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12 Best Outdoor Smart Plugs of Year 2020

Turning your lovely “Acasă” into a Smart Home is not a task that you can label as being easy. But a Smart Plug when brought into your home, acts as a building block towards making your home, a Smart Home. Having a smart outdoor plug in your home makes celebrating a festival much much enjoyable and hassle-free. That is why, this article will focus on the best outdoor smart plugs of year 2020 that are hassle-free to install. 

There is no need for you to use mechanical timers or even switches to control your festival lightings. Just connect your outdoor lights to these best outdoor smart plugs and control them from the comfort of your chair with the help of smart assistants like Alexa, Google Home, or even Apple Homekit. 

You can also schedule the smart plug to turn on and off the outdoor lights as you want or you can make use of routines to control the lights automatically. So, without any further adieu, have a look at all the best outdoor smart plugs of year 2020 and choose the best one. 

The Best Outdoor Smart Plugs

1. iClever Best Outdoor Smart Plug

This best outdoor smart plug from iClever is designed keeping in mind outdoor usage and is made to work with Wi-Fi. This is one of the best outdoor smart plugs which is universally compatible to work with both the iPhone as well as Android through their dedicated iClever App.

Like other Wi-Fi outdoor smart plugs, you can operate this bad boy with an inbuilt timer to On or Off the connected device on a particular schedule.

In addition to having Wi-Fi support, this particular outdoor Wi-Fi plug is also made to work with Amazon Alexa as well as Google Assistant. You can ask Alexa to do various tasks like ask her to turn on your home theatre system, yard lightings, or even decorative lamps that you connect to this outdoor smart plug. Apple HomeKit integration is missing here.

The selling point here of this iClever Wi-Fi plug is that it is tested to stand any kind of rough climatic conditions as well as harsh weather. It comes equipped with surge protection and has got timing settings that are there to eliminate plausible hazards like a power surge or an overvoltage.

It is also waterproof and shockproof which must be a given for an outdoor Smart Plug.

best outdoor smart plugs 2020

2. Meross Best Outdoor Smart Plug, Outdoor Wifi Outlet with 2 Grounded Outlets

Meross smart WiFi outdoor plug can be said to be the perfect example of ruggedness and commendable usability. It comes packing with IP44 weatherproof housing as well as an electricity proof shockproof body. The Meross comes with the ability to work even at about 0°C to even 40°C and is super easy to set up as well. 

The Meross smart WiFi outdoor smart plug comes with two independent outlets on it that can be controlled via the bundled Meross app, that too individually.

This is one of the best outdoor smart plugs that work with both the Google Assistant as well as the Amazon Alexa. The mobile app of Meross comes with scheduling capabilities to control the outlets on it. The Routine feature on the Meross adds another layer of automation on it allowing you to turn on and off the connected device when required.

Meross Smart WiFi Outdoor Plug however lacks an energy consumption monitor, which might be deal breaker for a few.

best outdoor smart plugs 2020

3. TECKIN Best Outdoor Wi-Fi Smart Plug with 2 Sockets

Teckin Outdoor Wi-Fi Plug is different, not because it has something new in it but due to it being tagged as one of the best outdoor smart plugs by major tech reviewers. One of the reasons behind it is the fact that the Teckin comes covered with a waterproof button cap design that is there to keep water, dirt, as well as other unwanted agents from entering into the outlet plugs.

The Teckin best smart outdoor plug can be used virtually anywhere, thanks to the included IP44 rating coming with splash-proof, and fire-retardant housing. 

The LED light on the top of the outdoor smart plug is there to keep you notified about the status of your appliances, whether something is connected or not. The bundled Smart Life app is there to give you more information about the status of the smart plug.

The outlet on the Teckin is RoHS as well as FCC certified.  The body of the plug is super resistant against impacts, weather and wet conditions. It can also be controlled via the app as well as via voice assistants, including Google Assistant and Alexa.

best outdoor smart plugs 2020

4. ONBUX 2.4G WiFi Outlet with 2 Sockets Compatible with Alexa Google Home

Next in our list is going to be the best outdoor smart plug by the brand, Tonbux, this particular outdoor smart plug is designed to work only on 2.4G Wi-Fi, so if you have beyond that, then this one is not for you. 

The Tonbux has a dual-socket design in it that is then covered with a waterproof cap button design, keeping the receptacles water-proof as well as dirt or debris free when not in use. With inbuilt voice control, the Tonbux smart outdoor plug can be controlled using voice commands via Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa on both the Android as well as iOS devices.

Tonbux comes with two AC outlets on it with 15A/1875W maximum capacity for each one of them. Tonbux outdoor smart plug also comes with a dedicated app with additional capabilities.  You can use the Tonbux for any kind of indoor as well as outdoor activities like, yard decorations, garden lights, fountains, etc.

This is one of the best outdoor ssmart plugs which is FCC and ETL approved making the Tonbux Smart outdoor Wi-Fi plug safe for use at even extreme temperatures.

best outdoor smart plugs 2020

5. Acenx Wifi 2 Outlets Plug Waterproof Compatible with Alexa and Google Home

Acenx comes back with a bang with another dual socket smart plug in their product line, this particular easy to use smart plug comes with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant support inbuilt which is good.

With the help of this smart plug you can control both the indoor as well as outdoor appliances, including garden pool, and porch lighting, etc. You can also use voice commands on this one to control the amount of outlet power you want to supply to each appliance, which is a strange feature if you ask me. You can use this feature to dynamically decrease the electrical bill, but I personally wouldn’t suggest using it.

The Acenx works with WiFi range of only up to 2.4GHz and comes with two AC outlets. The waterproof button cap design on this one is placed there to keep away debris and dust. 

