Best 24-Inch Imac Accessories

You may think everything you need to start using your gleaming 24-Inch iMac is in the box and the basics are there: a keyboard and a mouse. The inbuilt 6 speakers are decent enough, so you’re ready to unbox, switch on and be comfortable. However, there’s always an additional device/accessory that will make your editing easier, your desk less cluttered, your viewing angle more to the way you like it among other good ideas.

What are those 24-inch iMac accessories and are they worth an imention or should they be put in the ibin? (sorry for the terrible ipuns).

Best 24-Inch iMac Accessories will improve our experience as iMac designs don’t always reach the great heights intended. Does anyone remember the simplistic hockey puck iMac mouse of the first iMacs? It went down with tech enthusiasts  like a dead bondi, blue, (read about the first bondi blue iMac here) balloon, though as a past owner I did not share their anathema. Maybe I’m more easily pleased.

As an owner of the original 1998 iMac I can tell you my pleasure lasted 2 weeks before numerous round trips to the local Apple repair store almost caused a computer switch in my household to duller looking, cheaper to repair make. Yes I’m that old. I digress, a current grudge in the tech press is that Apple has once again failed to address the disliked location of the Lightning port on the underside, of the new iMac. In layman’s speech, the new Magic Mouse 2 becomes unusable while charging.

At least these days the magic mouse uses rechargeable batteries instead of AA batteries and then there’s a Lightning cable. In fact there’s a trifecta of good news. 1. After 2 hours charging the iMac gives you a month’s use. 2. You may call this an Apple hack but the mouse charges using a separate Apple iPhone Lightning Dock too. 3. You can buy more advanced blue tooth mouse that’s compatible with the 24-inch iMac.

24-inch iMac
24-inch iMac: Slimline and Many New Improvements

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The MX Logitech Mouse Anywhere 3 Compact Performance Mouse. Ergonomic Comfort and Bespoke Tailoring of Button Positions

The MX is very comfortable with its ergonomic design, allowing you to scroll vertically and horizontally which is a large bonus and it glides effortlessly in any direction. If you’re in a cafe and find yourself sitting at a glass table without a mat, this mouse will still work perfectly well. logitec have been producing mice (mouses) for decades so they know what they’re doing. A full charge with a fast USB-C to A charging cable will give an impressive 70 hours of scrolling.

I personally enjoy customizing the buttons for use with Photoshop and Illustrator. As you would customize your menus in Adobe applications your Logitec mouse becomes an extension of that clever formatting to make your working environment easier.

Logitech MX Anywhere 3
Logitech MX Anywhere 3 – Best 24-Inch iMac Accessories

Apple Certified Ear Buds – 2 Pack

Designed to fit the inner shape of the ear, I love these diminutive headphones. And a 2 pack is extra useful; give one set away as a gift or keep them as a spare. Selling at a price that’s the equivalent of a week’s coffee shop, cappuccinos, this very useful accessory is great when you’re sharing a room or simply like to be totally focussed on the content you’re listening to. The 3.5mm Wired connector is pinch controlled so easily adjust volume or turn off. However, you will have to contact the seller about the warranty length.

Best 24-Inch iMac Accessories
Apple MFI certified Ear Buds – Best 24-Inch iMac Accessories

FITUEYES Clear Computer Monitor Riser – Save Space Budget Desktop Stand

Do you find yourself feeling lost, discombobulated and all around crazed when trying to adjust your iMac for a comfortable viewing angle? Well then it’s time to pull  that pile of books, propping up your iMac off your table so nobody has to suffer with your madness. Let the FITUEYES Clear Computer Monitor Riser Save Space Desktop Stand for Apple iMac Assist You in Maintaining Craziness-Free Home Office Decor.

This incredibly well priced accessory holds practically any size screen securely and up off surfaces to save space,to keep cables from being a mess, in order to avoid heat problems that may potentially damage or even warp sensitive electronics, as well as makes tasks like reading email quick and easy thanks to its height adjustability.

Best 24-Inch Imac Accessories

AboveTEK Premium Acrylic Monitor Stand, Custom Size Monitor Riser/Computer Stand – off-the-ground monitor

Made with sturdy acrylic, this computer stand firmly holds your iMac at eye level, and doesn’t move when you type vigorously on it. AboveTEK also deliver custom sizes should you need an extra tall table. This custom height monitor stand is the perfect accessory for your computer or home office.

