Learn How To Scan Documents With A Smartphone

Learn How To Scan Documents With A Smartphone

How To Scan Documents With Google Drive And Android Devices

1. Type Google Drive in Google search on your device. Your
device will take you to the Google drive APP in the Google Android Market.
2. Press ‘update’ if your APP hasn’t been updated for a while.
3. Press open.
4. In the bottom corner press the ADD icon.
5. Press scan
6. Take a photo and press the tick in the top right corner.
7. You can opt to use the crop tool to trim the image.
8. Press ‘Scan to PDF’
9. save your new PDF to cloud.

A further advantage of saving a scanned piece of writing as a PDF, is you may copy the text and paste it into most applications like Watsapp or into the body of an email.

Learn How To Scan Documents With A Smartphone
Learn How To Scan Documents With A Smartphone – Android Phone

How To Scan Documents With An iPhone

1. Open Apple Notes APP (Installed on every iPhone).
2. Start a new note and then press the camera icon in the corner.
3. Press the Scan Document option.
4. Position document in front of the camera and it will automatically scan,
cropping and optimizing the image.
5. Save the image as a photo or file of your choice. Document
scans will work on an iPhone or iPad.

The benefits of scanning with your Apple don’t stop there. Use the iPhone’s convenient built-in sharing tools to send the scanned  document by email, AirDrop to nearby iPhone users, or through apps like Outlook, We Chat or other chat APP’s. Apple is always improving their software and users can be grateful for the update in the latest iOS 14 update which has made scanning more precise and quicker.

How To Scan Documents With An iPhone
How To Scan Documents With An iPhone

Interesting Facts About Scanning Machines

What is a Scanner Device?

An image scanner, often called just a scanner, is a device that optically scans printed text, handwriting, images or an object and converts it to a digital image, which are typically stored or printed.

What Was The First Scanner?

The pantelegraph (read more on Wikipedia) was the first scanning machine, which was an early type of facsimile machine. It worked by  transmitting over telegraph lines; it was developed by Giovanni Caselli, and used commercially in the 1860s, The device used electromagnets to drive and ‘synchronize movement of pendulums at the source and the distant location’, to scan and reproduce written text, signatures ink drawings and photos. It could send these images within an area of up to 150 × 100 mm.

The pantelegraph was the first scanning machine
The Pantelegraph was the first Scanning Machine | An Early Facsimile

Nowadays, rechargeable document scanners, still, are very popular in the workplace and home office.  Some users prefer the stable, user friendly flat bed approach to scanning documents.

What are the Advantages of a Hand Held Scanner?

Digital cameras have the benefit of speedier scans, portable use and contactless use when it comes to digitizing thick books without damaging the book spine. Learning how to scan documents with a smartphone is a well worth skill to learn.

What Are The Benefits of Scanning With a Smartphone?

The benefits of smartphone scanning are plenty. Scan letters, bills, news paper articles to keep for later. Plus, for students, having an organized collection of scanned notes easily accessible on a Google Drive account/Apple i Cloud or simply on a device is a great benefit when it comes to studying. While teachers, too, can access, large amounts of information, on their devices, locally or on their remote storage accounts.

If you need docs when you’re offline, perhaps in areas with poor internet, scanning the info and saving locally is also a great benefit of being able to scan. With more and more people working at home the handy scan tool on smart phones is a dream come true. You could say to learn how to scan documents with a smartphone is a benefit to many.

There’ isn’t the need to buy a photo scanner, which was the standard paired device with home computers and printers, not so long ago. Cameras on smartphones are getting better every year so documents are saved at ever better quality. My advice – simply, use your phone to scan, save the files and then send to your computer for home printing. Alternatively, send the scanned files by email or chat APP to your local printer and collect the printed
documents at your convenience. Learn how to scan documents with a smartphone and help your day to day life.



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