best bluetooth key tracker 2020

I am among those people who have this habit of losing things all the time may it be car keys, my cellphone, and my wallet. It gets pretty annoying when I am already running late, and searching my belonging takes another 20 minutes. 9 Best Bluetooth Key Trackers for 2020 is written to help people like me.

I was the happiest when the Bluetooth Key tracker was introduced to the world, these tiny chips can be attached to your precious belongings (car keys, wallet, cellphone even pet ) and help you locate them whenever they are misplaced. I’m sure that there are many people out there who tends to forget the way I do and that is why, this article is dedicated to all the best Bluetooth key trackers of year 2020 that are available in the market.

We have been testing a number of best Bluetooth key trackers since weeks and narrowed down the list of best once for you.  These are top Bluetooth key trackers in terms of performance, quality, coverage, alarm sounds, and battery life etc.

These tiny yet best Bluetooth key trackers even help you track down your cellphone while it is on silent and some of them even help you click selfies eliminating the need of a selfie stick. What else do you need from a device that helps you find your lost items in no time and with a single touch on the screen?

The Best Bluetooth Key Trackers 2020

1.Tile Mate Best Bluetooth Key Tracker

Tile is a hot selling no.1 product on the list of best Bluetooth key trackers 2020. If you are a person who keeps forgetting their keys and cellphone in random places then Tile Mate is what you need. It helps you to track down your belongings with the help of Bluetooth connectivity.

All you have to is to synchronize the chip with your cellphone and clip it on the object, ring the bell whenever you are not able to find it in your own within a 100-foot range. It is IP57 tested for added convenience, besides the free tile app remembers the last place where it saw your tile in case you have a blurred memory. It is Alexa and Google compatible which helps you to find the lost items by simple voice commands. It comes with a one year of battery life, counted from the date of shipment and that’s what we liked about from one of the best Bluetooth key tracker.

best bluetooth key tracker 2020

2.TrackR Best Bluetooth Tracking Device

We all get that little feeling of panic whenever we seem to lose our cellphone, house and car keys. Well, thanks to the evolving technology we have finally discovered a solution for such problems too. TrackR the best Bluetooth key tracker help you locate the lost item that is within 100 ft of your range. With an integrated app, it will ring the connected device until you are able to find it. It is equipped with LED lights which makes it more convenient to spot in the dark.

If you have lost the item outdoors the TrackR’s global Crowd Locate feature will alert you when your missing item has been spotted by the existing user of TrackR. It can even ring your phone on silent by the double press how convenient is that. Besides, it is compatible with most of the OS followed by Alexa and Google Assistance. It comes with a replaceable battery, the device will send you alerts when your battery will be running low and all these features makes it one of the best Bluetooth key trackers of year 2020.

best bluetooth key tracker 2020

3.Esky Best Bluetooth Key Tracker

Eksy is slightly versatile and with a unique concept in comparison to other best Bluetooth item trackers. It features a transmitter that is connected with 4 different colored tracking chips. On the contrary, it does not work with a smartphone instead the whole process is managed through the integrated transmitter/remote.

All you gotta do is to attach the receivers to the items in your home, and when they are lost you have to just press the corresponding color on the transmitter to track your belongings. You can spot the item within 30 meters of your range, the remote and the chips are equipped with a light for better visibility at night.

best bluetooth key tracker 2020

4.Rinex Best Bluetooth Key Finder

With this one of the best Bluetooth key trackers, you will never have to worry about searching your car keys while running late for the office. Rinex will help you save a lot of time, as it will help you in tracking down your misplaced belonging with the help of your smartphone. Attach the GPS tracker to your car keychain, remote control even you can attach it in the collar of your pet to find them easily when in rush. So next time whenever you will lose an item, just login in the app in your smartphone.

It will ring an alarm, flash the LED light or will show you the exact GPS location of your belonging. It is extremely lightweight and features a very slim design and can be carried in a wallet.

5.Chipolo Bluetooth Key and Phone Finder

Chipolo is the loudest on the list of best Bluetooth key finders with 100 DB audio whenever you hit the ring button. It is resistant to water splashes and runs for one year smoothly without requiring a battery change or additional charging. Besides the integrated app remember the last place where the attached item was spotted.

In case if you are not able to locate the item the community members are always welcome for the help. Mark the item lost and whenever any Chipolo member will get close to your item, you will get an alert with the current location.

best bluetooth key tracker 2020

6.Pixie Best Bluetooth Item Tracker

The 2-in-1 best Bluetooth key finders works with both audio and visual location method. However, it is suggested that the device should only be used for indoor item tracking. It is a two-way device means Pixie points communicate with each other so you need to apply one Pixie Point to your smartPhone and the others to items you want to track.

The Pixie app shows arrows to highlight how close you are to finding your item, followed by an alert when you finally locate it. It has a battery life of one year and is backed by 12 months of warranty. This one is definitely one of the best Bluetooth key trackers of 2020.

best bluetooth key tracker 2020

7.Njoii Best Bluetooth Key Tracker

Njoii is equipped with an alarm that emits up to 98 DB of sound which 3 times louder as compared to other best Bluetooth key trackers on the list. The integrated LED light helps you to easily locate the item during the night. The iTrackEasy application when installed on your phone store the last seen location of the item for faster search. Besides, it can also be used to click selfies which is an added bonus.

In case you are not able to track down your item just locate the item lost on the app so that when any fellow user will pass by your item you will get an alert regarding the current location of the item. You can replace the battery without requiring to change the device everytime it runs out of battery. It is backed by 12 months of warranty followed by 100 % money back guarantee, in case of default in the product.

best bluetooth key tracker 2020

8. Tile Pro Bluetooth Key Tracker with a Replaceable Battery

As I have already mentioned Tile is the hottest selling best Bluetooth key tracker on the market currently. Unlike Tile Mate, Tile Pro comes with replaceable batteries. Means you can change the batteries and continue using the device for locating your lost device. Besides, it has all the features as seen in the Tile Mate. It has a long coverage of up to 300 ft and also works well with Alexa and Google assistance for maximum comfort.

best bluetooth key tracker 2020

9. PebblbeeBluetooth Tracking Device

Tag and track anything you want may it be your pet, keys, cellphone, wallet, and luggage etc. This best Bluetooth GPS tracker features a crowd alarm, speaker, LED light for easy assistance at night beside it is water resistant and covers the 150ft Bluetooth range for maximum flexibility. It comes with a replaceable battery which only costs a Dollar or so, further the device can be used to click hand free selfie with multi-function button.

best bluetooth key tracker 2020

I hope this list about best Bluetooth key trackers for 2020 will help you in choosing the right one for yourself. All the best Bluetooth key finders are very inexpensive and useful device. Once you will use them you will get addicted to those and keep wanting more.

Some of them even come in the sets of 3-4 so you can attach to multiple devices individually. We will keep updating this list with the more upcoming best Bluetooth key trackers.

Kavya Singh is a full-time blogger. She is a tech enthusiast and loves to write about it. She writes about all the latest gadgets as well as upcoming gadgets for the people to decide which one to buy.