The Best 10 Electronic Dinosaur Toys


The Best 10 Electronic Dinosaur Toys are hugely popular. Dinosaurs are creatures that nearly all children love. Perhaps it’s the giant size of their teeth and claws or maybe it’s the wonderment these often huge, prehistoric, creatures once trod the Earth at all. What is a given is the ancient lizards are fascinating and the good news is electronic dinosaur toys are no longer boring.  Dinosaur Toys often have electric motors that have become more powerful, so your T- Rex won’t act like a plastic sloth.

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If you’re looking for an exciting dinosaur toy for your child, or even for yourself, the wide amount of options can  be overwhelming. And when looking at electronic dinosaur toys, you may also consider features like battery life, age recommendations, and size.

In this guide I tested these nuances and perhaps the two most important factors: fun and authenticity. I’ll tell you about the best 10 electronic dinosaur toys on the market, so it’s easier for you to make a decision about which one will bestow a smile on you or your child. So let’s get rip roaring into this list of 2021.

1. GoolRC Dinosaur for Kids – Scary, Powerful velociraptor

With a 2.4 GHZ motor, this velociraptor is fast and scary. Many of us were introduced to velociraptors in the box office hit, Jurassic Park. This realistic toy brings all the heart pumping excitement of that experience to your house. The ferocious velociraptor is a remote-controlled velociraptor with a battery that can last up to an hour, so  kids (9 years and up) can play for a long time without having to recharge.

The Best 10 Electronic Dinosaur Toys
The Best 10 Electronic Dinosaur Toys – velociraptor

At the touch of a button, the raptor can start walking, or charge in deadly pursuit, with a dinosaur gait, while back lights in it’s gaping mouth give it a spooky real feel. Plus, it can roar and walk at the same time, which can be a lot of fun.

With the easy to use remote and long battery life, this toy can also be used for multiplayer fun. Your kids can battle with their velociraptors to find out which one is the strongest dinosaur. With its easy charging, long life, and fun features, this is a great toy for kids who like to play with real looking dinosaurs.

The Best 10 Electronic Dinosaur Toys
The Best 10 Electronic Dinosaur Toys

Fistone RC Robot Dinosaur – Sci-fi Dino

This toy is designed for those who love both robotics and dinosaurs. It is a sci-fi looking dinosaur, with the body of T-rex but with cool additions. Plus, this toy has a lot of features that mean it can do a wide variety of fun things.

The Fistone dinosaur is remote controlled, so you can make it do what you want as ‘master of the dino’. It can also be programmed to remember up to 50 functions, making it great for older kids, or parents who want to play with it with their young kids.

The creature can walk and slide, and turn a full 360 degrees. its mouth can move in multiple directions, and it has multiple different sound effects. Look out for the high pitched gurgle which sounds like RD D2 from Star Wars. Plus, it is reactive to touch in the head. It will move its head and even wag its tail in response to being petted! I like it’s cool LED light blue eyes.

Lastly, this dinosaur can enter combat mode. It will open its jaws, whip its tail, roar, and even shoot sucker darts! I can tell you that I shot these darts for a few hours and they are light and very safe. These plastic projectiles cause no harm to humans, but can launch far and attach to surfaces like glass easily.

This is a dinosaur that can perform many functions, so it’s a great option for people who want a lot of fun features, and like to play with robots. It can provide hours of entertainment for both children and adults.

The Best 10 Electronic Dinosaur Toys
The Best 10 Electronic Dinosaur Toys

3. Discovery Kids RC T Rex – Budget, Toy With Real Life Appeal

The Discovery Kids dinosaur is designed to be a good toy for young children, with a name you can trust. It very much looks like a T Rex. It is also remote controlled, and the remote is simple, so children can control the king of the dinosaurs with two simple buttons.

But it’s simplicity doesn’t mean it can’t do a lot. This dinosaur can walk around, move its jaws, and roar to show its power. It allows kids to have a lot of fun easily, playing with the dinosaur most kids love.

Plus, it has very realistic features. There is soft skin-like material around the head and neck, and pebbled skin along the body to feel how we think a t-rex would feel like. All of the colors are blended to look just like a t-rex as well.

And they don’t just have the t-rex! If veggie dino’s are more your to your child’s taste, you can also choose a triceratops. The giant snake looks fun too; so you can get whatever your child will like most. If you’re looking for a simple toy for young kids that still provides a lot of fun, but will introduce them to how dinosaurs actually looked, this is a great option.

The Best 10 Electronic Dinosaur Toys
The Best 10 Electronic Dinosaur Toys

4. Temi 8 Channels Remote Control Dinosaur

The Temi 8, is on another planet, compared with budget robots even ten years ago. Marvel as this T-Rex zooms across the floor boards turning this way and that. Yet, this is another toy designed to be good for young children. The remote is easy to use, and many of the actions can be performed with the touch of one button. The dinosaur can move around, turn 360 degrees, shake its head, as well as having flashing lights and roaring in 3 ways. I like the bright colors that’ll stoke the imagination of any young one.

It comes equipped with a rechargeable battery, so you don’t have to worry about buying batteries. However, the charge may not last very long, so it’s a good toy for taking play breaks and giving everyone a well earned rest from the action. Plus, the bright colors and flashing lights are sure to make young children love it.

The Best 10 Electronic Dinosaur Toys
The Best 10 Electronic Dinosaur Toys

5. RONGGE Dinosaur Desk Lamp – Fun Night Light

The RONGGE dinosaur toy is a bit different from the other electronic dinosaur toys we’ve mentioned: it’s actually a desk lamp and night light! This light is a great way to provide entertainment, though not too much so they can sleep at night.

