8 Best Stylus Pens for Touchscreens

The world has gradually turned digital and, even artists have utilized the wonders of digitalization. Artists in the present don’t mind spending some of their hard earned cash on the best stylus pens so we put together our list of 8 Best Stylus Pens for Touchscreens.

You can always spot an artist doodling, sketching or painting on their tablet or smartphones and as technology advances digital drawing, painting and writing has become better. It’s crucial to get the right stylus pen for your touchscreen.

Most of the stylus pen looks just like a regular pen, the only difference this that unlike regular pens they are used to draw on capacitive screens instead of paper notebooks. These 8 best stylus pens for touchscreens are innovative and equipped with smart technologies such as Bluetooth connectivity, rechargeable batteries, and cloud storage to make the most of digital art technology. All said, they are much more convenient to use in comparison to your traditional painting tools.

If you are a tablet, smartphone or an iPad user you might have already considered buying the best stylus for your device; finding the right one is always a daunting task. There are hundreds of options available on the market for best stylus for artists but honing in on the best one for you requires some help and research.

Well, you don’t have to worry about that that we have already done the hard for you and gathered a list of 8 best stylus pens for touchscreens today. We have mentioned all the specifications and features of each stylus to help you in purchasing the best option for yourself. Without further hesitation lets begin.

1.Studio Net Cosmonaut Wide-Grip Stylus

Although cosmonaut stylus looks heavy and bulky however it is one of the best styli for the artists who are into doodling, sketching, and writing. It is not fragile and delicate, unlike others, besides it is sturdy and durable. Cosmonaut Looks like a blank black crayon without any outline features.

The rubber surface offers a comfortable grip to the users of all ages. Glides smoothly over the screen ideal for drawing diagrams and taking notes, compatible with IOS. Android and window tablets. It can work with any given touchscreen as long as your fingers move. Does not require any app or software to operate and thus considered as one of the best stylus for artists.

best stylus for artists

2.Neo Aluminum Smartpen N2 – 8 Best Stylus Pens for Touchscreens

Neo smartpen makes one of the best stylus for artists due it’s sturdily built and a 125-day standby battery life that lasts up to 5 long hours during continuous use. It allows you to share your writing and drawing via email or social networks in various file formats, such as text, JPEG, PDF, or SVG. Besides, you can always upload your files on cloud or backup on google drive. The aluminium construct with ergonomic design offers a comfortable writing experience to the artist.  It also allows you to transcribe your notes and organize them systematically, so you can search for them using dates or keywords in the Neo Notes app database.

The Neo pen can record thousands of pages of your work. It enables audio recording as well while you are drawing or taking notes so that you can playback those clips and analyze your thought process. The ‘Neo Notes’ application seamlessly converts everything that you write or draw onto the N code notebook into the digital format and automatically saves the work.

best stylus for artists

3.Amazon Basics Stylus for Touchscreen Devices – 8 Best Stylus Pens for Touchscreens

Looking for the best stylus in budget than Amazon Basics stylus will not disappoint you. It functions pretty well with all kind of touchscreens. It offers a smooth pen like sketching and drawing experience to the users. It is very lightweight and feels very comfortable in the hands, do not require you to remove the gloves during the chilled winter season. Compatible with devices like Apple iPad 1 and 2, iPhone, iPod, Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch, and Galaxy. 

best stylus for artists

4.The Friendly Swede 4-in-1 Stylus Pen  – 8 Best Stylus Pens for Touchscreens

The Friendly Swede includes all four features fine point disc stylus, a ballpoint pen, and a brush head into one. It works just like paintbrush making it ideal for artists who love to paint, and you can switch between various features that are included on the pen or achieving the precise results.

The solid aluminum finish ensures a comfortable grip and feels just like a regular pen. Each of the tips is interchangeable, and the kit includes the additional parts. The caps can be removed depending upon your preferences, besides the Friendly Swede’s lifetime warranty covers it. These all reasons makes it one of the best stylus for artists in 2019.

best stylus for artists

5.Adonit Fine Point Precision Stylus

Adonit presents to you the new precision disc which offers a great precise point to write exactly where you place the tip. Adonit Pro 3 has been given extra points for its textured grip, which keeps it stable and makes achieving the precision easy when sketching or taking notes. The magnetic closure followed by a plastic tip protects it from any damage. The inbuilt clip allows you to keep track of the stylus while you are on the go.

It is compatible with most of the touchscreens including iPads and Android tablets. It looks and feels like a regular ballpoint pen and is available in 4 different colors, rose gold, black, brown and silver respectively.

best stylus for artists

6.Mixoo Capacitive Stylus Pen – 8 Best Stylus Pens for Touchscreens

Mixoo features two replaceable ends, a fiber-tipped head on one end and a silicon disc stylus under a screw cap at the other end. The see-through disc makes you see what you are writing or drawing precisely and offers versatility. It is constructed from aluminum and feels like a regular ballpoint pen; the rubberized groove makes the grip easy and comfortable.

It is lightweight and can be carried around in the pocket and feels luxurious in hands and that is why we have included it in our list of best stylus for artists. It is universally compatible with all kind of capacitive touchscreen gadget, owned by the user. Available in 5 different colors options black, blue, purple, rose gold, black and space gray respectively. Mixoo ensures 30 days money back grantees in case of any dissatisfaction with their product.

best stylus for artists

7.Elzo 3-in-1 Disc Stylus Pen – 8 Best Stylus Pens for Touchscreens

Elzo fits best in the category of best low-cost stylus pen for artists, as it features 3 in one functionality. It incorporates a nano fiber tip stylus for regular work, a disc tip stylus for precision and also a gel pen for taking notes, drawing and sketching. The aluminum with soft rubber grip feels comfortable in hands.

All three tips are replaceable and are included in the package itself. The best feature is its compatibility with almost all capacitive screens. The built-in clip makes it easy to carry around in the pocket. Besides, it includes a full 18 months of worry-free warranty followed by lifetime support.

best stylus for artists

8.Lynktec Artist Brush Stylus – 8 Best Stylus Pens for Touchscreens

The Lyyntec is one of the best stylus for artists featuring an interchangeable 5mm fiber mesh replaceable rubber tip and artist paintbrush tip,  ideal for creating digital art on your capacitive screens. Both tips can be easily interchanged according to your needs. Lynktec is compatible with all tablets and smartphones and is trusted by various artists worldwide.

The metallic case stores and protects the stylus while you are on the go. Provides a comfortable grip and feels comfortable in hands, Lynktec assures 100% customer satisfaction followed by a One-year of limited warranty.

 best stylus for artists

As I mentioned in the beginning due to technological advancements the way, we practice and cultivate art has also changed. These best stylus pens for artists are loaded with amazing features and will enable you in creating the best digital art piece.

I hope the following post will help you in selecting the one that will meet your requirements. If you have suggestions and want to share your feedback if you have already used any of the mentioned best stylus for artists feel free to comment below. We will keep updating the list of best stylus for artists with more options as soon as we get to review them.

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