Sustainable Samsung Neo QLED TV

‘Environmental sustainability,’ is an important axiom for Samsung Electronics. From the very drawing board to the final recycling stages after the product has been finished with, are just as important as the use of the product itself. 

The Sustainable Samsung Neo QLED TV: mini LEDs to battery free remote control and a whole lot of other considerations is Samsung treading down the right path for the sake of the environment.

A principal example is the sustainable Samsung Neo QLED TV. It’s a given most of us would like this shinny piece of hardware above the hearth. However, there’s a lot more on the sustainable side than it’s gleams, glints and billion colors.

Sustainable packaging is high on the agenda, as are power-efficient semiconductor chips and over all power saving technologies. Let’s explore the NEO QLED TV production cycle in sustainable terms to understand the company’s emphasis on sustainability.

The Sustainable Samsung Neo QLED TV: Mini LEDs to Battery Free Remote Control

An impressive product: the solar powered remote control will surely become an industry standard for sustainability and the environment thanks to Samsung.

Sustainable Samsung Neo QLED TV: MIni LEDs to Battery Free Remote Control
Sustainable Samsung Neo QLED TV: MIni LEDs to Battery Free Remote Control

Samsung’s Sustainable Production Cycle

  1.  Eco-Conscious Design Process
  2. Components Consideration
  3. Sustainable Accessories
  4. Energy Conscious
  5. Less Materials – Less Impact
  6. Sustainable Packaging
  7. Collection: (Re-Plus) Program
  8. Upcycling (Upboxing Green)

Samsung Sustainability Cycle in Practice

  1. Planning: taking into consideration the environmental impact of the product’s lifecycle.
  2. Components Consideration: Quantum mini LED improving light by over 11%
  3. Sustainable: remote controls that don’t run on batteries. Instead through an embedded solar panel.
  4. Energy: One Quarter more efficient due to improved back lighting.
  5. Quantum mini LED are small so they use less resources to build.
  6. Packaging: Recycled plastic in packaging and accessories and staples replaced with glue.
  7. Samsung supports recycling take back in 55 countries.
  8. Packaging with cardboard encourages users to re-use the packaging in useful ways.

These sustainable policy implementation are showcased by Samsung’s latest TV lineup. The 75-inch Neo QLED TV (QN90A) which is the recipient of the eight tenants which in my opinion are praiseworthy to say the least. Let’s hope for a continued indomitable march down the path of product sustainability.

Sustainable Samsung Neo QLED TV: MIni LEDs to Battery Free Remote Control
Sustainable Samsung Neo QLED TV: MIni LEDs to Battery Free Remote Control

What is The Samsung Neo QLED TV?

After learning about the sustainable product cycle what is the Samsung Neo QLED TV? This spectacular looking TV is the slimmest Samsung yet so it hangs on the wall like an oil painting in a gallery. A billion stay true colors have a so called, ‘infinity screen,’ which makes you believe you’re stepping into another world of sunbaked hues and lines and glimmers. With Q-Symphony sound bar you feel like you’re listening to that world you’re stepping into, too.

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