It comes in three options, so you can choose a baby t-rex, a fully grown one, or a triceratops. Then, with the easy to use remote control, you can set this fun lamp to whatever color you want, and have a beautiful 3D dinosaur to light up your kid’s room at night. Plus, it can plug into a USB adapter, so you save batteries and power. I like the alternating strobe light feature, which illuminates a soft multi color glow.

For people who want a budget night light and a dinosaur toy for their kids, this is a great combination, and will be sure to entertain them.

The Best 10 Electronic Dinosaur Toys
The Best 10 Electronic Dinosaur Toys

6. KKONES Create a Dinosaur World – Like a Dino Park but a Racetrack

This is another toy that offers something unique. Instead of just being one dinosaur, it’s a dinosaur racetrack! Assemble your park and the watch the dino cars zoom around the racetrack..

The racetrack is 273 pieces, allowing for a lot of creativity and flexibility when playing and exploring. And the tracks are flexible, so kids can arrange them however they like. It doesn’t just come with tracks, either. There’s also dinosaurs, rocks, trees, crossroads, bridges, signs, and more, so your children can really have fun creating their own dinosaur world. Yes, it’s like creating a Jurassic Park with a race track theme.

It also comes with 2 dinosaur cars, which run off AA batteries (not included). With the bright colors, flashing lights, and high creativity, this is a great toy for kids of all ages. One which will keep them engaged for hours, days and more days.

The Best 10 Electronic Dinosaur Toys
The Best 10 Electronic Dinosaur Toys

8. Wind City Novelties LED Light Up Dinosaur – Younger Kids Fun

Spino the Dino, as this toy is named, has long been a favorite of young kids everywhere. He’s a simple dinosaur, aimed at the younger child. He has all the sensory features that kids love: light, movement, and sound. With a stegosaurus like back spikes, he ponderously goes forward in a way which is fun and suitable for younger ones. A great introduction to dinosaurs.

At the flick of a button, Spino will walk around. His spine ridges light up with beautiful colors. And his mouth flares red when he roars! Spino is a very active toy that can hold kids’ attention longer than many other toys.

A kid can only watch Jurassic Park so many times. But they can play with Spino for hours on end. He even comes with batteries installed, so you can get right to having fun.

The Best 10 Electronic Dinosaur Toys
The Best 10 Electronic Dinosaur Toys

8.  Transforming Dinosaur – Budget, Young One’s Toy

This dinosaur toy combines the best of both worlds— it is both a car and a dinosaur! It can automatically transform between both, so kids can play with a dino and a car all in one. It’s 2 toys that kids really like put together as we’ve seen with Transformers.

The toy has automatic direction changes, so if it runs into an obstacle, it will turn and keep moving. When it transforms into a dinosaur, it roars, and begins to roam around. And it comes in multiple bright colors, each with LED lights. These lights are some advancement on the red bulbs that would adorn toys ten years ago. A sure way to keep children entertained for hours. This is a great toy for kids who love both dinosaurs and cars!

The Best 10 Electronic Dinosaur Toys
The Best 10 Electronic Dinosaur Toys – Car To Dino

10. WESPREX Remote Control Walking T-Rex – Colorful Dino

This dinosaur toy is good for kids who really like lights. It has lights in the spine ridge, eyes, and mouth, so you can get a lot of sensory stimulation for children. It looks fantastic in it’s multi colors.

The LED lights have multiple different colors, so you can change them to whatever your child likes best. Both the dinosaur and the remote run on easy-to-get AA batteries. And, he can also walk, roar, and do saunter about like a dinosaur.

But the best thing of all? This dinosaur has a safe mist spray! The mist even gets colored by the lights. What child won’t like that? It’s a great toy for hot days, or just for kids who like playing with water in a safe way. Kids are sure to have a lot of fun with all the flashing lights and spraying water, while being absorbed in a dinosaur world. A great introduction to dinosaurs and the T-Rex.

WESPREX Remote Control Walking Dinosaur T-Rex with Water Mist Spray, LED
WESPREX Remote Control Walking Dinosaur T-Rex with Water Mist Spray, LED

10. WESPREX 2-Pack Dinosaurs

Another WESPREX toy, this one comes with two dinosaurs for your kids to enjoy at the fantastic price of one. It has both a realistic Triceratops and a Dimetrodon, which is a T-rex like dinosaur. What a great introduction to dinosaurs. After an easy assembly, your child will be salivating to get his or her hands on these realistic toys with a twist.

They both have automatic walking and roaring features, as well as LED lights which you may find are so enticing they remain switched on as night lights. They provide a lot of sensory features for kids to interact with, which experts agree are very good for young kids. And you get 2 for the price of 1!

The Best 10 Electronic Dinosaur Toys
The Best 10 Electronic Dinosaur Toys


The topic of dinosaurs has seemingly endless, interesting chapters, from the Triassic period to the Cretaceous period, spanning 165 million years. Dinosaurs like the T-Rex (Tyrannosaurus) have especially, caught our imagination. 10 best electronic dinosaur toys reflect this passion with many toys based on the infamous T-Rex. For those who prefer to side with veggie dinosaurs, the mighty Stegosaurus (read more on Wikipedia) with it’s spiked back has caught the imagination of many dino enthusiast and you’ll find many top toys are based on that vegetarian of the late Cretaceous

For authentic appeal, and robotic fun, my favorite toy is the velociraptor, which is light years ahead of toys only a few years ago for speed. It’s life like appeal is like a scene out of the movie Jurassic park, luckily only a lot smaller.


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