Smart Doorbell Q & A

The smart doorbell is much more than just a system for visitor notification.The Smart doorbell device has multi functions to improve daily lives. They now include as standard: live video feeds and the ability to answer your door from anywhere if you have a smart phone; advanced smart door bells boast face recognition and enhanced security features. The option to play funny tunes like Halloween jingles may even be the feature that ‘rings your bell’.

Smart doorbells are internet-connected replacements for traditional doorbells which in comparison are simply warning drums that a visitor has trodden on your welcome mat. A smart doorbell device can ring other smart devices in your home such as your smartphone and can be integrated into a smart home systems.

Smart doorbell devices can be programmed to display real time video and audio feeds from your front door. You may think the world has gone ‘smart’ crazy but in reality you don’t have to be the smartest to use them. Don’t be too alarmed, by techno babble; read on and we’ll describe smart alarm devices simply; sound us out in the comments section below if you have any questions.

These days most smart doorbells include video doorbell functions, as they have cameras included but they do much more than just notify you when a visitor arrives. The latest generation of smart doorbells continue to build on the basic functions they used to provide, to the stage where they are now integral parts of Smart Home Security systems.

Not long ago it seems virtual device assistants were only science fiction, in the realms of the old TV series Night Rider (the talking car) but now they are here for all of us with an internet connection, and about 100 bucks to spare. Read to the end of the article to view some interesting ways to use today’s smart doorbells.

Smart Doorbell Q & A

Pressing the Right Buttons – Benefits of The Smart Doorbell

  • Door-Answering Features
  • Security Camera Features
  • Key features of Smart Doorbells and how they can be used
  • Installation

The Smart Doorbell Device – Voice Command Answering Features

Firstly and of primary importance in a smart doorbell device: when a visitor pushes the button on the smart doorbell a notification will be sent to whatever device you have connected to the system, whether you are in the house or not.

The majority of smart doorbells also offer two-way audio as well as real-time video feeds. Users can either decide to answer the doorbell or look for additional information before you do so.

Smart Doorbell Q & A
Smart Doorbell Q & A

One of the key benefits of smart doorbells is that you now know who is at your door before you ever have to go near it. You can choose to either, answer the doorbell if you recognize who’s at the door. You can create a two-way audio conversation through your smartphone to discuss why the person is ringing your doorbell.

Some smart doorbells will provide you with handy options to play pre-recorded messages such as “Please leave it at the doorstep thank you” if you’re dealing with someone who’s delivering a package.

The Smart doorbell device provides homeowners with the opportunity to screen their visitors, to answer the doorbells from wherever they are, and use their smartphones as security accessories, all of which provide a much higher level of safety.

The Smart Doorbell Device
The Smart Doorbell Device – Screen Your Visitors

The Smart Doorbell Device – Record Who’s Visited Your Door

The addition of voice commands and smart assistance integrated into a smart doorbell device can provide homeowners with a door answering experience that’s far more enhanced than ever before. Most smart doorbells can be integrated with smart home systems such as Alexa, Google nest or Amazon Echo. This can provide you with the facility to record who’s at your door whenever a visitor presses the smart doorbell button. Plus add other enhancements that we’ll go through  in the article to show smart doorbells are not all about security.

Smart Doorbells – Act as Home Security Cameras

Smart doorbells also operate as security cameras and provide owners with additional door answering security features as well as security camera functions. Some smart doorbell cameras work with artificial intelligence to provide person recognition and allow home security systems to filter out false positives

Smart camera devices won’t record a bush on a tree branch moving across the system on a windy day. Since they’ve been designed to recognize people over just general motion and they can also identify when you’re receiving a package delivery and even identify more familiar faces.

The Smart Doorbell Device – Cloud Storage

One of the biggest questions people who are purchasing smart doorbells should ask is whether they’re going to run with a system that’s based on cloud video storage or built-in memory. Cloud systems connect to Google nest but these require a subscription to make use of the video storage features. But one of the key advantages of this is that it allows for 24/7 continuous recording of your true smart doorbell.

Other systems will only allow you to record a short burst of video and sound whenever they detect them, which is a great asset. One of the biggest benefits of cloud backup is that if someone steals your camera you should be able to use the video footage to help identify the thief.

Smart Doorbell Q & A

They are such a wide variety of reasons to install a smart doorbell even outside of the fact that they’ll boost the security and safety of your premises. Here are what experts in the field of home security see as other key benefits of installing a smart doorbell in your home.

1. Smart Doorbells can be Programmed to Warn Burglars

One of the most popular smart doorbells on the market from “Ring” is and video doorbell. Its camera can be programmed to discourage burglars, in theory most burgers like to sniff around homes within their comfort zones ie: old fashioned security.

Before ever considering committing a burglary most thieves will first check out the security measures of the home or premises. If they can clearly see they will be recorded in the process, chances are they will simply look elsewhere. Installing a system that can clearly notify a burger and that they’re in the wrong place will automatically boost your home safety.

2. Motion Activation, Weather Resistant, Night Vision

The better smart doorbell devices are weather resistant, Wi-Fi compatible, and have wide-angle camera Lenses, all of which can be motion activated (read about motion activation vision on Wikipedia). Despite offering these additional security features many of these smart doorbells remain ultra slim and easy to attach to your home.

Most come with live video feeds and two-way talk options as well as night vision capabilities. You can also set up customizable alert zones and connect them to your Wi-Fi system. Some of the more advanced systems come with customizable motion zones so you can focus the lens on your most vulnerable areas

 3. Operates as a Digital Checkpoint

Install the right smart doorbell device and you’ll never have to worry about answering doors to someone you’re trying to avoid ever again. You’ll effectively be installing a digital checkpoint which allow you to screen for actual visitors and delivery people, from unwanted sales people and intruders.

