How to use a Smart Curtain (Devices and Controls Explained)

How to use a smart curtain is a skill worth learning to turn your house in to a real smart home. The benefits are great and learning installation and operation of a smart curtain is not as difficult as you may think. Measuring your windows, choosing a smart home device like Alexa, Google Home, Echo  and choosing voice commands are topics I’ve got my teeth into. Read until the curtain comes down on, ‘How to use a Smart Curtain (Devices and Controls Explained),’ for the ‘smarts’ on the subject. 

There’s no denying that smart home technology has given us plenty of labor-saving devices for our homes. Of late, the rate of producing new technology has been accelerating amazingly. That’s true for both large and small improvements. One of the areas in which automation has taken over is in curtain smart devices with many companies now providing them to their customers. What was once not even possible, and then became an advantage only for the wealthy has now become available to everyone, and modern technology will be making improvements on these devices every year the same as smart phones.

Opening and closing your curtains daily can be a boring and irritating chore. Sometimes we’re just too tired at the end of a long day to be bothered pulling the drapes or curtains shut. Perhaps you’ve even fallen asleep in the late afternoon, only to find that it is pitch black outside when you’ve awoken. Perhaps you have a disability which makes the task a grind. Well, this is where smart technology comes in. Now you can begin opening and closing your curtains by using your smartphone or home hub. All you need to know is how to use smart device SwitchBot, for example and you will have no more worries.

Let us Explain how this all Works to you

By using a smart device SwitchBot you can convert your curtain into an intelligent and thinking creation in just 30 seconds. Although there are other perfectly fine brands available and I’m not recommending any particular one, in this article, we’re going to explain using a popular SwitchBot as an example of a smart curtain device.

What is a Smart Curtain and a Smart Curtain device?

The SwitchBot (check switchbot on Amazon – we may get a small commission) Curtain can turn any curtain into a motorized, smart curtain after only a short installation. All motorized curtain devices should be relatively easy to put in place and make operational. They are battery powered and come with electric tracks, automatic opening, and remote control using Alexa (Check prices for Alexa on Echo Dot), Google Home or Homekit. These devices are excellent because you needn’t spend a lot of time installing the system, which can be frustrating as well as discouraging, and can certainly take the pleasure out of your new purchase.

The SwitchBot Curtain is a compact, wireless robot that attaches to your curtain, allowing you to open and close your curtain with your smartphone. If you’d prefer, you can actually set a time to automatically open or close the curtain.

Things to Consider When Selecting a Device for a Smart Curtain

1. Installation: once you make the decision to buy a Smart Curtain device, all you really need is one that you can install quickly and without much trouble. Generally, the curtains come with everything you need, such as clearly written instructions, mounting hardware, etc., so you should be just fine.

If you’re looking to save yourself some time and exertion, you should think about purchasing a curtain that comes pre-assembled. The one thing you do not want to do is to hire a professional for this task, because then you will only be adding to your expenses for the project, and also, they don’t come cheap. So keep that in mind when you start thinking about taking the easy way out. This can turn out to be a perfectly fine DIY project with just a little time and patience.

2. Durability: smart curtains are composed of various materials that make them longer lasting and more dependable than others. The materials used to assemble the rods will dictate how long they will be of use. Be certain that they are constructed from heavy duty materials that are made to stand up under every day use and that will last a long time. You can actually purchase curtains that are too heavy for the rod to support them, so you need to keep that in mind when you are making your selections.

3. Size: where size is concerned it all comes down to whether you want the curtains to cover large or small windows. It is essential to determine the correct size for your curtains because you do not want to buy a curtain that doesn’t fit the way it should. Furthermore, the size of your window will affect the size of the curtain rods you need, as they do not come one size fits all. It’s not a complicated thing to do, but it is necessary before you rush out and start buying things.

How to use a curtain smart device: the first thing you need to do is to measure the dimensions of your window and select a rod that will fit those requirements. After that you should be ready to roll.

4. How to use a smart curtain /Ease of Use: for the most part devices for smart curtains are not difficult to use. Essentially, they are wireless controls that allow you to voice activate Amazon Alexa, Siri Voice Control, Echo, Google Assistant, and many more smart control systems. With the use of a remote you can open or close the curtains while relaxing on your sofa. So you want to look for controls that aren’t complicated, but instead, are easy to use and understand.

You can only control your curtains by using either the remote control that should be included, or through the phone application. Some electric curtains come with touch motion activation, which just means that they will open or close automatically when they detect you trying to open or close the curtains by hand. It will happen because we all forget things, but you’ll enjoy your automatic curtains so much that it won’t be very often you make a mistake.

How to use a Smart Curtain (Devices and Controls Explained)
How to use a Smart Curtain (Devices and Controls Explained)


How to use a Smart Curtain (Devices and Controls Explained). SwitchBot Top Features You May Like

How to use a Smart Curtain (Devices and Controls Explained) SwitchBot is pretty simple really. Here are some of its top features:

. Timer feature: this permits users to set the time for the curtain to open and close every day.

. Remote: the SwitchBot remote lets you have control over the curtains without using the smartphone app.

. Touch and go feature: makes it a simple matter to control the curtains with just a light touch.

