Sony is Ahead on the World’s Largest Smartphone Camera Sensor

Sony is zooming ahead with its plans to build the world’s largest smartphone camera sensor, which will be the first ever 1-inch mobile camera sensor. Further breaking news according to reliable sources, the new sensor will appear in the Huawei P50 series, launching this year.

The camera sensor is a vital part of the camera’s hardware, capturing light and transforming what we see through an LCD or viewfinder into an image.

Sensors play an important role in the quality and size of a photo. The surface of a sensor contains millions of photosites (known as pixels) which are responsible for capturing light. A larger sensor can fit more and bigger photosites than a small one. This means a smartphone with a larger sensor can produce photos of a quality good enough to print and display.

Sony is Developing the World’s Largest Smartphone Camera Sensor.

Reliable twitter leaker, @rodent950 claims In the tweet, describes the camera configuration for the three new P50 phones. The cheaper model will have three cameras including the main sensor, an ultra wide angle camera, and a telephoto camera.

The Huawei P50 Pro will also have three rear cameras but exchange the telephoto camera for a periscope camera which, Huawei says creates better zoom capabilities.

The Huawei P50 Pro+ will have an array of five cameras the main new Sony sensor, ultra wide, telephoto, and ToF camera and periscope.

The boost in hardware comes timely, with Chinese firm OPPO outselling Huawei in China for the first time this month.

The irrepressible informant also revealed he expects Huawei will stay with a 50MP lens with an RYYB filter for the new sensor. I predict a return of features such as omnidirectional PDAF for auto focus.

With the new 1-inch mobile sensor is officially announced in April then the
Huawei P50 series won’t be able launch in March (unlike the P40), which we are accustomed to with Huawei phones.

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