creative best baby yoda gift ideas

You all must have seen, Baby Yoda, officially known as “The Child,” which came out as Disney’s surprise star in the new hit TV series, “The Mandalorianâ€, and since then, the fans can’t get enough of this small sized green creature with its cup of bone broth and oversized sweater. But the initial flow of Baby Yoda merchandise from Disney left its fans disappointed; it was down to just a number of T-shirts, a puzzle, and a cellphone holder.

However, things are starting to warm up with the release of various new merchanside like Christmas sweaters, Hasbro figures, lifelike plush toys, and much much more. That is why, we have researched the whole internet and find out some of best most creative and best Baby Yoda gift idea. 

So gear up because whether if you are shopping for yourself or a Star Wars super-fan, you’re sure to find something for everyone on this list of creative and best Baby Yoda gift ideas. 

Creative and Best Baby Yoda Gift Ideas

1. The Child Hasbro Figures

Fans have fallen in love with call “Baby Yoda,†and now they can finally add him to their Star Wars master collections with these posed figures. Kids and fans of the franchise can collect the 3 figure 2-packs featuring fun poses of yours only such as sipping soup and blanket-wrapped, don’t leave and ball toy, and froggy snack and Force moment. Each of the figurine is sold separately and is subject to its availability. Kids can start their own collection or swap them with friends, give “baby yoda†as gifts, or add it to any existing Star Wars collection.

If you’re like many people, you’re probably happy just with the images of The Child sipping bone broth taking over your social media feed. But if seeing Baby Yoda in every other post still isn’t enough for you, you can pre-order a 2-inch version of the adorable green little beast posed just for you. These are available right now on Amazon and definitely a great choice in the list of best Baby Yoda gift ideas. 

creative best baby yoda gift ideas


2. Star Wars Baby Yoda Shirt from Disney Plus

You can’t go to the Disney events without these high quality and super soft t shirts! Take these with you to the next Disney World vacation.

Make sure to grab a few for your fellow Disney people so that you guys can all match-up! I don’t think this should exist, either. But due to Baby Yoda it does, so you might as well give it to your gang.

This t-shirt is machine washable and can be dried on tumble. One of the best Baby Yoda gift ideas and can surely charm anyone whom you want to gift this. 

creative best baby yoda gift ideas

3. The Mandalorian The Child Pop Sockets Grip and Stand

This is the Official Star Wars “The Mandalorian†Merchandise for the lovable creature referred to as The Child but popularly known as, “Baby Yodaâ€. The collapsible grip on the pop socket provides a secure hold for easier texting, calling, photos, and selfies. Its expandable stand helps the users to watch videos, take group photos, FaceTime your friends and Skype hands-free.  The Advanced adhesive on the Pop Socket allows you to remove and reposition it on most devices and cases.

This collapsible grip will allow you to have a better hold of your favorite device with Baby Yoda’s adorable face on it. Amazon also offers different styles for the same so that you never get bored of a single item. For this particular one, the artist took some creative liberties, but it still has the same adorable large eyes and oversized sweater that we all love.

creative best baby yoda gift ideas

4. Cute Baby Yoda Decal

Here’s an official collector’s item that any “Star Wars†fan would be thrilled to find in their home this year or this best Baby Yoda gift idea can be for anyone who uses phone. 

This Christmas, we got ourselves a Baby Yoda decal that we can stick it on our phone, laptop, or wherever else on might want to see this cutie. Baby Yoda is a cute little baby so having it with us everywhere we go is surely something we would want and don’t forget the additional attention you will get if you have The Child with you!

Win Win for you!

creative best baby yoda gift ideas

5. O Come All Ye Forceful Baby Yoda Ugly Christmas Ladies V-Neck T-Shirt

Star Wars fan can buy this hilarious holiday apparel to wear while celebrating the best time of the year!

This women’s slim-fitting V-neck tee is made to accentuate your curves. Made with 60% combed ring spun cotton and 40% polyester lightweight jersey, this t shirt is going to make you feel warm as well as lightweight at the same moment. The fabric on this one has been laundered to reduce shrinkage.

Show up to any holiday party with this T shirt, and I can guarantee you that everyone is going to love this.

creative best baby yoda gift ideas

6. 1-Inch Silver Plated Pendant Necklace or Keychain

If you want Baby Yoda more close to you, well you can buy this pendant for you.

The buyer can either get this pendant on a necklace or attach it to their keychain to show their love and adoration for all things related to Yoda.

According to the seller, each pendant is handmade individually according to the buyer’s order. Since each piece is handcrafted, there can be a slight detail variation from the necklace in the photo on the seller’s Amazon page. Whatever the case be, this is one of the creative and best Baby Yoda gift ideas. 

creative best baby yoda gift ideas

7. Hand-Carved Baby Yoda “The Child” Rubber Stamp

This stamp of the 50 year old Baby Yoda from Star Wars carved on rubber is something every Star Wars fan might want to have in their collection. Stamps in the collection are of good quality and are wooden mounted and polished so that you can wipe out the ink easily. What’s best is that the stamps will be sent to you in cute little matchbox type boxes. 

I’m not kidding. Everything in your home is going to get stamped with this, letters, hands, walls, and very well all things flat.

creative best baby yoda gift ideas

8. Cute Little Baby Yoda Mug

This coffee mug comes with a high definition printing on both of its sides, making it perfect either for right or left handed users. The mug is made with the best quality ceramic making it is an essential gift for Star Wars fans that will last for many years.

