How to Take Great Selfies and Photos with the Galaxy Z Flip

When you see the Samsung Galaxy flip folded in half with the lens in your direction, it’s like an epiphany moment. Could there possibly be a better design for taking a selfie? Read the advice below about using the smart phone’s special features to make the most of your Galaxy Flip and take your photos to the next level.

Flex Mode: Capture From every Angle you can Find.

Have you ever had a cause to take a spur of the moment selfie with a friend and struggled without a tripod or other camera accessories? The good news is with the Galazy flip you only need it.

Fold your Flip, place it on a stool or a table or even a branch of a tree. Flex mode splits the  display evenly into two 4-inch screens when your device is freestanding and folded so that taking that selfie is easy. Set the timer on the lower horizontal screen, pose and wait.

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The Magic of Live Focus

A superb feature of the Flip, is the live focus which will ensure you and your friend will be the primary cherished main focus of the shot. With the Live Focus on the Galaxy Z Flip, you can adjust the level of background blur as you capture. Maybe the background doesn’t do your memorable moment justice? Luckily Live Focus will let the focus
be on the foreground in order to capture the perfect, background blurred picture. Don’t worry if its a front forward pic of your friend you want to take, Live Focus is on both the main and front camera of the Galaxy Z Flip.

How to Take Great Selfies and Photos with the Galaxy Z Flip
How to Take Great Selfies and Photos with the Galaxy Z Flip – Live Focus Video

So if it’s a quick selfie in a shopping mall or a recording of a quick video recording a  message to friends and family you can ensure that you’re the focus of attention in each capture.

Live Focus
Live Focus Keeps You as the Important Feature During Photos and Videos

Don’t Unfold For Speedy Selfies

Ever been walking in a forest and want to take a selfie next to a butterfly that may take off anytime? Cleverly, the Galaxy fold allows you to take a rapid selfie on the spur of the moment, without unfolding it.

Simply by double clicking the power button on the right hand side of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip while it’s closed, you can open up the camera, check out your shot in the cover display and then either click the volume button or show your palm to the front camera to take your desired shot.

Dual Preview: Helping Quick Usability

Several UI updates are helping photo sessions become easier. Dual preview is one such feature; simply double-tap
the screen to trigger ‘Bottom Preview mode’ which brings the camera control down to the bottom screen, allowing you to hold the phone and take shots with one hand, while your other hand quickly adjusts your top button
or untidy lock of hair.

Cleverly, Dual preview mode Dual Preview, showcases the camera preview screen on the main display and  the front cover display of the Galaxy Z Flip simultaneously. The subject of your photo then gets an idea of their pose in the picture as a whole.

All said, the Galaxy Fold offers users great photo and video features which will keep your shots top of the class and make your blogs and vlogs more visually pleasing. Watch the following video for another take on the great features.

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