Many shoppers anticipate that their orders from Apple will be delivered right away at their doorsteps this Christmas. However, this will not be the scenario, as delayed issues will be expected.

There are released news articles about the company’s recent announcement that it might take weeks before shoppers can receive their purchase of Apple products.

Although it is not something new to wait for an Apple product, particularly with the yearly release of new and upgraded top-tier products, resulting in pile up and high volume of orders.

But compared to the previous years, patrons and shoppers are experiencing more delays with the Apple products they have purchased.

Delayed Delivery of Apple’s New Products

Apple’s newest products (see our last posts about Apple) such as MacBook Pro, iPhone 13, and so on, will not be released and will be expected to deliver around November or in the last month of the year.

Not only that, Apple products like MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro that were released in much earlier dates are also in the same case.

In addition, shoppers may also expect that the newest MacBook Pro versions they have ordered via Apple’s web official store will be delivered at their homes a bit late from the expected arrival dates.

Other Apple products that are under customized configurations are also expected to be delivered late, probably around the first couple of weeks in 2022.

The availability of Apple products in physical stores is also in short stocks and supply due to some factors.

A standard configuration of the MacBook Pro is currently unavailable for pickup to any official Apple Store worldwide. This may be because of several factors that affect the technology shortage offered by Apple.

Apple Products

Factors that Affect Delayed Delivery of Apple Products

There are numerous factors that greatly affect the delayed delivery of the Apple products to shoppers and buyers’ addresses. One reason may be the breakdowns of tech-product manufacturers due to the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic.

There is also a rising issue of short stock and supply of industry-wide chip materials. And another thing is that there is a high volume and strong demand for the newest models of MacBook Pro.

But the company made it clear that this is not the buyer’s or their patron’s cause why the delivery of Apple devices is delayed this December.

What to expect from Apple in 2022?

Considering it’s the last month of the year, and 2022 is waving already, Apple’s splurge of launches of new hot items also comes to an end.

But the thing is, what consumers and shoppers expect from Apple this coming year? Several reports and news articles are leaked about the company releasing new interesting additions to their Mac, iPad, and iPhone products.

There are a couple of leaked information about the upcoming Apple products to be released in the market next year, but possible delayed production of it is also expected.

Supply Chain Dilemma

The unprecedented occurrence of COVID-19 has significantly affected the business industries worldwide. While almost every country faced lockdown, the lower number of public demands had also impacted the active undertaking of industrial businesses.

Despite that, there is already an increased level of demands from the public, more particular with the goods in insufficient supply; the merchandise and cargo fees from China all the way to other certain parts and countries around the world such as across Europe and the United States have skyrocketed, resulting in higher prices of the products once arrive at any respective stores.

The dilemma on the side of the business industry is considered one of the huge provocations to each country, considering that the economic system rises again.

It also affected some companies to experience the mounting costs spent on supply chain breakdowns, and thus, a higher indicator of debasing revenue.

This supply chain dilemma is predicted to be more challenging for more upcoming years to come. It will not be easy for the economy to go back to its previous state, wherein a problem in the supply chain around the world is not that huge.

That being said, due to the emergence of supply chain trouble, delayed delivery of most of the essential products, including techy products, its production, and everything in the process is tremendously affected.

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