The mug can be put in the dishwasher, and is 100% safe for microwave purposes. Your morning cuppa of coffee is going to be much better in this cute little Mandalorian mug with its sweet saying. Don’t you want this one in our list of best Baby Yoda gift ideas. 

creative best baby yoda gift ideas

9. Cute Baby Yoda Style Car Decal

A true Jedi would always be the one who keeps his friends close and what more interesting way of keeping your friends close would be if not for having a Cute Baby Yoda Style Car Decal?

A true Star Wars fan needs to have this on his car, because you’re not a real fan unless you have this cute little baby stuck on your car for the unknown future!

creative best baby yoda gift ideas

10. Cute Baby Handmade Costume Cap Cute Green Yoda

This cute Baby Yoda dress is surely going to make your baby standout from the others making him/her much and much cuter. The outfit is suitable for 3-6 months babies. This baby outfit has been made with soft cotton and is handmade. Your cute little baby is going to love it or you can gift this someone who is expecting very soon. Indeed, a great addition in our list of best Baby Yoda gift ideas. 

creative best baby yoda gift ideas

11. Baby Yoda Mandalorian Metal Painting Poster Star Wars Spray Paint

This painting on steel features Baby Yoda, vastly known as The Child.

This beautiful painting is one of the most awesome and best Baby Yoda gift ideas and created by spray painting sheet metal, then burning an image on to that paint with a laser engraver. Each painting made by the seller is unique on its own. The paintings can be displayed in many ways.

The painting is available in either an 8.5″ x 11″ or 11″ x 17″ size. Add some color to your room with a handmade piece of lovely Baby Yoda art. All your friends would be jealous of you.

creative best baby yoda gift ideas

12. Baby Yoda Classic He Protects He Attacks He Also Takes Naps Tee

No one loves a good nap as much as our loving Baby Yoda does, to be honest. But what you’re going to benefit from wearing this t shirt is the fame, money, clout, girls etc.

Just Kidding, it’s a regular t shirt… but it has Baby Yoda in it!

creative best baby yoda gift ideas

13. Life Size Sculpture Based on Baby Yoda

If you don’t get too much creeped out by creepy green statues then, here is a little 3-D-printed statue for you to enjoy! This is a handmade gift so shipping it to your place might take some time so please order accordingly.

creative best baby yoda gift ideas

14. Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child Floating Pod T-Shirt

This lovable character from Star Wars may look helpless to you, but he proves that the Force is strong with him early on in The Mandalorian and that he can swallow whole bunch of frogs in a single gulp, if that counts. 

Baby Yoda has always been full of surprises, and according to me he’s perfectly depicted on this T-shirt. One, might think before buying this t shirt but a true Star Wars fan would not even look before grabbing it. This is one of the cutest and best Baby Yoda gift ideas in our list. 

creative best baby yoda gift ideas

15. Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child Precious Cargo Pocket Sweatshirt

Making sure that The Child gets through each episode of “The Mandalorian†safely can be very stressful. But hey, thanks to this cute little sweatshirt picturing Baby Yoda in oversized robes tucked away in the breast pocket, you know that he will always be safe and accounted for with you.

 If you prefer buying another one, there’s a tank top with the same design from Star Wars.

creative best baby yoda gift ideas

16. Star Wars The Mandalorian and The Child Pilot and Co-Pilot Sweatshirt

It’s becoming more known with each episode that the tough and hardened assassin pilot has a soft spot for his green son. This comes full circle and can be viewed on this cotton sweater, which depicts the Mandalorian sitting up with The Child, manoeuvring the ship for their next big adventure. Well, who would not care for Baby Yoda, he is 50 years old, after all. This one definitely deserves a mention in our list of best Baby Yoda gift ideas. Isn’t?

creative best baby yoda gift ideas

17. Star Wars The Child Talking Plush Toy with Character Sounds

If hugging a cutely stuffed Baby Yoda still isn’t close enough to the real thing for you, then maybe this extremely cute plush toy with 10 different sounds will make it up to you. You can pre-order this adorable plush now on Amazon, and it will come to you with a cup of tea and space frog, (his favorite snack). 

According to Amazon, this cute little beast is to ship in May 2020 but we wouldn’t want to miss this one from our list of best Baby Yoda gift ideas. 

creative best baby yoda gift ideas

18. Funko Pop! Star Wars: The Mandalorian – The Child

Another piece of merchandise for Baby Yoda that you will need to pre order now from Amazon to get it in the spring of 2020. 

But in the meantime, if you can’t wait you can order the Mandalorian, his trusty sidekick.

creative best baby yoda gift ideas

19. The Child Toy 1.1-Inch The Mandalorian Collectible Action Figure

Fans worldwide have fallen in love with the character they lovingly call “Baby Yoda,†and now they all can add him to their Star Wars The Black Series collections by getting the Baby Yoda, action figure.

Unfortunately, this is another item you would need to wait until May 2020 for Amazon to stock it. But we think this adorable 1.1-inch figure with his cup of tea and space frog is something worthy to wait for. That is why, we have listed this in our list of creative and best Baby Yoda gift ideas.

creative best baby yoda gift ideas

20. Star Wars The Child Plush Toy, 11-inch Small Yoda-like Soft Figure from The Mandalorian

This 11-inch the child plush toy from Star Wars is going to capture the hearts of Star Wars fans everywhere in the whole universe!

Inspired by the Disney+ Series, The Mandalorian, the cute and adorable figure with green skin, big ears and even cuter large eyes resembles a younger Yoda but is referred to as the child in the TV series.

At 11 inches tall, this soft plush toy is the closest thing available in the market to giving the real Baby Yoda a hug. 

And as an added bonus, the packaging it comes in is designed to look just like his crib.

creative best baby yoda gift ideas

With this our list of most creative and best Baby Yoda gift ideas ends. Did you found something that interested you from this list of best Baby Yoda gift ideas, do let us know in the comments section below. 

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