Three Moto Smartwatches Due For Summer Launch

The Moto 360 smartwatch was released last year to much fanfare. PC magazine said it “It is the best looking smartphone you can get right now.” But Motorola are not resting on their laurels according online sleuths. Recently, according to snippets of a stop the press moment appeared from EbuyNow who partner with Motorola with the brand license for global rights on Motorola Wearables.

Three Moto Smartwatches Due For Summer Launch

The new Moto One will resemble the Moto 360, in shape and size, though with different color scheme options and fascinatingly with an Apple Watch / Fitbit Versa form factor. Leaks hint of a more budget watch, called a Moto G smartwatch scheduled a month before the other two.

New Moto G Smartwatch
New Moto G Smartwatch – Three Moto Smartwatches Due For Summer Launch

With Qualcomm as one of its major partners, we can give an educated guess the higher end of the range will adopt the Snapdragon Wear 4100 platform with at least 1GB of RAM which should cope with all of our favorite apps. A Snapdragon 3100 is likely to power the budget offerings of this Lenovo owned tech giant.

So called Twitter leaker Felipe Berhau claims that the Moto G Smartwatch will be the first to released, in June. with the other two arriving in July. The Moto G is very similar to the current 360 and who can blame them from not deviating from the beautiful simple circular shape of stainless steel.

New Moto Watch and One Smartwatch
New Moto Watch and One Smartwatch – Three Moto Smartwatches Due For Summer Launch

A more sqaure design shapes the preliminary drafts released of the Moto Watch, with tones reminiscent of Apple watch series, with just one button on the side and a flatter look. With initial renderings of the new 360 showing a white design with a clear back that shows the inner workings, colors could easily be changed between now and launch date.

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