VUCATIMES N20 10-inch Tablet, Android 10.0 Review

A 5G tablet from VUCATIMES, known as the, ‘Vucapad’, the VUCATIMES N20 10-inch Tablet, Android 10.0, features some specs worth mentioning, that places this tablet on level playing field with bigger manufacturers. A 178 degree viewing angle is useful when you’re in transit and makes for a clear and comfortable viewing experience. The 1920 x 1200 resolution places the VUCATIMES in the same bracket as far pricier entry level tablets such as the Lenovo 82AM000EUS. Let’s begin with a look at the power behind this economical tablet and a look at just what we need for every day use.

Power Behind the VUCATIMES

The 8-core processor with 3 GB RAM and 64 GB Rom is a standard for high end smart phones. RAM (or random access memory) is the part of your tablet where your apps go to work once they’ve been loaded. Having more RAM helps to let more apps run simultaneously without pushing any of them to sleep or close.

Only serious gamers may breach 3 GB of ROM. As an example, YouTube uses 0.23GB. 3 GB of ROM is usually the go to number of most users spending a lot more. In short it will satisfy almost all kinds of app scenario.

VUCATIMES N20 10-inch Tablet, Android 10.0 Review
VUCATIMES N20 10-inch Tablet, Android 10.0 Review

Cameras – Front and Back

Camera use is an ever more important feature of smart devices and lap tops and with tablets being more portable than laptops a good camera duo is arguably more important. A 5 MP front camera is high spec for family selfies and the like. A 13 MP rear camera is ideal for holiday snaps or shooting your favorite landscapes.

The 10.1 inch screen is not too big or too small to carry out office tasks, run Word and comfortably carry out business face time calls. While it can certainly be used for gaming and watching movies thanks to the clear, crisp, glass screen which is responsive – notwithstanding the processing speed which is fast to say the least for an entry tablet. A nice feature on the face of it is the N20 supports stylus pens. However, they’re not as accurate as dedicated tablets, which could be expected.

VUCATIMES N20 10-inch
VUCATIMES N20 10-inch has 3 GB RAM

Battery Power

Nobody wants a device that needs to be charged every two hours, right? Well, the VUCATIMES built-in 6,000mAh battery is right up with the latest offerings of far more expensive tablets;  8.5 hours of video watching with a single charge isn’t too shabby and great for long journeys. And12 hours browsing is enough for any square eyed, gaming fan.

What is the expandable memory of the VUCATIMES N20?

  • The maximum expandable memory of the VUCATIMES N20 tablet is 512GB.


If you are looking for a 10.1 inch tablet that tablets that are in step with the latest technology and specs, you could do a lot worse than opt for the Vucatimes N20. Many tablets are out of pace and especially at this price. Not only does this tablet pack a punch, power wise, the OS is sharp and responsive, there’s HD video and 5G internet,  Bluetooth 5, bgn/AC WiFi, and DDR4 support. The device looks stylish too, with a gray metal encasing.

I can see many parents plumping for the VUCATIMES N20, for it’s user friendly touch responsiveness will easily allow for kids cartoons, learning games and movies at a price that won’t break the bank should your toddler wander off with it and drop it in the bath.

VUCATIMES N20 10-inch Tablet, Android 10.0 Review
VUCATIMES N20 10-inch Tablet, Android 10.0 Review

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