that would blow your mind! The big blast of creativity that we can see happening all possible to the crowdfunding sites brings something out of our minds for us to see, but some of the gadgets would give even the most tech-ready technophile to pause for a moment and think about it all.

There are undoubtedly a ton of crazy gadgets that would make you think if it is worth your money, or is it even good? Is it sane, or is it crazy? Well, that’s something that’s for you to decide! Meanwhile, these crazy gadgets are available now which you can buy. Have a look at all the crazy gadgets that you can buy right away. 

13 Crazy Gadgets That You Can Buy Right Away

1. Somnox Sleep Robot – Robotic Stress Reliever with Washable Sleeve

If you are someone who finds it difficult to sleep and just wants to drift off into the land of sleepers, then you definitely need the Somnox Sleep Robot for you, and fear not, this one doesn’t bite, it is specially designed to get you a good night’s sleep. 

The Somnox Sleep Robot resembles somewhat like a big peanut or a small sleeping baby that you have to spoon at bedtime. What the Somnox Sleep Robot does is that it starts moving in a way to emulate breathing once you spoon it. There’s a speaker inside the Somnox Sleep Robot that can play lullabies for you if that’s what makes you sleep.

The Somnox Sleep Robot is fully customizable according to the user’s need, and one can do it by the use of Bluetooth. The “company†behind it claims that the Somnox Sleep Robot employs scientifically proven techniques that were designed to reduce stress and promote good sleep. 


2. Digitsole Heated Insoles Warm Series V6

Would you love to try on a rechargeable insole that can be used for heating your feet as well as track your steps as you walk or run? 

Well, if your answer is yes, then the Digitsole Heated Insoles Warm Series V6 is made for you.

 You can link up to your Digitsole via Bluetooth, and with the help of an Android or iOS app, you can adjust the temperature of your feet, you can even do it separately, if necessary. The Digitsole Heated Insoles Warm Series V6, while heating, would also track your steps and notify you how many calories you’ve burned during your session.

 Digitsole was first seen making a name after a successful Kickstarter campaign that curated the company more than double the $40,000 of funding that was requested.

Just recently, the French company that makes the Digitsole Heated Insoles Warm Series V6 brought artificial intelligence (AI) to the soles of your feet, meaning now you can technically track your cadence, power gain, and loss, elevation, and speed.

What’s more, is that Artificial Intelligence (AI) tracks your usage and uses it to offer personalized training advice.


3. Revolve Folding Wheel

The original cycling wheel may be handy for traveling, but the main problem arises when it’s time for you to stop and put it away? I know we have folding bikes in the 21st century, but the wheels on those are very troublesome, and the way they collapse couldn’t be said a “true portable form.†Well, a German designer named Andrea Mocellin found the solution to the above problem.

 The solution named the Revolve wheel is a 26-inch spoked wheel that has the ability to fold down to take up 60 percent less space. The Revolve wheel also comes with a handle for easy carrying. Theoretically, Revolve wheels can be used anywhere where we have wheels, but the production is yet to start.


4. Welt Smart Belt – Smart Fitness Activity Tracker

I can guarantee that you never imagined a motorized belt that can adjust to your body when you sit down or extend itself while you’re eating. French company Emiota surely dreamed so and even realized their dream, but it didn’t end there because what more could Belty do is track your waist and give you proper information regarding it.

In the belt, what more is an accelerometer and a gyroscope. The second version of welt just has a ratchet system for adjustment according to your needs, but this time it comes with a built-in 2,000mAh power bank that can be used to charge your phone. The Belty Power costs $249 and is yet to make waves around the market. 


5. Modkat Litter Box for Cats

Cats are extremely clean by nature, but even for them, the litter box is something that is always dirty and cleaning it, well you know it is not easy!

Technology, as it is supposed to, is there to make our lives easier, often by lifting the weight of doing some chores by ourselves, and in this case, cleaning your cat’s mess out of the litter box is something that you won’t have to do again.

You heard it right; the modkat is designed so that it can automatically clean itself and even refill the litter. 

It even sends you an alert to the companion app on your phone, so that you can keep an eye on your little cub’s pooping schedule.

 As per me, this is an excellent piece of tech as it eliminated the worst thing about sharing your place with a cat. The MODKAT is available for $150 on Amazon.com.


6. Sony Aibo – Robotic Dog

Sony’s robotic companion dog, Aibo, is something that is very cute and resembles a real dog. 