. Battery: the 1 Lithum ion battery powered feature is perfect for drapes that aren’t too heavy, say up to 8 kg/17 lbs. The battery is rechargeable and is included with your purchase. It can last 8 months depending on the amount of usage. Furthermore, there’s an optional SwitchBot Solar Panel. When this is plugged into the SwitchBot Curtain, you can know with complete confidence that you never will have to charge your battery again.

. Energy saving: with the assistance of a built-in sunlight sensor, your curtains can actually be set to close during the day in summer, thus blocking out the harsh sunlight and saving on the air conditioning.

In the winter just set the curtains to open during the day and you will have a nice warm room and be able to save a bit on heating. The warmth of the sun can be an advantage and can do a great job of heating a room even on a chilly day. You’ll notice the difference in your energy bill. It won’t be astounding, but every little bit of money saved helps.

Frequently Asked Questions on How to use a Smart Curtain (Devices and Controls Explained)

1. Can I control my curtains with Alexa?

There are certain smart curtains that only permit controlling them by use of a wall switch or a remote, but there are also several other options. These hook up to your Wifi to permit control through a smartphone. Moreover, they are compatible with Alexa, Siri, and Google Home.

How to use a Smart Curtain (Devices and Controls Explained)
How to use a Smart Curtain (Devices and Controls Explained). Alexa

It’s also worth stating that the smart curtains that do not connect with Alexa, etc., can be turned into smart curtains by connecting to a third-party hub. Having to do this shouldn’t dismay you because it is a very simple matter.

Once you have connected your device to Alexa, getting the curtains to open should only be one order away. Just say, ‘Alexa, ask the curtains to open.’ The same can be done to close the curtains by substituting the word close for open.

2. How do you install smart curtains?

Installing smart curtains is generally the same from one device to the next. Just make sure you have scissors and a screwdriver handy. If you take the time to read and follow the instructions in the user’s manual, you should be finished after around 2 hours of work.

The smart curtain system package contains all the accessories you’ll require for proper installation. The curtain rail that is supplied is usually adjustable and made to fit a wide array of windows. Just attach you curtains and connect them to your app and you are all set.

3. How exactly do smart curtains function?

A smart curtain normally comes with a curtain track that is connected to a motor and has sensors able to pick up a wifi signal. The motor is then controlled remotely by either a remote, voice assistant, wall switch, or smartphone app to open or close the curtains, or to stop them in a certain position.

How to use a Smart Curtain (Devices and Controls Explained)
How to use a Smart Curtain (Devices and Controls Explained)

4. Is it possible to retrofit my present curtains to make them automatic?

Yes, you should have no problem turning your present curtains into smart curtains, but you need to take into consideration the opening system of your curtains. You should know that most smart curtain tracks will only work correctly with horizontal hook-on curtains. They are not compatible with Grommet curtains. For Grommet curtains, you need to get GrommetKit.

5. How much do motorized curtains cost?

The price for a single smart curtain device can be as little as $230. If it’s a premium option you are interested in, then it can cost as much as $1000 or more. Don’t forget that this price is for one curtain, and will continue to increase according to the number of curtains you’re installing. It would help if you knew for certain how much money you wanted to spend before you go out searching for your curtains.

6. Does my smart curtain device have a long battery life?

Smart Curtain devices normally use 1 Lithium battery that typically lasts 8 months. Lithium batteries are long lasting and dependable. The smart curtain devices can also be run by a solar powered or plug-in power source. Remember that frequency of use will determine precisely how long your battery will last.

7. Does my smart curtain device have a default username and password?

If you receive a yes answer, then what you need to do first is find out how you can change the password before you connect to a network. If it is possible for you to Google the default password for your device, guess what? Someone else can too. And there is no such thing as being too careful online.

8. How much information am I unintentionally sharing?

If your device happens to be linked to a cloud service, do you know exactly how much data the service is gathering about your location? You’d better look over the statement of what the cloud service is permitted to access. Then you want to know how frequently is your new device sharing that information? Is that ok with you? Most importantly, do you have control of what you do and don’t share? Should that prove to be the case, then you may want to think about changing the default permissions.

Smart curtain devices aren’t anything to be concerned about as far as the Internet goes, but it never hurts just to make sure about things. The above warning is more to make you aware that your device can be operating in a manner that you haven’t considered, but you needn’t be alarmed. They are still highly popular and safe options.

The LA Times, reported TV host Oprah Winfrey spent $14 million on a high-tech ski home in Telluride where a radiant heat, smart system, ensures the driveway is free from snow.

Smart curtain devices are here to stay. They work well for most people and are an excellent way of being able to access those hard to reach windows without putting yourself out. You can relax and remain comfortable while enlisting these devices to do the work for you, another feature that is a main reason they are becoming so popular. Plus, it’s great to be able to wake up in the morning and look out the window and see the sun shining back at you. Furthermore, they help you save on your energy bill, and are relatively inexpensive. 

How to use a curtain smart device is not an unsolvable enigma. Installation and operation can be a rewarding, and doable project. Just do your online research, know what you are looking for and what your needs and budget are and you should have no problem selecting a device for a smart curtain that meets your standards.

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