The non-slip pads on the bottom will keep your furniture safe and sound. Built with a high grade of acrylic, this desk stand provides stability without taking up space on your construction table or floor! Its transparent design
looks the part too. You don’t want to be putting your dazzling iMac on something that’s not worthy.

Best 24-Inch Imac Accessories
Best 24-Inch iMac Accessories

This monitor stand is well-designed enough to hold even a large screen with ease,  whether it’s on top for vertical placement or underneath for horizontal. With an easy-to-install clamp system that adjusts to fit any size of monitor, you can get optimum viewing angles without sacrificing valuable desk space. It will also save you energy because you do not need to leave the tower running while hot in one  corner or noisy in the other end when charging your devices by placing them upright; just plug ‘n play within reach – anywhere on this exquisite piece.  The Acrylic Monitor Stand’s space saving design features cable management to stop your desk looking like bad spaghetti.

Best 24-Inch Imac Accessories
Best 24-Inch Imac Accessories

MONITORMATE ProBASE X USB3.0 Aluminum Monitor Stand with 18W Fast-Charging Port – Ethernet Port, USB3.0 Hub, SD/MicroSD Card Reader

Have an iMac? Have a stand to go with it. MONITORMATE ProBASE X keeps things on your desk nice and tidy. The aluminum construction is sturdy and provides plenty of space for cable management, so you can keep the workspace from becoming a mess of tangled wires.

The design of the stand includes a powerful 18W USB-C fast charge port for rapid charging and up to 3 full recharges on tablets, phones, cameras or anything that can be charged using this type of connector. plus it has 2 standard outlets for powering other items such as a small printer and projector.”

Best 24-Inch Imac Accessories

It’s got a sleek design with clean lines, but what is a useful feature is the built-in tripod slot that means your desk space can now be used for more important items. This stand is designed for lightweight or vertical monitors, like the iMac. It features a large work surface so that you can easily put your computer accessories like mouse, keyboard and charging cable near the monitor to avoid clutter on the desk. It’s space saving, safe and sturdy with an
18W fast-charging port integrated into the base of the stand.

The aluminum design comes in a silver color which gives it a modern look that  is simple yet sophisticated enough to fit any office décor and not clash with the great colors of your 34-inch iMac.

The screwless feet are reliable in providing a good grip to almost any surface without scratching up working areas unnecessarily. And because of its “V” shape design, everything will be at arm height for maximum productivity.

USB Hub Powered, 13 Multi-Port USB Hub with 10 USB 3.0 Ports, 2 IQ Quick Charge 3.0 Ports, and Port with up to 2,4A, Powered USB Splitter with Cords C and A

With thirteen ports, this 10-port USB 3.0 hub multiplies your capacity with a high powered output giving you support to charge and work at the same time. It includes two IQ port Quick Charge 3.0 technology that charges compatible devices up to four times faster than normal USB charging speeds.

This space-saving hub fits just about anywhere and is powered by an individual power supply, so you don’t need to worry about buying batteries which is a bonus.

Use the 13-port USB 3.0 Hub for your laptop with ten ports and two quick charge ports  that allow you to charge any phone or tablet at a high speed of six amps. And best of all, this product includes a limited lifetime warranty.

Best 24-Inch Imac Accessories
Best 24-Inch Imac Accessories

LapWorks 12 inch Heavy Duty Swivel – 360Ëš Rotation Base

This ergonomically stable, 12-inch LapWorks “Utility Base” is designed to tilt TV position, adjust vertical angle of monitor, and includes a 360Ëš rotation.

The rectangular heavy-duty plastic ring that circulates around the column can be rotated 360˚ so you always have all angles covered without bending over. The swiveling element is sturdy, functional,  and solid enough for single or multi user rotations in small areas. Ideal for use in an open plan office, or home environment or even a studio, the LapWorks would make a very nice accessory for any hard working 24-inch iMac owner.

In Conclusion

The above accessory ideas for the new 24-inch iMac are chosen to make your use of the colorful, cursory computers as fulfilling as possible. Personally, I like the rotating table at the base camp of our mountain of accessory ideas which is also Amazon’s choice. Check it out here

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