SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus, is a tablet offering superb audio quality, quick charging, a sharp TFT LCD screen, reconciled with an updated free flowing pen, to make work presentations a breeze … or cinema nights a pleasure. Donned in silver, bronze, navy blue or black, jealous glances are sure to be thrown your way. One thing that has always been a design flaw with tablets is that to previously read your tablet you’d have to prop it up against books or crane your neck awkwardly down as it lies flat on a kitchen table. Not any more, for the price of a few cappuccinos you can get yourself a great tablet stand.

Let’s look at the SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7 Plus specs and benefits in brief…

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7 Plus Specs

  • Performance of a PC at an affordable price.
  •  Experience sharp brightness and clarity for face time calls or selfies with the wide 13MP and ultra-wide 5MP dual back, and 8MP front-facing cameras.
  • Portability: Transform your tablet into a PC experience with DeX mode  and an optional keyboard with an expanded track pad.
  • Upgraded S Pen: an improved 9ms Pen latency for quicker and better flow.
  • Cinema style:  cinematic viewing with an  edge-to-edge screen. TFT LCD screen
  • AKG quad speakers with Dolby Atmos Surround sound.
  • Gaming: an immersive screen and Bluetooth-enabled controller
  • Fast charging with a USB-C port. Play, read, work, for hours on a single charge.cameras.
  • Samsung Sync services. Health monitoring. Easily sync up and share content with compatible Samsung devices.

Opinion on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus

The TFT LCD screen maybe the best screen ever on a tablet. I’m saying that as a previous happy user with both a  12.9 inch iPad Pro and Asus. They’re both very good, but this is a higher level for a few good reasons. Quad speakers fill a room with pro cinematic sound plus the screen quality from edge to edge. I struggle to find a down side to this item. The words: “superior product,” comes to mind. 

Aesthetically, little separates the Galaxy Tab S7+ from other hight end tablets like the iPad Pro. The chassis and back of the Galaxy Tab S7+ are constructed of aluminum and available in four stylish hues.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7 Plus
SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7 Plus

The weight of the tablet is well-distributed, making it easy to grip for long periods. A slim camera and a magnetic connector for the S Pen are on the top left corner. A small downside: the connector for the S Pen is not as well positioned or as strong in holding the pen as you’d find on the iPad Pro. But it won’t go flying off any time soon with normal use.

With a maximum volume of 96dB, 4 audio speakers are loud enough for conference calls, and there’s also Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity for wireless audio with the Galaxy Buds Live or your favorite Bluetooth speakers…nice.

Unlike Apple’s $129 Pencil, Samsung throws its S Pen in with the box with the Tab S7+ which is a great bonus, plus the S Pen gets better and better.  It  charges wirelessly when connected to the back of the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus. The S pen is inherently, handy both from a business perspective such as when signing documents and from a creative perspective with art Apps. An ultra fast refresh rate makes the Tab S7 Plus a high end gaming platform too. Great for when business ends and fun begins.

Check out the great price I found on Amazon (we may get a small commission on purchases).


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