The different types of expressions and behavior depicted by Aibo are undoubtedly cute and make him very hard to resist. Aibo comes with a cloud-connected A.I. in him, which is regularly updated, and due to the A.I., only it can recognize up to 100 different people as well as remembers the interactions it had with them. The idea is that you can have a fun and loving dog at home without worrying about the fusses and smells, but one might argue that there’s no replacement to man’s best friend, and I surely agree.

 Sony Aibo costs around $2,900.


7. Petcube Bites and Play – WiFi Pet Camera

Do you miss your pet cat while you’re at work? Well, if you do, then you can shed around 200$ and grab yourself a PEtcube.

The Petcube Bites is nothing but a two-way camera with a built-in laser pointer. It can be hooked up to your home Wi-Fi and accessed through a mobile app available for both iOS and Android devices. 

For dog owners, there is a larger version of the Petcube available that dispenses treat as you will. 

Through the Petcube, the pet owners can see and talk to their pet from anywhere, and even sort of play with them by guiding the laser pointer or by leaving treats for them.

One can even set a play schedule for their pets so that your pets get some activity every day of the week. 


8. LG Twin Wash and SideKick

You ever thought about what your washing machine needs? Well, LG does, and according to them, all it needs is another smaller washing machine that slides out of the base, allowing you to load two different loads all at once.

LG’s twin washing machine sums up as a washing machine that will enable you to do a regular load with a smaller load with different settings. Is that useful? Well, that depends on your usage as well as the budget as it costs around $1000.


9. Parrot Pot – Smart Flower Pot

I know if I tell you that there’s a plain-looking pot with Bluetooth-enabled in it is going to cost you upwards of $44, then you’re going to think I am crazy, but what if I tell you it does make sense?

If you’re like me, then it’s obvious then you might have also lost several plants due to neglect. What the Parrot pot does is that once you put your plant in it, it starts monitoring the soil, fertilizer, sunlight, and temperature, ultimately altering the death cycle. What’s best is that it even automatically waters the plant.

The Parrot Pot comes with thousands of care profiles for different kinds of plants and is compatible with iOS and Android, so it can get you to know that you need to take care of your plant if something goes wrong.


10. Mohu Leaf Metro TV Antenna

The Mohu Leaf Metro HDTV Antenna is a simple to set up Tv Antenna that offers excellent reception and even comes at a very affordable price. Although the 25-mile range of coverage isn’t vast but, it can catch a range of channels, including NBC, CBS, PBS, Telemundo, and a variety of other NBC subchannels. 

The Mohu Leaf Metro TV Antenna also comes with a more than sufficient 10-foot coax cable that connects to your HDTV.


11. Elago W3 Stand for Apple Watch

Apple is a renowned company for merging fashion statements to technology, but sometimes just a minimalistic looking plain old while charging cable isn’t that great. ‘

That’s where the Elago W3 Stand for Apple Watch comes in place, designed to look like a mini-sized 1984 Macintosh, the charger itself is made of soft silicone material that is heavy enough to anchor your Apple Watch and cable while charging. The Elago W3 Stand is compatible with all the apple watches.


12. View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Kit

The View-Master VR is an upgraded version of Mattel’s iconic “cherry-red†View-Master back from the 1980s. 

It makes use of Google’s Cardboard platform to bring VR experiences to everyone ranging from children to adults. Unlike the original Google Cardboard, The View-Master supports a variety of iOS and Android devices and applications. Insert the Preview Reel into your View-Master, and you can instantly make use of 3D images from around the world.

There are experiences pack available that are sold separately for the View-Master that are made to “enhance†your experience.


13. Urbun Elf Earbud Headphones

Last but not least, the Urban Elf Earbud Headphones is something that we found to be the quirkiest of all. The earbuds feature pointy, but soft, soft plastic ears that slide on top of your ears while listening to music, making you look like an elf. 

The Urban Elf Earbud Headphones comes with three sets of ear tips (small, medium, and large) and features an in-line remote for accepting or rejecting calls.


With this, our list of 13 crazy Gadgets to buy In the year 2020 comes to an end. However, you can tell us which one you decided to buy and buy in the comment section below. Also, you have other recommendations, share those names with us we will include those names on our list crazy gadgets to buy for the year 2020. 

Kavya Singh is a full-time blogger. She is a tech enthusiast and loves to write about it. She writes about all the latest gadgets as well as upcoming gadgets for the people to decide which one to buy.