GoPro Quik Video + Photo Editor

GoPro have launched a major, replacement, upgrade of their old APP for smart phones, Gopro users and all digital camera users (including DSLR’s). With the old APP users could remote control their Gopro camera and transfer photos or videos. That was about it. The new offering is a completely different smorgasbord of special features.

Restyled Quik is a simple and fun editing and cloud storage suite with a specifically designed user friendly photo/movie organizer system called ‘Murials’.

With Gopro Inc’s shares surpassing a new 52-week high, of its previous peak of $12.68, this was an ideal week to announce an app which will be the exciting bulwark of their software offerings in 2021 and beyond.

Quik Fast Functions & Murials of Gopro’s New Quik APP

Gopro says an important function of the software is to allow better organisation of your shots to end the frustration of endless scrolling on your smart phone, looking for a photo. The Gopro axiom is: “Best Shots in One Spot”. For example if you wanted to make your 20 shots of you on holiday in Miami easier to find, simply select them and the APP will conveniently place them in an easy to find murial.

Gopro's New Quik APP
Gopro Murials – Gopro’s New Quik APP Makes Organizing and Editing Easier

The APP will automatically add music and special affects to create a film into the bargain, which you can opt to discard or play with (edit’ may be more of an appropriate word to more serious aficionados) such as the easy tap, theme, color filters or a slow mo feature. Apply different themes like ‘magic’ and allow the music to auto sync to the cool edits. Add your own music or choose from Gopro’s royalty free library which can auto ‘beat sync’ to the video.

“GoPro’s New Quik APP makes it simple and fun to finally make sense of the vast number of photos and videos we all have on our phones,”

“You don’t even have to open the Quik app to organize your images, simply share your favorite shots directly to Quik from your camera roll, text threads or wherever your best shots may be. We named it Quik because that’s what it is!”

GoPro founder and CEO, Nicholas Woodman.

How much is Gopro’s new GoPro Quik APP Video + Photo Editor?

Like most things in life, a vast improvement in features and better quality services doesn’t come with out a price. The free trial lets you create up to five Murals. After the free trial you can subscribe for $2 a month or $10 a year, which, customers have been promised will include unlimited cloud storage of data imported into the Quik APP, impressively, at their original quality and size.

Gopro Subscribers

GoPro Subscribers, who pay $49.99/year receive the features of a Quik subscription, plus:

  • Up to 50% off all accessories at Gopro.com
  • $100 off up to 3 new GoPro cameras each year
  • Unlimited cloud storage of their Gopro original quality photos and videos
  • High-quality live streaming from a Gopro to Gopro’s premium streaming platform
  • Guaranteed damaged camera replacement service

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