Is 4k Video Better Than 1080p?

Technology in displays and in video recording is advancing it seems all the time. Televisions, video cameras, and cameras have been superseded with new models with better resolutions every few years. Recently, there the industry highlight was 720p, then it was 1080p, and now it seems 4k is the standard shoppers look for. But is 4k video better than 1080p?

When it comes to buying a TV or camera, there are many options available from different brands. The terms HD 1080p and 4k are widely used today and refer to video quality or resolution. 4k is called Ultra High Definition (UHD) and refers to having almost 4,000 pixels. 4K video or displays are sharper, more detailed, and cleaner than 1080p displays and video. But there is a drawback which I reveal later.

It can be a headache for many people to find a suitable television or video action camera if they do not know about the technology used. This article touches on differences between 1080p and 4k to help you navigate through the smorgasboard of questions that can rise when choosing an electronic device.

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Do you want to buy a TV or record videos and don’t know if 4k video better than 1080p? Here you will find the information you need to know the best option between the two resolutions.

Differences between 1080p and 4k

One of the main differences between these options is that in 4k, the video or screen can show up to 4 times the number of pixels than 1080p. 1080p is 1920 x 1080 pixels and 4k resolution is 3840 x 2160 pixels. But this detail will depend on where you are sitting and the size of the screen.

You will not tell the difference between a 1080p and a 4k screen if you are far away. Although you are in a small room and have a very large screen, you will notice the difference because it will be very evident. It will also depend on the view of each person and the place they sit. If you have an excellent view, you can sit away on a 4k screen and still notice the difference. But if you have poor eyesight, you may not see anything extraordinary on the screen. If you wear glasses to correct your vision, you can sit away from the screen without a problem and see the 4k details.

As mentioned above, it will also depend on the size of the screen. At this time, many people already know the video quality of 1080p. It is considered a standard format and is used throughout the world. Video cameras, cameras, televisions come in this high definition 1080p form.

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10 Best Action Cameras Under $100 – 4K: Ultra High Definition (UHD) and refers to having almost 4,000 pixels

Now the 4k format is gaining popularity and has the attention of people who love technology. However, the real difference is the resolution because 1080p is known as High Definition, while 4k is Ultra High Definition.
4k consists of horizontal pixels, and 2,160 pixels refer to vertical pixels. For this reason, 4k offers you greater advantages when it comes to videos and displays.

Having a 4k video camera offers you greater possibilities If you have a 4k camera, it doesn’t mean that you can always use this recording. You can reduce the recording to other formats and normal HD. But it will always have an advantage that differentiates it from 1080p recordings.

If you have a 4k resolution camera and use 1080p, you will have a higher resolution video because it will capture up to 4 times the amount of information. With 4k, you will be able to zoom and cut and not lose the image’s quality. These types of cameras allow you to change perspectives in an interview because you can have close-up and full-body shots.

Is 4k Video Better Than 1080p?
Is 4k Video Better Than 1080p?

But is 4k video better than 1080p video? It depends on each person and the work they want to do. Some people still prefer to record 1080p video because 4k files are ‘heavier’ or larger. This means that you can only record on a memory card for a limited period, and you will need a good computer to download it.

Recording in 4k resolution will also drain your battery more quickly. This means that recording 1080p videos are a better option if you want to record videos in slow motion.

Reasons why 4k video outperforms 1080p video

There are three main reasons why 4k video is superior to 1080p resolution video:

Resolution Details

When it comes to high definition televisions that use the 4k format, they can reproduce every detail with a more noticeable contrast. This is one of the best benefits that 4k offers you for its almost 4,000 pixels than 1080p. There are images where these details are most noticeable and in the feathers and the hair’s rendering. Pictures with fine details are more impressive in 4k videos.

Closer view

It also allows a person to get closer to the screen to enjoy the image. The proper distance for 4k screens is almost twice as close as for normal TV screens. This is because you will be able to see the details when you sit closer. If you sit far away, you will not see the benefits of the 4k picture. Either way, you will always have a clearer image regardless of the distance between you and the screen.

Descending K’s

In general, a recording should be reduced to a lower resolution. In a 4k video, you may want to scale down to a 2k definition. With this option, you can achieve a clearer image than if you recorded it directly with a 2k recording because the image will be more detailed.


For people who want a video with a high experience and cinematic quality, 4k video will be your best choice. You will have all the requirements you need to achieve detailed work of excellent quality. Currently, many well-known brands sell 4k televisions, and they have affordable prices. There are also video cameras that come with this format which will be labelled: Ultra High Definition (UHD) video.

Conclusion: Is 4k Video Better Than 1080p?

4K videos have become very popular in recent years, and large production companies are making this technology standard. Now most brands offer you 4k cameras and televisions so that you can enjoy them in your daily videos. With a 4k TV, you can watch your movies in a better quality format and with sharper details.

If you already understand the difference between both formats and you know is 4k video better than 1080p, you can decide which resolution you want for your screen or video. It will also depend on your needs and the price you want to spend to get a 4k resolution. Those who want to keep up with the technology can look to 4k to start noticing the differences with 1080p video.

Remember that to see the 4k details to consider is the screen’s size, the quality of the view, and how far you feel comfortable where you are positioned when you watch the screen.


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