The IP44 waterproof rated design on the Acenx will make sure that your product stays safe against splashes, dirt, debris, or any other kind of weather conditions. All these features makes it one of the best outdoor smart plugs of year 2020. 

best outdoor smart plugs 2020

6. TONBUX Best Outdoor Smart Plug

The Tonbux is another entry on this list of best outdoor smart plugs of year 2020 that I personally love. This best smart outdoor plug comes with a huge notification LED on it as well as there are three AC outlets on it that are made to work individually!!! Amazing right? 

The plugs on this one are capable of delivering power from 15A to up to 1875W maximum.  The outlets also have a standard waterproof button cap design that is there to prevent any debris or dirt from accumulating on it when not in use.

This outdoor smart plug by Tonbux is very much easy to control using the dedicated Smart Life app. The voice commands are Alexa and Google Home integrated so you can connect this outlet to your smart home devices and use accordingly.

The Tonbux has a dedicated schedule feature on it along with a timer, which can be used to time different appliances connected to it.  This feature is there to save a boatload of electricity, just in case you forget to turn off the plug.

The Tonbux is FCC and ETL approved too.

best outdoor smart plugs 2020

7. VAVOFO Best Outdoor Smart Plug, WiFi Outlet with 2 Sockets

The outdoor smart plug from Vavofo looks somewhat similar to the Teckin but it is unique in its own as it has a status LED light on the top. The Vavofo Outdoor Smart Plug is fire-retardant and can work even at an extreme temperature of up to about 750°C. The smart WiFi plug comes with IP44 dust and waterproof rating with surge protection, making it an ideal choice for people.

Vavofo Outdoor smart plug comes with two AC outlets on it that are there to connect and control individually. Vavofo outdoor plug uses voice command and can also be controlled with the dedicated Smart Life app. 

It also comes with the standard waterproof button cap which prevents dirt, debris, as well as splashes of water from entering when not in use. Such features makes it one of the best contender in our list of best outdoor smart plugs of year 2020. 

best outdoor smart plugs 2020

8. DEWENWILS Outdoor Wireless Remote Control Outlet Kit

This bad boy is a heavy-duty smart plug that comes with a remote that can be used to control it. The paired remote allows the users to turn off and on its plugs. It comes with three AC outlets on it, all coming with protective cover on them. This Smart outlet has a capacity of 15A, 1875W resistive or 128 Volts, and 1000W Tungsten.

The Dewenwils outdoor wireless remote control outlet kit has been made to operate a number of appliances, including fountains, pumps, decorative pieces and yard lights. 

The remote bundled with the Dewenwils has a strong RF signal that works even up to 100ft if we ignore the disturbances. The three AC outlets on the Dewenwils makes it easier for its users to connect numerous appliances without needing to pile it up with other smart plugs.

The Dewenwils is made to last extreme weather. This best smart outlet comes preloaded with watertight construction on it and resistance to moisture. For certification lovers, the Dewenwils also has FCC certification that makes it safe to use without any worries.

best outdoor smart plugs 2020

9. POWRUI Smart Power Strip with 4-Outlet Extender

If you are one of those people who are in need of more than three outlets, then you need to check out the Smart Power Strip Outdoor Smart Plug from Powrui. This bad boy comes with 4 outlets that can be independently controlled as well. 

The whole unit is IP44 waterproof and also comes with up to 1080 joules of surge protection feature. The plug can be configured to work on WiFi 2.4GHz (No official information regarding 5GHz compatibility has been provided by the company). 

This is one of the best outdoor smart plugs which is easy to control too, coming with a dedicated app as well as Alexa or Google Home support.

best outdoor smart plugs 2020

10. Foxnovo Outdoor Smart Outlet with 3 Waterproof Socket 

Are you the one who regularly leaves their hair curling iron, lights, or likewise appliances ON?

Well no judging but I guess I might have a solution for you. What sets the Foxnovo apart is its ability to set customized personal schedules, built-in timers, and custom daily timers that automatically turn on or off the connected device’s power assuring that you save on electricity as well as be on the safer side of electrical hazards. Now, this feature surely makes Foxnovo in our list of best outdoor smart plugs of year 2020. 

This best outdoor smart plug is IP44 water-resistant, impact-resistant, and comes with compatibility with Amazon Echo/Alexa as well as Google Assistant. 

The safety features like built-in sensors and surge protection on this one keep this devices safe and the top choice for those having safety as their first option.

best outdoor smart plugs 2020

11. Amzdest Smart Outlet Plug with 3 Sockets

The highlights for the Amzdest are its 3 AC sockets that comes offering a maximum of 16A/2000W high voltage power.  All three outlets on this outdoor smart plug can be used to control three devices, either together or even individually. 

You can integrate the Amzdest with Alexa, IFTTT, and Google Assistant so it’s a great deal! This is IP55 waterproof and also comes with ETL/FCC/RoHS certification.

best outdoor smart plugs 2020

12. WAKYME Upgraded Outdoor WiFi Outlet with 2 Outlets

IP64 Waterproof rating! This line alone should make you want to buy this product from WAKYME but let’s just talk some more!

You can use voice commands to turn on or off your appliances like the coffee maker, lights, fans, sprinklers, or even anything else you connect to this fantabulous plug. 

The button cap design protects the plug from dust and debris when it’s not in use. It is also made of ABS fireproof material and comes with timer features. You can also integrate the WAKYME with Alexa and Google Home and use both of its outlets individually. Frankly speaking, other than the features, its design surely makes it one of the best outdoor smart plugs. 

best outdoor smart plugs 2020

I hope the following post will prove helpful in letting you choose the best outdoor smart plug for your home in 2020. Also, feel free to let us know which one you decided to buy from this list of best outdoor smart plugs of year 2020 in the comment section below. We will keep updating the list with more upcoming and best outdoor smart plugs for you to buy.

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