Someone come with an auto alarm feature which will allow it’s wide angle camera to cover your full frontal porch area; whenever the camera is tripped you will instantly get a live feed and you will have access to a two-way talk system what will allow you to either instruct delivery people, welcome visitors or deter unwanted intruders.

4. The Smart Doorbell Device – Cross Platform Compatibility

Smart doorbells can be connected to a variety of different devices including your smartphone anywhere you have access to the internet whether you’re working on the Mac OS, Android iOS or windows 10 you will be able to access your smart mobile system. Regardless of the platform you’re working on whenever someone either trips the camera or hits your doorbell you will automatically get access to your video Wi-Fi feed. Link it to your home’s virtual assistant for best multi utilization of features.

5. Cost Effective Security System

In terms of comparing the effectiveness of a smart doorbell systems with their cost you’ll quickly find that the return on your investment is more than acceptable. It’s difficult to calculate the real worth of a smart doorbell system, but if you use your imagination, you can quickly see how productive and rewarding these small devices are compared with similar camera systems of decades past. The reduction in anxiety alone is worth the cost.

 6. Recording of Important Evidence

Your ability to provide the police with high quality video footage could be the difference between you recovering any stolen items and getting an insurance payment.

How Does a Smart Doorbell Work (with Apple, Alexa, Siri) ?
How Does a Smart Doorbell Work (with Apple, Alexa, Siri)? Record Important Evidence

7. Follow up Remotely

Whether you are inside or out of your home and delivery man can always claim that they have delivered your package. However now you have the ability to record anyone who comes to your door with your smart doorbell.

You will be provided with a clear chain of video with an accurate time and date stamp. In many cases this will help you provide clear evidence as to whether or not to delivery man has done what he said he did, or even what weather they’ve left the parcel in an unsafe place.

8. A complete Home Control System

Many smart doorbells work with in tandem smart home security systems and they allow you to control other aspects of your home as well as connecting with your smart home devices such as your Google home, Siri, Amazon Echo, or Alexa. You can also connect them to your mobile devices and as soon as your smart doorbell is triggered you will get an instant notification.

9. Screen Visitors Safely

One of the major benefits of smart doorbells place that you get an additional barrier between you and any potential security risks. For example when a doorbell rings, you usually have to go to the door to see who’s there. That is now a thing of the past, when someone rings your smart doorbell it’s triggers a video feed that will come to your smartphone providing you with the opportunity to either answer the door or ignore it.

10. Works Hand in Hand with IFTTT

When you install a smart doorbell system you can connect it to what’s known as the IFTTT. This is a free web-based service that can link your smart home management system to your wireless doorbell. Ensuring that all your smart devices are running harmoniously and provides you with an additional level of control which can be accessed through your smartphone. Even know the weather forecast. (Read about IFTTT at Wikipedia).

11. Smart Doorbell Devices Help with your Children’s Security

One of the biggest problem facing parents have is doing their best to endure the security of their children and a smart doorbell is important factor in new home security.

A smart doorbell means your kids will no longer have to answer the door. You can also be alerted to their coming and going. Whether they’re my friends are visiting, when they are coming and going to school. The smart doorbell operates wirelessly It can send you notifications to your smartphone about the visitor on your welcome mat.

The Smart Doorbell Device
The Smart Doorbell Device – Benefits

12. Reduced Insurance Costs

As part of a smart home technology system, a smart doorbell is something that your insurance company will like. Anytime you upgrade the security of your home it reduces the risk to your insurance company, always contact them to see if your premium can be reduced.

13.  Possible Free Replacements

Many suppliers offer customers a lifetime purchase protection agreement on many doorbells, these ensure that any smart doorbell that is either damaged or stolen will be replaced with a new one as soon a possible.

14. Many Features From Funny Chimes to Floodlights

Smart doorbell systems offer a wide variety of different benefits and features. When you’re purchasing one make sure you check carefully to see what benefits are included. For example, if you want a floodlight, your smart doorbell can be programmed to activate this additional layer of security.

Adding this feature to your home security system allows your smart doorbell keeps your front yard both safe and pleasant. Programming a smart doorbell to be triggered by your flood light it’s just one option you can consider.

You can also get one that has a siren, and many can interact with Alexa, Apple Homekit, Google Nest and more to hoot out funny doorbell noises like a haunting sound at Halloween which will give your callers the ghost.

There’s such a wide variety of features that come with newer smart doorbells, many of which are controlled directly from your tablet or smartphone

15. Peace of Mind

As you see there are huge number of benefits to Smart doorbells but above all else when we ask people why they like their smart home security systems, most talk about peace of mind above everything else; the fact that they’re no longer worried with the doorbell ringing, as they can simply look at their smartphone and decide whether or not they won’t answer the door, depending on who’s darkened it.

Simple Steps to Install a Smart Doorbell Device

When purchasing a smart doorbell device you need to consider power supply and usually they’ll come in three categories

  • Low voltage wiring
  • Battery operated
  • GFCI outlet plugin

One of the most popular smart doorbell devices on the market is the Nest Hello, This system is run on a low voltage wiring system. Despite what you might think, this type of smart doorbell is far more common than you might think and works perfectly well.

Please remember if you are not an experienced electrician contact a professional to avoid risking injury.

A Video of Funny Smart Door Bell Rings

An Example of Video Interaction with a Smart Doorbell


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