GoPro Hero9 Black

5K Video

The GoPro Hero9 Black is designed for adventurers who want to take action movies and photos while in the great outdoors. Standing up to the rigors of large waves, underwater challenges or taking action shots for action sports, the Gopro Hero9 now has 5K video. 5K video maintains serious detail even when zooming in and capturing 14.7MP frame grabs. The agile action camera also shoots in 4K, 2.7K, 1440p and 1080p.

Stabalization of GoPro Hero9 Black

Super stabalization has often proved a major attraction to the GoPro Hero photographers, vloggers and outdoor adventurers – without the need for a gimble. Now it gets better. The new Max Lens Mod delivers unbreakable Max HyperSmooth stabilization and Max SuperView. This feaure is GoPro’s widest-angle perspective yet. An increase in pixels sends the laatest Hero9 Black into the stratosphere of picture quality: Take exhilarative, pro-quality 20MP photos … and employ, ‘SuperPhoto,’ to make sure you capture the shot.

GoPro Hero9 Black
GoPro Hero9 Black 5K

Slo-Mo of GoPro Hero9 Black

Slo-Mo can be captured up to 240 frames per second for crisp 8x slo-mo videos offering another dimension to your films. Record spellbinding time-lapse videos using TimeWarp 3.0. Go flat out or finger Speed Ramp to slow the action while recording – amazing for sledging or cycling with a head band (holding your Hero9 Black).

Examples of Uses of the GoPro Hero9 Black

he 20MP camera functionality makes this great to bring to sports matchess or surfing contests. The 14.7MP frame grabs are fun in the pool, down slides and running on the beach. There’s a new front screen with clear usability making capturing simpler. Using the “Hindsight†can be fun or great for serious shots – 30 seconds before you hit the button – great for finding the highlights a soccer game you want to keep later, without having to record the whole game.

Hindsight of GoPro Hero9 Black

GoPro’s ‘Hindsight’ allows you to ingeniously capture 30 seconds of recording before you start recording so if you press the shutter button too late, you’ll still get the shot. aAlternatively, ‘Live burst,’ allows you to record 1.5 seconds before and after your shot – ideal for filming elsuive wildlife. Find your best shot later or share it as a snippet, video.

Webcam stabalization allows for smooth vlogging or face time calls even as you move and with the added re-assurance your GoPro9 is waterproof should the conditions worsen or you even are recording while you paddle board or surfing. All said, GoPro Hero9 black is one of the best thought out action cameras from drawing board to actual action. Check out a great price I found on Amazon (I may get a small commission for purchases).

Extra Features Worth Mentioning

  • How waterproof is the GoPro Hero9 Black? The Hero9 is Waterproof down to 33 Feet
  • Detachable Lens
  • 30% More Battery Life
GoPro Hero9 Black
GoPro Hero9 Black
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